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A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crystal Library

oki... time to write a summary

for the newer areas, its seems the devs are using more of randomisation in order to increase the time spent to complete the area (at least in its totality)

the new area is the Crystal Library

to enter you need a library card, which is dropped by the Rook and above in Zugzwang's Tower

Once you enter the Library, you will be able to pick an assignment

this link details most of that:


I haven't completed it, but from what I hear, Furoma ones are popular


You need to amass Library Points.

900 to be exact.

Furoma assignments give about 100 (I think)

the advance Zugzwang ones give 150

You will need to weigh your cost based on the way you play.

Furoma ones are less active (and painful =P) since you only need to move to the right place set trap and cheese and just wait.

Zugzwang ones are fairly active and expensive. The tower is a pain without SB (tho doable), but you definitely need Checkmate which is harder to come by. You don't need SB in Seasonal Gardens. And you will need to actively arm and disarm your cheese when you hit the queen/king

My advice, unless you are able to actively hunt and don't mind burning checkmate (SB is still debatable - if you are targeting single runs, Gouda is'nt so bad - though the chances of failure is higher), you should use the Furoma assignments.

Plus you are actually getting a net gain when you do Furoma assignments (Furoma runs are some of the more lucrative methods of gaining gold - but you must run all the way to Sojo and poke your curds)

If you really need to NOT move, then the Library Assignments are available, but each is only 20-50 points so you will need to spam them (but they may well be the most efficient in terms of gathering Library points)

Why do Zugzwang's assignments then? that will be explained later below.

Back to library points.

Once you have 900 points you will have access to the assignment that gets you a nifty tactical trap:


Zurreal's Folly

Power: 2,930
Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 20%
Attraction Bonus: 15%
Luck: 12
Cheese Effect: Ultimately Stale

Okay its not that great if you have Rewer's or Sphynx, but if you do not it is pretty nice. But take heart, that not the real prize, but it is the only thing that can catch Zurreal (the new big bad)

Why catch Zurreal? cos he drops the parts that lead to the real prize:

Reaper's Perch
Cost: 2,767,750 gold
Points Required:
Power: 3,300
Power Type: Shadow
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 16
Cheese Effect: Stale

This is the current best shadow trap. As good as the Cackle lantern for harvesting Fire Salt, and more consisten than the clock in actual catches. The Dreaded Jungle will be less dreadful

So... "Why do Zugzwang's assignments then?"

It has to do with catching Zurreal.

To catch Zurreal you need the Zurreal's Folly as well as Scholar Charms

Scholar charms can be bought uncharged from the seasonal gardens general store. Arm them when you are gunning for thhe chessmaster and the charms will be charged with wisdom.

However Scholar Charms are also dropped from some assignments.

I do not know how many Scholar Charms you need, but if getting the charms are your worry, then doing ZugZwang's Assignments will assuage that somewhat since you will get to charge your charms in the process of hunting chessmasters.

Anyhows have a merry run in MH everyone

Also as of now, the prize of this area (the shadow trap) is not a "must have" for any of the current areas, so don't sweat it if you are in the midst of some other target

[ninja add:]

As an aside: After you have completed this stage, another reason why you might want to do the advance Zugzwang's Assignment is the fact that it is the only way to get Spellbook Charms. IF you are a power fanboy like me, Spellbook charms surpass even the EAC ... quite nice indeed =) The only drawback is that it only works with the Spellbook base

Alright FAQ do you need SB to catch Zurreal? The answer is no. But its alot quicker. Of course then the next question "But I only have one charm"! Well the charm is only consumed on capture of Zurreal ;)

Have fun ppl!

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Back Again

back in magic =/

what brought me back?


not in fact, INFECT.

Its poison =) I have a soft spot for poison, so when maro prints a whole block of poison, how can I not be back =P

I am moderating my purchases tho, so i hope that holds up.

My only grouse is that I am back after Worldwake sold out.

That kinda sucked.

But then it looks like worldwake sucked, so what ever.


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