A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: January 2012

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dark Ascension

Dark Ascension is out!

The link above is to the spoiler =)

played in the pre-release today at a small card shop at Bishan.

About 8-10 players I think. Only 1 flight, but given the turnout I guess 1 flight was plenty =) and we played from 2pm to about 5 or 6 pm , so yeah it was plenty =)

I won 2 lost 1 and drawn 1

got two packs for my troubles

The game i lost was 2-1 but I don't really fancy my chances against that deck

Game one 1-1

I played against a deck that had Saint T (the one with an accompanying 4/4 Angel). Blue White ... not sure if there was red or green

First match the Saint appeared, somehow I survived. I hate an opposing undying. It is very strong.

Second Match I got mana screwed (he got mana flooded) but in the end he had a better board position. I might have been able to tough it out for a draw as I was beginning to stabilise and we had to finish the game in 5 turns (I had a few tokens) ... hmmm actually I can't remember but we took it as I lost due to the board position. He offered to concede though.

I think he did outright win at least eventually his last big play was a counterspell bounce. I remember a proper 3 for 3 block ( with 3 against 2 after battle resolved - I think) but he had the better board position anyways.

Game Two 2-0

played against a young player. He was relatively inexperience but the deck he built was decent. To be fair it was play mistakes that got him. His bombs were a black card that killed everything with the same name (kept ripping my spirit tokens and Niblis) and the bat that transforms into a 5/5? Vampire.

Matches 1 and 2 were pretty much the same

He had a fling which he misplayed else I might have lost. I say might because my deck had some answers.. As always it was whether the answers were in time to meet the questions =P

Game three 2-0

I played his cousin also rather young. His play is tighter, which meant I had less room for mistakes (I actually misplayed alot in the previous game)

He played a white base deck, similar to mine. Except he seemed heavier on the Humans with some black for fat vampires.

Mine was a white based deck which is has humans + human friendly equipment + a whole host of white flying spirits/tokens and a touch of black for graveyard replacement.

match one was close. He got me down to 2, but I did a full 6 with Rally the peasants for the win

match two was less close. though he got me down to 9 before I stabilised and took the board and won with flyers. I think he had green ... I am not sure.. I am sure he had black.

Smart kid, he learnt (or already understood) that life points are not so important (he made a comment to his friend that me being on 9 does'nt mean he is winning).

Myself I am not so comfortable with strategies that get me low on life =P I like to lock up and deny resources and staying safe and happy, which was'nt what this deck does, this deck pings slowly and tries to get get board position by trading and then winning around mid to late game with flyers, and if that fails I recurse. hence the long drawned games.

Game Four 1-2

I got paired with someone with 3-0. Blue red and serious player and plays fast as well. Only made one mistake I think. Much tighter player, which meant even less room for mistakes from me (I am a rather casual player)

Bombs were a undying and huge Zombie, the flyer that turns into a control magic

1st match I could deal with an undying Zombie , I think I had some mana problems but by time I recovered my board position was pretty bad and to be fair I think my deck sucks against his =P He had pretty heavy removal (something i utterly forgot to gauge when i looked at my card selection, my only removal was the slayer and the guilt thing). His deck utterly bypassed my removal, as most of his creatures are not targetable by the slayer or had undying (hello zombie!) or bouncing (mitigating my guilt enchantment thingy).

And he had a life gain Chalice thing on, so my pings did not bring his life down. I believe I lost with his life points at 19.

2nd match I managed to get my airforce online. He control magicked my cloisstered youth but airforce made it to the dome. He did'nt have much action going so I think he was mana flooded.

3rd match I think was pretty quick. He beat me with my Niblis *sigh* and his beats were bigger I think. Most of my creatures were dealt with and he had board advantage. I think he had burn in hand as well. So it was quite absolute. =P

overall I think my cards were okay, i did'nt have any bombs. the strategy was sound but will crumble against a well built deck. I had 13 creatures in white, with cc between 1-3 and a 5cc 3/2 flyer . No biggies. So the strategy was beat fast maintain position and punch through either by numbers or evasion(flying). With black added for some love from the grave. I had no big beaters and little removal. I think I could have used more mana and maaaaybe had too many equipments. But definitely the blue-red deck at the end was much better built. Perhaps less resilent, but it delivers the knock out before resilence is important.

I got two packs for my troubles so it was cool. =)

And no I did'nt open anything of value *sighz*

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

FBF 20120128 - Feedback Friday Mousehunt

Dave or someone with a pic of him infront of his face

J:how did you enjoy the new year event?

people like the art, need more potions etc

I think its georgio

apparently Dave is late because his keyboard is ruined

Gergio: what is your favourite new mouse?

no answer? kudos to the art
Dragon and Calli got kudos

Doing miniscreen as big screen crashes

random stuff about the ceiling

Georgio is back with fake dave

Georgio is back.....? or someone else posing as Dave

it is really Dave!

finally they do FBF

Georgio's got questions for Dave

Ronza questions

Do you ever think Ronza will bring old traps

Dave says nono!

something about homonym

google clarified stuff

more stuff about the Coffee

Will Ronza be here on time?

Dave says Ronza is commited to coming before February

Does dave get discount on ROnza Traps?

Dave says nono!

lots of random stuff about Batman Forever

Thats all the ROnza questions!

Will Muridae baskets be back?

Dave will know!

Something similar in the future

Any plans to stack golden shields?

there was a proposal... they will try to make shield special but
no confirmation?

Ronza Spoiler?

Dave: some random stuff about curding

collectable item sets?

can get lich jewel with NNT?

nearly impossible (extremely rare)

How many plankrun drped by Slith

Dave: dunno, no stats

They have some database... some random searching

apparently it does'nt drop plankrun???

wiki might be wrong?

Ho wman y people silvere dthe elder?

will need to run a query

Is the numebr slap cats slapped etc?

stat not tracked

How did Tournies go up without down time?

Dave : optimised

Some one replaced the labels on Dave's food cans

is Dragon Seal L.E.

Dave: too early

How would you rate mouse hunt as a newbie?

some deep stuff.... about games mechanics....

will we ever see L.E. skins and charm

Dave: most likely

Can see Franco?

yes definitely

Franco appears!

Franco reveals what Darcy did!

apparently coffee leaked from his bag?

Some random chat

Will there be more charm brewing potions?

some random msyterious answer....

are there any plans for whisker woods tournaments?

yes, and more will be added

I missed something here

and they are talking about rocks in a box?

beets they love

some random stuff

Hi5? ends in Feb

Dave's pic says: its new info to them... the will try to transfer Hi5 to FB

they will try to ease the transition

something about beets

some randoms tuff

some thinfs they don;t tell us so that they can change

will there be changes made to the skins Sphnyx and onstrobot?

Jacob says maybe for the Sphynx make it look meaner
not for monstro tho, also it is not on high priority

Is there chrome trap coming

Jacob was painting his bathroom with chrome paint -.-

Plans to hav e HUD for windmill

Yes, but on back burner

probably done on time like the FBF art fridays, no guarantees


They do read the forums
normally they don't make changes, so bad streaks are probably just that


Unless you are Andrew Stevenson =P

I think they were hoping to fit the Icewing somwjere, but lots of goofing... hard to make out

Plushie mice?

jacob: maybe

Will mice become permananent?

Jacob: probably just event

something of remving the 2011 from the rockets?

I think the firecrasker...? note sure...

Kudos received for the firecracker box

apparently the box was meant as an indicator for what you should do.

Overflowing means you got more than enough

full is sopposed to be the amount you nned to get costume dragon? But it is approximate

Solo tournaments?

not likely?

Jacob likes Disney

They massage a bean bag...

lots of random stuff.... losing it

they are singing....

When CNY event willl end

---- probably will coincide with the actualy 15 day cycle?

7th Feb? thereabouts

Valentines will be low key... some mice

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Christmas Cards are finally here!!!

Well actually of the 6 cards, 5 were here.

i bought them from StarCityGames, on 23 and it arrived just today 25th Jan... 1 month.

Ah well.

So here is a pic of them:

The cards are:

From 2006 Fruitcake Elemental

From 2007 Gifts Given

From 2008 Evil Presents

From 2009 Season's Beatings

From 2010 Snow Mercy

From 2011 Yule Ooze

I wanted to get four of each but that was a little expensive =P so I had to settle for 1 of each , at least I can get a cube going =D

[20150130 01:39]

Wow... I did'nt actually think that I would update this post three years later hahaha

But here we go!

Yep 2014's Christmas card is in!!!

Oh and i did buy it each year... funny I always thought I posted pics of the cards as I received them.. but apparently I did'nt :P

Anyways Happy Holidays!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is Magma's Reign Over?

So which is better ?

Spellbook? Magma? Golden? Silver?

This is the summary. (Which you can do for yourself of course =P)

No weapon, just bases and charm (best charm)

Spell book base + Spellbook charm

1000 raw power

power bonus = 22%

attr= 5

luck 7


Silver T + Champion charm

800 raw power

15% power bonus

Attr = 5%

Luck 13

Very Fresh

Golden T + Champion Charm

900 raw power

20% power bonus

Attr 10%

Luck 15

Extremely Fresh

Magma + Champion Charm

700 raw power

13% Power bonus

Attr = 5%

Luck = 13

Insanely Stale


So Magma is outclassed by Silver and Golden IF the champion charm is armed. If you are using a specialised cheese, say Crunchy, then Magma is still better.

I actually did a comparison to compare Spellbook versus Golden and Silver if Spellbook charm is used =)

I have always knowned the Spellbook charm is a bit of a sleeper (well at least people don't seem too wowed by it). It has served me well. But in the recent tournament, its use was pretty good. I switched from Champion charm to Spellbook charm (using SBB) and it seemed to be equivalent to the champion charm minimally.

In fact I am now farming it =D as being the power supporter, I like it quite abit (it also does help that trap effectiveness was a significant variable)

Golden cuts it pretty close, to the point that even when biasing power, I might use golden (besides Champion Charms are far easier to get). But against Silver i will still use SBB + Spellbook Charm

So is Magma outclassed? If you arm the Champion charms yes, if not then Golden is like a better Spellbook Base (w/o Spellbook charm) and Silver is like a lesser Spellbook Base (w/o Spellbook charm).

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guide to Furoma Master Hunt Tournament

This is a guide for a Furoma Master Hunt

there are the 3 player kinds and the 4 5 player kinds.

I am going to ignore the number of players and duration of the tournament.

Though those are definitely important variables. I might come back to those but for now, its just the general stuff.

I expect the scope and mice values might change, so I guess I should put it up front so we know what we are talking about =)



- Training Grounds
- Dojo
- Meditation Room
- Pinnacle Chamber

1 point:

Gold Mouse
Diamond Mouse

15 points:

Ninja Mouse
Kung Fu Mouse
Samurai Mouse

20 points:

Student of the Cheese Belt Mouse
Student of the Cheese Claw Mouse
Student of the Cheese Fang Mouse
Master of the Dojo Mouse (Mojo)
Dojo Sensei (Sojo)

25 points:

Master of the Cheese Belt Mouse
Master of the Cheese Claw Mouse
Master of the Cheese Fang Mouse

50 points:
Dumpling Chef Mouse
Worker Mouse

100 points:

Assassin Mouse


There are definitely a few routes to take:

1) From the Beginning
2) Maki Baby
3) Master Ba... hmmm

Alrighty, what routes you take really is dependent on what cheese you have ready and your rank. If your rank is higher you probably have better traps and can hunt the stronger mice better. Your cheese will determine what you can hunt.

Its really How? What? and Where? lol so cliche huh

How : is the traps you have
What : the mice you hunt, which is determined by your cheese
Where : You can't hunt all categories of mice, sometimes due to location

Anyways the how what where logic will be applied so here we go!

(Incidentally, I suppose the duration and size of team and number of teams is the when? When do you hunt what? =P i.e. not so much time but the appropriate time, time not as a continuum but time as event triggered, situational)

1) From the Beginning

If you come in totally unprepared. This is the route you take.

If you come in as a new player with SB to burn. This is the route you take.

If you come in as a new player with no SB to burn. This is also the route you take.

If you are a new player, likely you just want to stick to the Training Grounds. SB will get you the better mice, with the occasional Dumpling and Worker. So you do get those spurts of luck, more so if you have SB+ armed.

If you are higher ranked and/or have better traps. Say that shiny 2012 Boomboxtrap, then you can proceed to hunt the students in the Dojo. if you have Maki, use maki. You can craft or buy Maki off the Marketplace.

If you are totally new and missed the boombox... I'm afraid you will have to stay in the Sandbox kid, *ahem* I mean the Training Grounds yeah.

Actually if you have the 2012, you can proceed to Meditation Room and have a go at Masters. even up to Mojo. (I think Sojo will be really painful)

Note however that if you do go beyond the Masters, and go for Mojo and above, it gets a little luck based since you will miss quite a bit.

Better to stick in the Training Grounds and eat Dumplings or Workers. I.e. you can get lucky with this route.

2) Maki Baby!

If you have loads of Maki you can try this route. It helps in your Furoma run and the points are decent.

What you give up though are the chances of getting lucky. You should get less workers, and arming Maki, probably quite a bit less.

But it is consistent and you build your Furoma runs =D !

3) Master Ba... hmmm

This is the route you take if your trap is very strong.

You hunt masters! You poo poo the students! Or maybe you are just in that phase of a Furoma run. -.-

But no matter! You Hunt masters and you hunt them consistently ! Only with more points than the Maki Babies!!

Do note: you too give up the chance of getting lucky for more consistency.

What not to do:

Hunt Mojos or Sojos - Even with a Sphynx you miss. The points do not justify going after them.

And thats it from me. There are certain difference of course of the duration is long and the number and composition of players are different

but quickly:

Long durations means, your chances of meeting that elusive Dumpling is higher!

Also if you have lower level players or unprepared players, they might be better off taking route 1, so in a long run getting lucky can help break the duck between teams. Better than sputtering trying to catch masters. This is even more important once endurance tournaments are up. Then even a team full of high level player will still consider putting one member in route 1 to ensure the amplifier!

More active players also means you can afford to put someone in route one to try to get lucky. If you are in a passive team, then you will need to focus on the higest and most consistent option.

i.e. Route 2 or 3

Of course if you are a new player, really its still route 1 unless! you have the BBT, then if you have the cheese you can try for Route 2. Route 3 will be less consistent even with BBT and RR level traps. Its pretty good still so worth a shot.

And that roughly what I have for Furoma Master Hunt Tournaments =)

Happy Hunting ppl!

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The Mysteriosu Platinum Base

So far we know there is such a thing, but when will it be released????

This is a placeholder to aggregate info as I find it =P I was intrigued by the forum post so it in the title link =)

Happy Hunting!

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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Mousehunt Tournament Tips

Tournaments are just starting... well actually its been a few days.

For tournament administration stuff you can go here =)

My team has been through quite a few tournaments and we were also in the tournaments the first time round.

Now the caveat to this post is that my team is rather casual. We are hardly ever at full strength and our target is normally the top 50%.

All said. Tournaments are not really for the casual mousehunter =P

You WILL need at least one member in the tournament taking the anchor role and hunting regularly or at least set up some kind of schedule for team members to take turns at helming the run.

I've been with my team for a while and I like the fact that we are casual (mousehunt is just a game afterall). Still I am seriously considering adding in the fifth member to at least plump up our active members during a tournament.

I only fear the resultant unhappiness (which I actually doubt will happen). But I do hope to have everyone in the team progress and do not mind if a member is inactive and still is in the tournament as he/she will still gain the points. And the sporadic horns are still valuable.

What to do?

Anyways, if you are like me, in a team where it is quite casual and you are the only hyper active (I just missed an entire tourney myself, Good Lord, so I am no better =P) member *cough*. Then this article is kinda for you , but even hardcore tournament wannabies can also take a leaf of two from here =)

So... some tips:

1) Get a tournament which has enough time for everyone to join in (give about 12 hrs ++)

2) Get one with a longer duration 12 hrs to 1 day

3) Get a tournament where there are 100 pt mice

4) Somebody needs to be an anchor

5) Everyone should try to log in once per hour if possible

6) Try to get a tournament with amplfier (now known as endurance - which is'nt out yet as of this writing)

7) Strategise!!


oh not enough?

well I'll elaborate then =)

1) Get a tournament which has enough time for everyone to join in (give about 12 hrs ++)

This is largely because my teammates are a little international, so getting consensus is difficult. So normally I will just choose one tournament then invite them to join =)

2) Get one with a longer duration 12 hrs to 1 day

Again related to the international nature of the team. We sleep at different times and have work etc etc (we are really a casual team =P) So the longer the duration of the tournament the more likely we will be active at some point =) Whats the big deal about that bit of activity you might ask? It brings us to point 3)

3) 100 pt mice. This format is really built for the casual team, an off chance horn can blow you a NY mouse or Party head! giving you 100pts. That is a tremendous buffer to gain on other teams. its all luck, its all random , its all good =) Tournaments where the mice pts are very close are supremely difficult for casual teams like us, so the 100pt mice give us a leg up. Incidentally this is also tied to point 6)

4) Anchor Boy! For all the hope that I am giving you that a casual team can survive in the very competitive tournament environment... I lied, you still need at least one commited hunter. This is especially important with 6) . In the future when the mice composition becomes more varied, strategies will involve anchors in the meadow! =P No I kid you not. by then you probably need 2 active hunters unfortunately =/

5) Logging in once per hour keeps your "presence" which means the anchor will still take the inactive hunters on horncalls, giving much needed points. EXTREMELY important for endurance tournaments.

6) Endurance tournaments are not out yet, but how they work is as follows: there is an amplifier, and with each hour it goes up by 1 (up to four), to maintain it, there must be at least one successful catch per hour. Simple enough right =P The amplfier is a multiplier to the pts given by a mouse. so 1 pt becomes 4pts, 10 becomes 40, 100 becomes OMG =P The key is maintaining the amplifier. Even the top teams will falter due to differing time zones and sleeping times. Which is why my team is so strange, we were built for endurance =P Tho we are really casual and the best position we ever ended with was 8th hehe. but like I said we are hardly ever at full strength =P

7) Strategise! You need to know what mice are there and what are the best ways to get the best mice. it might the location or the bait, or the difficulty of catching the mice. Different members may have differing strengths and should catch the best mice they can. And then there is the anchor =P The anchor's role is to sit in the meadow and maintain the amplier (actually the first step of every top team is to go to the meadows to "charge up" the amplier, then the anchor stays there =)) The mice composition will change for each tournament. If in doubt, take a look at where the top teams are to get some clue =D

Thats my very vague two cents for tournaments =) You probably will not hit 1st 2nd or 3rd very often if at all, that will require all members to be dedicated (not impossible but difficult and generally I don't like being around competitive ppl too much and being on tilt all the time =P). But it is probably enough to get you in top 50% most of the time =)

Which is why i am really hoping the gold base will not actually require a gold trophy =/ If it is just grinding for tournament tokens, my team is still up to it, but if it requires a gold trophy, .... I am gonna need that 5th member soon =P

Heh if my team members ever read this? no offense intended at all, I love you all still even tho we never did hit gold ;)

--------------------- 20120108 22:50hrs

Now something interesting about how the ranking in a tournament is done can be found in this link


Initially all teams with the same point got the same prize, but the prize was not limited.

e.g. there are three top prizes, gold,silver,bronze.

If 3 teams tied for top position with the same points, they all get gold! And the batch of teams with the next highest points get silver and so on. =D

Now though it works more normally. If 3 teams tied for gold, they all get gold still, but no silver and bronze, the next 25% (of the total number of teams) get te competitor badge and so on. More fair definitely, but less prizes of those of us less endowed =P

Note all these are true only as of now. It may change =)

----------------------------------- 2012 01 13 07:06

Tournament Hall and King's Arms are open!!!!

Erm the King's Arms are literally that... arms lol

Oki.... lets see, you reall should go look for your self it pretty cute, everything =)

King's Arms

- Nothing new here I think its the new Prize Shoppe =P

Tournament Hall

- General Store
- Champion Charms
- Various Champion Kits (like the King Credit Shoppe but classier =P)
- Champion's Ring (which looks like its just a collectible)
- Mouse Statutte (Apparently it appears in the camp page?? not sure how that will work =))

Trap Smith:

Bronze Tournament Base ( 300 Power )
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 3%
Luck: 5
Cheese Effect: Fresh
The Bronze Tournament Base is a reward for hunters who have shown they are capable of competing in hunting tournaments.

When armed alongside a Champion Charm, in addition to the charm's luck, this base glows with an extra +2 luck, for a total of 10 luck
Requirement: 25 tokens


Silver Tournament Base ( 400 Power )
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 7
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh
The Silver Tournament Base is a reward for hunters who have shown not only their ability to compete in hunting tournaments, but their dedication to winning tournaments!

When armed alongside a Champion Charm, in addition to the charm's luck, this base glows with an extra +3 luck, for a total of 13 luck!

Requirement: 80 tokens / Bronze base


Golden Tournament Base ( 500 Power )
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 8
Cheese Effect: Extremely Fresh
The Golden Tournament Base is a reward that is renowned as a symbol of a seasoned tournament competitor. Only the most dedicated of hunters dare set the goal of obtaining this opulent base.

When armed alongside a Champion Charm, in addition to the charm's luck, this base glows with an extra +4 luck, for a total of 15 luck!

Requirement: 200 tokens/ Silver base


Various Skins


If you are thinking of saving Tokens, just to buy only the Golden Tournament base, you can't. The preceding base is a requirement! =P

Thats way better than requiring a Gold Trophy! Thanks Devs! =D

Happy Hunting ppl!

[20140427 22:45]

Its fairly amazing when you track what you write and all... well and if you update and link them all =P

So I FINALLY got my GTB last year... during the Christmas hunt when there was a Tournament token bonus....

Sadly the endurance effect was never built into the current iteration of tournament ( the previous iteration had it, and out team was kinda build to have that advantage) so our plans did'nt pan out and I often had to go solo as my team kinda got caught in real life =P not a bad thing mind you.

Still going solo was often difficult and some practical tournament tips:

1) Prepare.

Thats all there is. Oh wait there is another:

2) Manage your expectations

Maybe I should have listed this point as number one... but oh well =P  I think its important to manage expectations. Things like what is the expected result and how much effort you and your team wants to put in. I think the stronger team are probably harder on meeting expectations and it is only to be expected, they are playing for the top prizes. For casual teams, usually the expectation are lower as real life takes priority.

I will normally prep my team to tell them we are likely to hit 50% or we are probably not gonna make it.. or we gotta bail. Thats the cost of being casual I guess =P In the old tournament, you get at least 1 token for joining and completing the tournament. Sighz I wished they gave tokens for hitting 10% of what the top team got. Most of the time I can hit about 20% of what the points the top teams get.. but because we miss the 50% mark we get nothing =(  All this negativity needs to be managed. Especially if you value your team more and switching teams is not an option =P Importantly, don't play the blame game.

Now back to point one, "prepare":

You got to prepare, often a tournament is lost just by a lack of preparation. Understand the tournament and how to best get the points. If you are like me, often a soloist. Check if it is even possible to compete. Many a tournament I have found that I need at least one other partner to hit above 50%, or me being solo,  I need some horns from my teammate to reach past 50%. Lastly, check if you are going to have to go all nighters and decide if that is really something you want to do? If yes, setting 15 minute timers is a good way to go 24/7 else choose a friendlier tournament. Its no fun hitting with 51% and not getting anything. Try to get at least one other active teammate. The rest should still join (if there are places) because:

a) They get tokens too!
b) Even if they are really not interested in the tournament, whereever they hunt, they will bring you along!

Lastly I believe in Karma. Be nice to others, if you join a tournament try to wait till it starts before leaving =P the reason is that it makes getting past 50% easier for who ever is left in the tournament. Yes it does sound like a cheap way to try to get tokens, but after getting in the 51% a couple of times... I think you do whatever you need to do, so long as you are not actually breaking the rules. =)

And I should also confess that for the Christmas hunt, I managed to get two other active players, so we were much stronger and fully benefited from the bonus, though our target was just 50%. We invited the rest of the team where the slots were available...the large push for tokens was largely with an active group. There was'nt must strategy... so this post is a little moot going by this para.... STILL I am still doing a few tournament these days. One of the active has gone inactive (baby and all) and the other is active but less so.... and we still hit within 25% and 50%... and this was with some strategy. So yes the whole preparation thing still applies! (though I would have gotten my GTB much later since it would have been alot slower)

So it took me a year and a half to get the GTB (and this was with a bit of a boost ~ I believe I got about 67 tokens this christmas)

I love my team, but I wished getting the GTB was'nt this hard. I would like to both keep the team and the GTB. And yeah baby. I did it, my way ;)  with a little help from the Christmas event =P

Happy Hunting people! And don't give up!

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