A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: [Mousehunt] Happy Valentines Day!

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

[Mousehunt] Happy Valentines Day!

So Valentines day is upon us (actually its about over over here in Singapore :p)

Anyways I spent most of the day cleaning for the coming CNY so... ya I don't hate Valentines day, but I don't have a reason to do something special or anything :P

So anyway from since thurs or fri? until the 17th of Feb, there will be a +13 luck bonus!

I am going to dump my efforts into the BRift since I sometimes miss the middle tier mice, my aim is mostly just to farm Calcified Rift mist =P

There is no new trap, but there is a new mouse, the Gentleman's Caller, something like that =)

Anyways Happy Valentines Day everyone!

[20150215 1230]

So I realise that Valentines Day is like over, but I guess in some other timezone we might just be getting to the kinky side of things...

Anywasy... Since the event actually lasts till (online events are kinda pretend pretend stateful things... so for those in RL, congratulations on the experiential side of things :p) 17th of Feb, I guess I will update on my MH shenanigans.

So what does one do with a unlucky lucky bout of 13 luck???

I did a brief one day run in the BRift, but it was uneventful although the catches and haul was good. Still I did get FTAs and so on.... I mean c'mon.... its ATTRACTION! could'nt the devs increase attraction for for the period as well for people who probably could have some help in that department (like myself included ;)). A cardinal rule in MH. (At least by me) More attraction is never a bad thing. Well unless you are actually trying to miss the bigger catches, thats another story... Still .. its ATTRACTION... Valentines Day? Attraction and luck go hand in hand! Next year guys, make it up to us next year ;)

Wow. One can really complain about anything huh LOL. Anywasy that was just in jest.

Now to serious business. Well as serious as MH can get.

What does one do with 13 extra luck?

Thats a doozy!
(doozy is a dozen + 1 ... nvm... bad joke)

I decided, at least for my current traps, my catch rate is'nt too bad. And the current event extras (extra luck but no attraction), does not help with cheapo ol' me who is only using brie string (I imagine its worse for our marble string brethren).

So it seems a little wasteful to use the extra luck in the BRift. I tried going for the Big Bads in the Brift which yield mucho points and gold... but eeehhh even with extra attraction it will not help since there are 3 different mice in the population and the other two lesser mice are only average mice... equivalent to the normal BRift mid tier mice in terms of rewards. And I cannot even confirm if the catch rate is any better unless I sit in there for a bit! And to complicate things, I now have the Fissure base! Is my catch rate already better? i dunno.

Too many unknowns, so I thought abit and decided I should go try out the hard to catch mice.

Sunken City came to mind, since if you follow my blog, you know I left the SC for the WWRift just when I was getting to a sweet spot!

So since I have kinda got what I wanted from the WWRift (not really true since I have yet to unlock the taunting charm and see if one can get a high tier mice constant attraction - which would be lotsa gold and points! - but i can always do that AFTER the event)... so since I got the Fissure base, I thought maybe a good thing to do is to maximize the Ancient of the Deep and Tritus catch rate, both of which are actually quite doable in normal times, but with the +13 luck, it is likely the catch will become more consistant!

So SC it is. And so far its been groovy!

So this is a comparison of the top three bases I have (GTB, Fissure, Rift)

Fissure is higher than Rift in both power and luck! And by quite a bit too in the power dept! It loses to GTB in terms of power tho! But it is only by about 70+ power? For an increment of 4 luck, I say THAT is a substantial upgrade!

Poor Rift base, I will miss ya. Not just for the funky colouration, but the fact that it took like 1 and a half years to achieve ya. But your reign as the highest luck base (at 11 luck) has come to an end... still you are not exactly written off, since the devs made it such that all hunter will still have to get you and the fracture base to get the Fissure base (at 12 luck, the new badass in the luck base department!).

On to the analysis though. Rift used to be the alternate to GTB, where GTB is the souped up Spellbook, given the Ommph when we needs more power to hunt the big bads in the area. In this case though, Rift is superseded like totally, so not much to say. Just a look to confirm that Rift has officially been ... ahem replaced.

This is likely the more interesting comparison. The GTB has traditionally been the most powerful base (with Tidal coming close, at least without champion charms), so it still holds the most powerful title. But at a pittance of  67 power! Still, before mocking the GTB, it is important to factor in the fact that Champion charms are not used, which is the added plus that GTB gives!\

However for the purposes of getting the best loot from SC, EACs (Empowered Anchor Charms) are being used, as such, the Fissure is still better than the GTB for the purposes of hunting with EACs in the SC. W00t! for the Fissure!

Now the last comparison using the Tidal base, boasting a whopping 800 power for a base. At 60 luck it is still not in contention against the Fissure setup. It used to have some game against the Rift base since the Rift is rather weak in the power dept. But the Fissure base trumps it in both power and luck, losing only in attraction. Not that even if attraction is important would I consider the Tidal, but I am intending to use SB+ (which reminded me I still have gouda armed! With 20+ seconds to go I hastily arm SB... and nab a... Treasure Keeper... 

hmmm Maybe I should reevaluate if one should use SB in the Magma flow... heh)

[Edit: I must have not hunt in the SC for too long :P  I just realised that SB is irrelevant when hunting in areas like Pearl Patches, much like Magma Flows! Its only when there are the big bads like AOTD and Tritus that you want SB+ to do a bit of sifting in terms of the quality of the mice attracted... as it turns out Magma Flow is like an advance Pearl Patch! Oh well.... Its not the best use of the luck, but I do have a Monster Trench coming up! Here's hopin' I hit a Lair of the Ancients in the next 1 or 2 days]

This catch was while I was in the MT before the Magma Flow

So I kinda jinxed it when I say the catches were easy heh, but as you can see below it is really quite good, even though it was only 8 hunts.. so SSS =)

And as Britney would say, we are now in the Zone! (not really a fan, I just keep hearing it on the radio, so it kinda stuck :p)

And my current setup for SC:

[Edit: I actually switched to Gouda!! FOr the magma flow, its like the pearl patch, gouda will do!]

[20150216 0115]

I ended up going back to the WWRift :p

the MT catch rate fluctuates alot... and going through Magma Flows feel alot like Pearl patches... so in the end I went back to square one .... WWRift...  the +13 luck is still nice tho! =D

Happy Hunting ppl!

[20150218 0059]

Mommy! its over!!!!!!!

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At 9:22 PM, Blogger jeremiah said...

Hi. How come your MH phone app shows your progress on Sunken City? i have tried updating the app and even uninstall than install but this feature doesn't show on my android phone...

At 7:10 PM, Blogger god_is_good478 said...

Hi jeremiah,

I am on an IPhone 4S, I'm not sure if that makes a difference? Also some screenshots are actually off a PC not the phone app itself, so maybe that was what caused the confusion?


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