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A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Modern and its Current and Future State: Just my take ;)

Hate to tell you so. But I told you so.

Right off the bat, I figured Modern is the format of flux.

I got clearer and clearer over the years, but still many tried to make sense of WOTC's decisions.

They tried to frame it such that there was a method to the madness.

Actually there was.

Right of the bat.

It was to make Modern the format of flux.

Via the banlist.

Many views have been put up, and all point to the same thing:

for instance bans lead to more bans. One example given recently on Sally was bans lead to more bans.

Twin, then Eldrazi, then now probe.

With each ban, another strategy rose.

I thought it was obvious, but apparently it isn't.

This is normal.

In any ecosystem, you kill one species, the system rebalances.

Any system will rebalance to an equilibirum. Be it a biological ecosystem, global warming or a Modern meta :P

Its really just whether we are happy with the equilibirum state.

Now funnily enough, this equilibrium is exactly what WOTC's decisions are to combat (or at least to hasten it or artificially induce it)

But I think it is as much the players' fault as much as it is WOTC's fault that we have what we have today

(not that I am complaining, I accept whatever is on the plate, hell, I loved Eldrazi Winter!)

For instance, the recent so called Standard debacle of dominant decks.


its only three weeks.

Week one the boogey man was Saheeli decks

Week two was Mardu

Week three was BG decks

... I actually consider that healthy already as decks are taking turns at the top. But many would say it is unhealthy that for each
 given week one deck is so dominant (I actually think that quite alright)

BUT. I would like to point out that anyone who says Week three is not diverse is being just a little misleading.

It looks like 3 decks.

But it is really:

Saheeli Cat (I think, I am just writing off memory)
BG Energy
BG delirium
BG Constrictor

I can't offhand remember the difference between the last two, but if you bother to look at the decklist you will
notice the builds are quite different.

And a 4 colour Saheeli deck was 9th.

That is actually more varied that it looked!

I especially have a soft spot for the energy deck, week two it was Jund, but I guess it was better without the red?
Oh look Jund is BGR.

Dropping R turned it into a BG deck ... that apparently detractors don't bother to relise is quite different from other BG decks ;/

I think the problem is the same as during Eldrazi Winter. People are just netdecking and refuse to innovate. I am referring to the detractors.

Obviously if you do not just look at the top 8 decks, many decks are still finding their feet and getting an optimal list.

Thank God for the people that still try.

Hmmm I just realised I started with Modern but ended up trying to defend Standard's meta lol

But I think I should be clear that Kaladesh and Aether Revolt has been a breath of fresh air and there is just so much potential to brew,
so I really like it alot.

I feel I needed to say this as so many people seem to whine about current standard.

will write more late about my views

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