A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: [Decklist] Posched Eggs!!

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

[Decklist] Posched Eggs!!

Nothing to see here for MH fans :p

So I was going to rant about the hate on combo and how it is unwarranted.... but its 1 am and i am going to snooze, so I will rant later.

For now, it being the end of the easter month (well if you play MH the great egg hunt is ending in 5th? May), and a slew of GPs/GPTs? coming soon, lets bring out an eggy bogey man!!!


Posched Eggs!!!

Actually its Poached Eggs. A deck I found in the mtgsalvation forum.

It was an attempt to revive eggs after Second Sunrise was banned. It did'nt quite work out though, as it was alittle slow and there was no consensus on the correct composition.

If I recall correctly, it started a few weeks after the ban. Languished for a while and then about half a year later had some interest and then it died down again.

I did'nt quite follow the thread after that, but i did store the list I liked in my handy app.

The premise was was essentially:

Now that Eggs has lost the Second sunrise that gave it its consistency, how can it be modded to be competitive?

Note that it did'nt lose too many cards, but it did lose the one card that gave it enough speed to be viable.

Having sunrise as a possible turn 3 play means that it is able to undercut the fundamental turn 4 (even if that is rarely the optimal play, but it does let you take your chances)

Taking that aways means you now have your combo gutted. Kinda. There is faith rewardsm which is used as sunrise 5-8.... But the deck now has to use it as sunrise 1-4 with Open the vaults as sunrise 5-8. Thats is a very far cry, with faith's rewards being a turn 4 play and open the vaults weighing in at a hefty 6cc.

The double w was never an issue since 2nd sunrise was 1ww

Anyways the thread trying to revive eggs was looking at more sunrise effects and Krark-clan ironworks. the revival effort also forsook the use of sleight of hand, I think the original had 8 1cc draw/filter spells, Serum Visions + Sleight of hand.

The problem is speed.

Ironworks kicks in at 4cc
And as mention sunrise effects now start at 4cc and 6cc

The deck was kinda polarised between being an eggy deck and a krack-clan deck (I am not actually sure what this is, only that it is centered around Ironworks :p and not necessarily utilising sunrise effects)

Anyways it kinda died down and it may even be up now but I did'nt go look.

But I have always been tinkering with the deck on the app. I like combo decks as you can play sollitaire with them. So mucking around with the eggs deck was something I did on an adhoc basis.

So whats new?

I just suddenly felt that hey! Ensoul Artifact seems like a good ways to gum up the floor or give a good clock if available! (I was actually messing with ensoul artifact decks and just went lateral for a while... since well eggs was full of cheap artifacts, and I was wont to ensoul a blind pithing needle during the recently passed Standard)

So I stuffed it in and voila!

It was poached eggs originally, but there was a typo and I though it looked cute so thats what I am calling my variant :P

Its totally untested but

Mod_posched_eggs v 2
4 x Faith's Reward
1 x Noxious Revival
4 x Serum Visions
4 x Reshape
1 x Sleight of Hand
1 x Open the Vaults
1 x Scalding Tarn
1 x Plains
7 x Island
4 x Ghost Quarter
2 x Darksteel Citadel
1 x Hallowed Fountain
1 x Misty Rainforest
4 x Ensoul Artifact
1 x Pyrite Spellbomb
1 x Mind Stone
4 x Conjurer's Bauble
3 x Krark-Clan Ironworks
2 x Chromatic Sphere
1 x Prophetic Prism
3 x Lotus Bloom
4 x Chromatic Star
4 x Ichor Wellspring
1 x Mox Opal

I figured, part of the problem was consistency and speed. These two were taken away from the deck. The poached version tried to stuff in ironworks to support the now higher costs, added to the fact that the deck had darksteel citadel and gadzillions of artifacts, the ironworks was quite nice... but still it weighed in at 4cc.

So if we can't go faster, the alternative (which is actually the tactic taken by most combo decks) is to go slower. But the problem is the eggs deck is easily beaten down since it has little in the way of defense. Ensoul Artifact allows you to muck up the floor and go for the kill if the coast is clear.

I liked the idea of having the ability to pound quickly if the opportunity presents itself or hold back on defense while looking for the combo kill.

So there. 

I have yet to test if it is actually feasible. Flyers would suck. And the combo might be too slow. I cannot tell for now. But hey its easter.... eggs and all right?

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