A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: November 2009

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hunting in Elub Shore

Hunting in Elub Shore

Today or ermm its midnight plus now... I shall talk about hunting in Elub Shore.

I am going to focus primarily on the Kraken Chaos (KC) and Ancient Spear Gun (ASG).

If you are using the Harpoon or Net Cannon, you only need to know this:

They are usable, but not perfect. But definitely usable. If you were around when Ronza came in Oct 2009. You could have gotten the KC. If you have'nt got it by now and there are no better traps, well, aim for the ASG! It s definitely decent.


end Aside.

Now I am always a fan of attraction. With enough attraction, any cheese can have SB like qualities!

With Nerg and Derr, 20% attraction seems to be able to give gouda near SB attraction.

This is unfortunately not applicable in Elub, since no combp can get you the requisite 20% attraction short of using target base!

Which is of course possible, but the current hydro traps just don;t have enough power for that kind of combo =P

Ambush/Target was always one of my favourite combos that served me well in Furoma.

So how to work out how to hunt in Elub?

First thing:

Are you using gouda or SB?

Second thing:

What are you hunting? Bosses or the minions?

related Third thing (ahem):

Farming seeds or catching mice?

If you WILL only use Gouda to farm seashells.

use ASG/Mgma

Why? With this combo you the max attraction (15%) Sure you still FTA but those you attract you catch.

compare with KC/Magma

You FTA and stale, and those you do attract (and you attract less - 5% only) you catch less

ASG/Magma you catch your mice often and will get a decent amount of seashells.

KC seashell drops may be more.. but I'm not sure if it is more than ASG/Magma

Note if you pair KC with any of the fresh traps you lose too much (in terms of luck and power)


Now if you farm seashells with SB.

KC/magma beats ASG/magma outright.

In this case, since FTAs are no longer an issue.

FRESHNESS and ATTRACTION no longer matters.

Since you will ALWAYS attract. You will never stale.

Now at this point you may think that ASG should win since it will catch more consistently.

But the crux now is that you are going for the loot. Luck maximises that, and KC is powerful enough that you do not actually need the added power of the ASG.

Now I am tired so I will just summarise.

For the bosses, if you are catching mice! as your priority. se ASG/magma.

BUT f you are farming seeds? Use KC/magma/shell

since FTAs are no longer an issue.

FRESHNESS and ATTRACTION no longer matters.

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