A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: December 2016

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

[Mousehunt]Merry Belated Christmas everyone :) Hope the Great Winter Hunt 2016 went well for you this year

Well now.

I tried to post from my phone using the blogger app but it was kinda a wash out.

I suspect it had something to do with access rights. Oh well.

Anyways this is the result after about 2 weeks plus?

I'll probably cover what was done for this event just for completeness :p

But for now I will farm Artic Asiago for next year heh :)

[20161229 02:07]

Apparently the event will end on Jan 10th.

This is actually good news as it means that if you hunt actively you still have a shot at hitting the 130000 m in the air =D

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

[20161229 02:32]

I guess I should post a quick and dirty guide first:

1) Hunt the xmas cheese, you can use any bait, just a hunt at the Great Winter Hunt (go to the travel button/tab)

2) Once you have enough cheese you can arm the xmas cheese. Note that only with the xmas cheese will you get the ski/toy/ornament drops that you can use for wrapping.

3) And this is the theme, this years theme is to "wrap presents" and spread cheer. So with the ski/toy/ornament drops you can "wrap" presents. You must wrap 10 presents before Santa's sleigh is "powered" Once powered, you have 20 hunts to go in the air

While hunting for things to wtap, note that certain areas are good for collecting certain drops e.g mountains drop skis.... in general when it is not wastelands you probably want to use anchor charms to extend your stay in that particular region. The default speed is 30m using ANY anchor charms, speed is reduced to 10m. So in wastelands you need to remove the anchor charm (as you want to go through it as fast as possible) you can use any kind of anchor charm, i used empowered anchor charms :) 

4) When hunting in the air (you are supposedly spreading cheer :p ) activate nitro to get maximum distance in the air. Accomplishing different milestones in distance gets you rewards:

(click on the image to make it bigger)

You need to hit 130000km to get all the rewards (including the very awesome L.E. trap :p)
Note that this is the distance traveled in the air when Santa's sleigh is powered to fly.

And thats it! Easy peasy no?

I hope so anyways :)

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and as always Happy Hunting ppl ;)

[20161229 02:42]

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