A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: MH Birthday 2015 is on!!

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Friday, March 06, 2015

MH Birthday 2015 is on!!

Oki doki the drill:

1) Arm brie or SB+ or swiss and collect Cupcake Colby  or Cupcake Colby Potions!

2) Use Cupcake colby to attract cupcake carrying mice!

To commemorate the 7 years of MH, there are 7 tiers of mice to catch and you apparently choose which you want to work on:

When you click on an order you can choose which to ship?

You can also see the prizes that you can earn, to get the new Trap, you need to ship one of each order!

To earn the right to fulfil each order you need to unlock them by shipping orders! i.e. Get Cracking!

On starting an order the HUD changes to show the cupcakes that must be collected!

I guess the more orders you ship and once you unlock the the other tiers, you can work on multiple orders in a parallel manner.

Stay tuned and happy hunting!

[20150307 00:20]

the UI is really quite nice and it tracks your progress in the event quite nicely...

I guess I am really gushing about it being nice.. must be the pink and all lol

Is there a strategy? Right now its all clickerty click lickerty split.... whatever that means =P

Now the mice points and gold are not exactly stellar (this is relative to stage of te game you are at of course, so my apologies for the sweeping statement :p) BUT, the loot is pretty nice... and random.

But nice =) Oh there's that word again!

Happy Hunting ppl!

[20150307 00:31]

So I am running old Snobby, for old times sake. Well there is that 20% attraction

You can run multiple orders!

And those are the stats for the Cupcake Birthday Base!

[20150307 00:52]

Some snippets from my journal:

I like the rainbow cupcake lol

Year one order fulfillment loot!

Year two order fulfillment loot! Yes its tournament tokens!!

Year three fullfilment loot! No tournament tokens, but hey i assume the year two tier orders are easier so.... I am not complaining. The last time they were giving tournament token collection a boost was during the Christmas event! So if you like me have difficulty on getting in the black in tournaments, this event (and other preceding tournament token friendly events) are a godsend!

Happy Hunting ppl!

[20150308 00:11]

Year four loot:

Year 5

And Year 6 =D

I should be getting the loot for year 7 soon =)  (and get the new Trap!)

Happy Hunting ppl!

[20150308 22:54]

So I apparently filled in the 7th year order and got the new Trap! ....

heh I did it on the phone so it was'nt apparent to me that it was done... but it is:

So the requisite mugshot of the Stale Cupcake Golem Trap

I'm really not sure about using it for the event... I mean it is a discount from 42 to 14 luck... and attraction from 20+ to 7..... thats a pretty big drop.

The trap itself is goodstuff. It is stronger than T-Rex so thats good! But still for the event where attraction might be important. i don;t know. but I guess I will run with it for a while and see if I like it on an anecdoctal basis :p

Oh and if you are like me and have just got your Birthday Trap, this may seem like the end of the event... BUT. I suspect the event is really to allow you to catch up on whatever you have missed out on in the last 7 years of mousehunt =)

Check out the loot drops above to see which area you have bailed out on in the past. Now is the time to catch up! be it sunken city ot the Brift or tournaments or trains, I think it is pretty comprehensive! Though I haven't gone through the loot listing thoroughly so I might be off :p

For myself I will be focusing on the Year 2 and Year 6 as I really need those train materials to try to finish off the train area traps! =D Oh and tournaments???? dang those are toughies for passive players like myself so this (as I have said before) is a Godsend!

Thanks Devs for the event, it is very thoughtful, simple but fun!

For those tournament hard cores who may feel it is an unfair way for passives to get tournament tokens. The GTB has been out for years literally, so ... you have ample advantaged use of the GTB for a very long time now. And lets face it, MH has always been a community based game, so if you think positively about it, letting everyone get to the same level at least sets the stage for the Devs to add new stuff for tournament play! (like the rumoured but never happened platinum base *cough*)

And in anycase... the GTB is increasingly being challenged in terms of being the best base, usually holding out only with the use of champion charms... so heres hoping no one is sore about accessible tournament tokens =)

Happy Hunting ppl!

[20150313 00:35]

I just thought to mention that there is some strategy if you are unting specific mice whether for tournaments or treasure maps.

Now I will first have to say that I cannot speak for tournaments, since I haven't joined any :p BUT what I do know is that for the treasure maps it is faster to catch the mice in their native regions, i.e. outside of the birthday zone area. And is valid to do so. But i do not know if the same is true for tournaments.

Still. I felt that the Birthday event is actually fun and rewarding enough that I would actually prefer to stay in the zone =) Now if your treasure map group does not mind a slow run, everything is dandy. Just set your orders to the correct ones, likely you want to maximize your chances of catching a particular mouse by setting all your orders to the right one. And you will still find the going to be slow due to all the generic Birthday event mice (force fighters etc). But you are collecting cupcakes!!! So the real question is how important is it to race through treasure chests? If it is then you want to complete each map quickly! If not? Well just collect cupcakes!

You might argue that there is a cost to getting into a map as you need to set the correct orders. That is miniscully true! You will "waste" cupcakes on those orders that you are not interested in as there is no way to cancel. But it is only those 3 to at most 10 orders you might 'waste' on a map. Else you are actually still collecting cupcakes! You do not actually have to fill in those orders until you are done with the map or the mouse you are interested in. You can just collect buttloads of cupcakes before cashing them in (say at the end of the event) using whichever order tickles you! So yah, the cost of setting orders for maps is there but it is not untrivial :p

I really like this setup for the event. Essentially you get to choose the mice to catch (if you want more points set to the order that maximises that, ditto for gold etc) but still retain the flexibility of what you loot you want to cash your cupcakes in for! Coupled with the practically free (as well as new best of breed - I think - )  forgotten trap. And the base generates cupcake charms too! So many freebies! It is most generous! And as above, tournament tokens can now be farmed as can train supplies. Its the great catch-up event literally heh =D 


All things will pass. The good stuff. The bad stuff. The sweet stuff. *cough* 


Arrrrgh!!!! The event ends this Thursday!!!!!

Happy Hunting ppl!

Go get em' cupcakes!

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