A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: December 2014

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Mousehunt Christmas 2014 has begun!!!!! oh yeah its the Great Winter Hunt thingie =P


The Calendar thingy is up =)

Don't forget to collect your chocolates!!!



aND NOW ahem.

And now, you should probably save the snowballs, I suspect it is like the Halloween tics =)

I am gonna hunt with Gouda first to collect Artic Asiago cheese, but ultimately you need it to hunt the festive mice. And you should hurry to complete the boss for the week (yes there is a new boss each week!)

And don't forget to visit profiles and setup your cheese!

[20141212 00:32]

Lost? Well don't be!  I am a little distracted and have a little lack of time... but the advise is pretty simple for now =)

Just hunt with Artic Asiago as soon as possible to loot Tower Slabs. You need to build the Ice Tower before you can challenge the Christmas event mice proper. And you will need 20 Slabs for that!

So if you have only just started....

You can hunt with any cheese, but past xmas event cheese or SB+ is best (so far the Asiago builds up pretty fast!)

Then once you have a nice stash, I dunno, 50 - 100? You should start working with the Asiago. The reason is that you want to defeat the weekly boos with in the week to get a BONUS!

Other things to note?

1) Visit profiles! Visiting active hunters get you festive feta (I am not sure if it is always festive feta), while an inactive hunter gets you an Ice Coin for chipping the frozen over account =) Oh and you do not actually have to send the notification to join in the fun ;) You can cancel the notification if you think it will bug the guy/gal =)  You will still get the ice coin!

2) Don't use the snowballs yet! You get 5 a day, by accumulating more and playing at the end of the event, you should be able to reap better rewards! =D

Happy Hunting!

[20141213 00:13]

Alrighty... I think I am getting the hang of this event =)

So that little fortress you see on the right hand side is the mice's . You need to build one just like it first! And it will require 80 ice bricks... I was wonder why there were bricks and slabs....

Mine looks funny because it was screenshot off an iphone =)

After building this is what it looks like!

You noticed I have'nt collected enough slabs? I am guessing thats why the progress bar at the bottom is still locked!! And we will all have to hurry if we want the bonus for catching this week's boss in time !!

Now this, might well be the most important part! The bonuses that your fortress can give you! For those who have not yet attained your Golden Tournament Base, this is your best shot! Build your ICE ARMOURY! At least to level two, this increases the number of tokens you get in tournaments! (You still have to win the tournament of course :D)

To see the table above, click on the "Build" button on the interface, this works even if it is grayed out.

[20141213 20:39]

so .... once you have enough bricks, your options get highlighted!

The interesting thing is there a are small detail changes in the HUD =) which is cool, for instance I decided to upgrade the armoury!

I also have to point out that after you complete the slabs (20), you get the little path of dots to complete to reach the boss! There are 40 mice to catch before you hit the boss... and you gotta do this in the first week to get the bonus.. so hurry!

[20141214 11:16]

and a level two upgrade of the armoury!!!

More tokens!!!!

I noticed that little lock thing has also disappeared... I wonder what was that about? Because I reached level 2 armoury??

Oh well.....

[20141214 11:19]

Anyways lets talk about the new toys this Christmas!

  • Festive Gauntlet Crusher  (1,200 Physical Power)
  • Power type: Physical
  • Power Bonus: 5%
  • Attraction Bonus: 25%
  • Luck: 5
  • Cheese Effect: Extremely Fresh

Cost: 250 ice coins + Ice Fortress completion

  • Hothouse Base  (250 Power)
  • Power Bonus: 3%
  • Attraction Bonus: 5%
  • Luck: 6
  • Cheese Effect: Very Fresh

Cost: 300 ice coins + The Capture of the Borean Commander

Both are pretty nice I feel, you can see the description at the Trapsmith. Specswise they are not exactly amazing. But probably still sweet around Lord levels.

The 25% attraction of the Gauntlet Crusher is its obvious selling point specwise since it is only superseded by the 70 power traps , but its lack of power and luck is problematic. HOWEVER, not listed and within the description (and title duh!), its true purpose is defined!! Its really a Gauntlet trap (duh) to get more Tier 3 potions! Ain't it pretty. Really non essential for many hunters, but nice for Gauntlet gladiators and trap completionists :p

I guess the Hothouse Base is to cater to those venturing into the Living Gardens, doubling petal and herb drops!!!! Which is very nice! I know I spent one and a half years in the Living Garden portion (and I am kinda semi active), so THIS is an essential for those at that point in their journey through hunterhood!!! (oh thats not a word... figures =D)

So my advise if you are at that stage (of completing the event)? Get the Hothouse Base first! Then the Gauntlet Crusher if it so pleases you.

[20141214 20:00]

Well what is the bonus? ... it odd... the bonus is more ways to spend the Asiago....? Yeah weird, but I think thats what it is the prize is actually the chance to catch the stick snowball mouse!

Apparently it is a bonus because it grow bigger and bigger. The drops not the mouse, well not really =)

Upgrading to level 3 armoury gives this!

Pretty neat!

[20141225 11:24]

Woo hoo.... it is Christmas! Well at least in Singapore. So here's wishing all of ya Merry and non-Merry makers a Merry Christmas and Bah-Humbug respectively =P

Or I wish you well if that was a little ambigous hoho =)

Anyways I think I have completed the fortress *WaZoo!*

And you noticed that it has been almost a week plus since the last update, so here are some screenshots I did which I was too lazy or busy or zonked out to post :p

This was the last screen before it was competed... 

And this when it was completed, a few days ago ...

I like the gatler thingie, but the gatler was last year.... so. Oh well the good thing is the tournament bonus this Christmas... too bad I will not be able to participate. But if you are able to? I encourage you to take full advantage of the Tournament bonuses. No matter how slow you are, I think the bonus is about a third... I think, I can't really tell since I only participated in one so far :p

And this is the L.E. trap for this year's Christmas. It does not look like much. Nor is it ubiquitously strong. In fact some callz it ugly!! But it is a nice trap for Tier 3 potions!! ... Who plays gauntlets anyways???? Well... I do... or will eventually get to it :P Did you  know I have yet to catch my Eclipse mouse???  For those not familiar with Mousehunt lore, the Eclipse came out about the time of the vampire movie with the Eclipse in its titles... the exact name eludes me at the moment... All I remember are sparkles... lol

Anywasy, Merry Christmas and Happy Hunting ppl! I hope to finish the event soon and get the hothouse base! Thats the real prize for this event in case you are wondering (or if you are really taken by the Crusher image or... *gasp* you luvrez the gauntlet!!!)


In case it was'nt clear the Hothouse base is L.E. too!!

[20141225 13:09]

Decided to open 59 of the purple winter presents at a go....

[20141225 16:22]

Ooooo I only just realised the Tower slabs were for the tower.... duh I guess.... I only realised when my tower "grew horns".... lol it became clearer when I looked at my IPhone interface where they show the three different stages lol

[20150107 00:45]

ahhh..... its kinda over. I was looking for a banner or something, but I must have missed it somehow. But by now it is a Frozen pond?!?!

Anyways I have moved back to the Burrough Rift

Have a Good Year Everyone!!

[20150108 00:29]

Alrighty! Apparently the Frozen Pond will be around until 13 Jan 2015! So make sure you spend your ice coins and Advent chocolates!!

What to spend them on? As always it really depends on your goals!

For myself, I will spend the advent chocolates on the Ulimate festive luck/power charms!

For ice coins.... I will likely spend it on empowered charms!

Happy Hunting!

[20150111 01:02]

So I am just clearing the screenshots on my laptop :p

For some reason I am rather busy this year... but I did try to post some screenshot but ... darn...

So this was about when I knew the xmas event was over...

I am a little worried now... I am not sure if there was a new year event???

Anyways I got all these temp screenshots, I guess I will still post it for memories, even though it has lost its value as a guide :p

So this was the snowball Showdown!!! Essentially it was a mine sweeper?? kinda game, where if you hit something, based on its shape (at least from what you know) you try to "hit" out the shape with as little snowballs as possible. It was pretty fun =)

The shapes you are supposed to "hit" out with the snowballs are below, so it is pretty straight forward =D

The Shapes move around the grid

And below are the prizes!!!

I cashed in some  ice coins for the Journal, its pretty cool! *oh the pun!!!*

Since this is so totally a turn back time posting, this was a screenshot of my struggles in the Burroughs Rift before the Christmas event! I was out by 3 Rift Circuits.... I was so very close to getting the Focus Laser thingie Rift trap (yes its a brainfart, I cannot recall its name lol)

Anyways its back to the Rift for me, I just got my Rift upgrade today and am now gunning towards the Multi Laser "whats its name" Rift trap =)

I was mostly in Taiwan during the last week of 2014, hence the general absence, I did sound my horn though so... keep truckin' everyone, may you have a great 2015! =)

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