A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: January 2007

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Random Reviews! Art 1 - Planar Chaos

Random Reviews! Art 1

Hi all, this will be a series of articles to review cards or strategies.

Series, because there are so many things to write about, and random, because well... I don;t have a ll the time in the world, plus I am lazy =P

Anyways without further ado, lets look at the card for review today:

Obviously with the Planar Chaos madness going on we well be looking at all thing Planar Chaos =P

Aeon Chronicler

Weird guy huh.

I believe this dude is gonna be a card draw of choice.


Among the many candidates.

Note that at the moment there are cards like:

Whispers of the muse etc etc vying for the position of card draw.

Aeon Chronicler, suspend then remand??

Blue plays the role of the cheatin' dealer by winnin' it all. Remand is already baaad against anything with suspend written on it.

But to take advantage and draw off it...??? !!

Now Aeon has been priced conservatively and this if anything is what will keep it from going bonkers.

Still. X3U to draw X cards rinse and reuse.

You really get economies of scale if you remand or somehow keep it suspended.

Come to think of it why not??? Jhoriel's Time bug allows for some time counter shenagians!!!

I have always liked the cabal curse.... hmmmm

Now one of the strongest points about the chronicler aside from the fact that it is a one sided draw; is that it is uncounterable!!! Suspend baby!!!

Its weakest point is that it is a creature. That makes the suspend like a sorcery, albeit an uncounterable one.

Still I see it as at most a one of in a U deck.

Its abilities as a critters are sad to say the least. Nope, maro never did well in any colours as Saviors of Kamigawa showed.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Planar Chaos Prerelease !

More updates and photos later....

my prerelease coverage/report...

And so it started.... I did'nt want to go at first.

It was at EXPO, so in Singapore terms, its like its at the other end of the island.

Granted Singapore is a very small island.

ah well....

my room is a mess.

Any ways...

I wanted to go for first flight, but I overslept.

Then my sis said she was'nt going out or something, so i can stay out late without incurring the "wrath of parents".

But... man .. an afternoon burnt, a night destroyed. Nah I'll pass.

BTW it takes almost an hour an a half by MRT (train) to get to EXPO from where I live. Plus the fact that I am not familar with the area, that means I probably have to wake at 5 am in the morning to get there all fine and dandy.


There is also the issue that my ex church holds its services there. Meeting old church mates freezes my blood. haha. *cringe*

So then I went for the 3rd flight instead.

Again I overslpt... this time till about 7am. The flight starts at 830am, at least thats what they say on the flyer.

My dad woke me up and i bath in like 5-10 mins and ran to the train station like a madman.

I guess it was probably for the best on hindsight. Going there early will almost certainly increase the chances of meeting the church goers.


There are many corridors like this one and I just ran and ran.

Oh it was'nt that hard to find. You can almost smell .. no see =P MTG players. No really i just recognised some of them and I just followed.

But Good God I left my money at home.

So I need to draw. And thank God I met the guy who was selling the italian drains for 60 SGD.. but ermmm sorry MTG_Trader.. I did'nt get his number ... =P

But he told me where the nearest ATM was and i made a dash for it.

Finally I got there.

As you can see it was'nt that crowded yet. As it turned out, it actually starts at 9am??

Yet I was hoping that it would'nt be so early. Thank God.

So it was like 845am, and i figured i should eat to have energy to fight.

Yeah i was in the mood to fight. As I said before, if you dun wanna, no one's gonna make you ;) and you are gonna lose. Bad. With bones spat out. =P

So I ate noodles.

They were alright I guess ... A little hot. The auntie a bit blur.

Anyways... or there were some pretty gals too. But probably from church. So .Yah. lol. Whatever.

Anyways I took a seat and took some photos... the traders were there already and I picked up my 8 Oros ;) yeah foil.

Oh I happened to take a pic of the guy who pointed me to the ATM ;) What are the odds...

Any ways the play started soon enough...

and i will be back later to update: time now is 134pm 070127

More pictures of the scene...

The judges....

My ticket...

Oh this ticket won me a pack =P cause it ended with a '9' lol first time I won something like that in all my prereleases!

Anyways lets go on to the play.. most of it I typed on the day itself.. hence it is a little rushed and incoherent... but its the most I can remember I guess.

my record was
2 wins
1 draw
1 loss

I won my first nad last round and lost my 2nd and drew my third.

I met zero black players, only my last round did I see a swamp and a lemur.

I lost all my die rolls.

I was a victim of my own stupidity.

Round 2 was lost when I made 2 mistakes.

1) I alphaed thinking that I had regen....
but the putty sliver required a tap.

So I lost my slivers.

Or so i thought.

My opponent pointed out that there was an error in the previous turn, my slivers had VIGILENCE!!!

I should have been able to conduct my evill plan of sending wave after wave of viligence and regenerating and boosted slivers. After that I was only able to pressure with the Spectral force, but his Malach had progreen and had 4 toughness. He won the damage race

Ah well.

The match after that I was still distracted and never got ahead i think.

MVP cards that showed, calciderm, though less potent without the storm

My first round I won 2 - 0

my first play I thik was a boa with keen sense.

I made the mistake of using up my g mana and the boa was lost.

I did manage to recover though.

I think the ground got mucked up while a flier dispatch a few points at a time. I think it was astormfront rider... that card upped my tempo against my opponent. I also had a castle raptor. I used calciderm to force some damage through..I think I returned the calciderm using the stormfront. I think ancestral vision was cast. Stormfront riders added to the flying menaces and wrapped it up.

2nd match I had first striking hasty and viligenced silvers. He played a socerous queen planshift and that together with a Telekenetic sliver kept my boys at bay.. untill I launched my slivers and played the same game. Cool. Slivers are really quite double edged. The Tree spirit finished him him off.

my third round, first match I lost to recurring Shivan wurm... ? [edit it was a whumpus!! a whumpus???] the guy had 2 evolution charm and that card was his MVP for that match.

my 2nd match I think the key was when i alphaed or something, but he miscalculated an alpha.... I survived and cleared his board. I had two flyers he could only block one... the green card that gives +X/+X came out [edit: it was Strength in Numbers!!]and finished the job. I believed it showed in my first round too!.

Thrd match I was whittled down to 9 to his 19, but then I stabilised and began taking the board... but we timed out so it was a draw. My opponent agreed that i would have won. But he also said it was his funnest match... I tend to trash talk alot, but non-offensive like ;P ah well.

Apparently he was still in the army and he came with his brother, he was'nt keen on coming but his bro was. Message? Relationships matter WOTC!

My last round my deck cam out to play. gemhide, vigilence, first strike.... all my slivers came out and he was overruned.

I like matches like this. It makes me feel like my deck was flexing its muscles. I also hate matches like this... as i feel bad about winning in such a devastating manner. I would'nt like to be at the receiving end. ah well..

I told him the slivers were a side theme, he did'nt believe.

But second round it showed i still had slivers, but with out the gemhide to power them out, my opponent picked them off easily.

3rd match was won on the back of strength in numbers pushed through a spectral force!

So thats it!

MVP in no order:
Spectral force (dude was like some old guard, coming out almost every game)
Strength In Numbers (finisher!)
Ancestral Visions (also came out often)
Boa (made my deck look like constructed! i only had 1!!)
revered dead (together with the boa and putty sliver, they made my deck look constructed)
Slivers (gemhide only showed once lol)
celestial for winning in round three second game
Calciderm, good for forcing plays

I think stormfront riders are quite strong but situational, my opponent told me that he lost to one as well. Hmmm.

Overall i liked my deck alot. It was coherent, had no major mana problems, I can build mana with the storage land, there was card draw, and the slivers form a dangerous line given time, yet with enough busty flyers and fatties to apply pressure.

The cards in detail:

nice side board:
2 Seal of Promordium

other stuff i got:
Mindlash Sliver
Deadly Grub
Waning Wurm - can only attack once!
Brain GOrgers
Dark withering
Pit Keeper
Skittering Monstrocity
Viscid Lemurs
Faceless devourer
Strangling Soot
So I did have some nice removel =P


Loads of other random stuff:
The Forian totem - wanted to play this... But I figured it will only dilute my deck...

The black removal was good so was the red, but the critters in those colours were only soso

my blue cards bombed on me. I believe I had only 4 planar chaos blue cards lol

Still I had loads of slivers and I had the first strike black sliver and the vigilence sliver. And there was Ancestral Visions

My eventual deck was this:

1 SaltCrusted Steppe
6 plains
7 forests
1 Island
1 Swamp

16 Lands total

chromatic star

Synchronous Sliver - Vigilance
Ancestral Visions

Spitting Sliver

Harmonic Sliver - I had a field day blowing up artifacts, totems, mirari, pentads something
Opaline Sliver
Necrotic Sliver - I had one occasion to cast it but I was already winning and decided to play it safe

2 Poultice Sliver - one of the main reasons I chose to have a sliver slant
Celestial Crusader - white filler, but its flying and pump proved useful, both game breaking
Sunlance - used once
Revered dead - MYP
Calciderm - made a difference when it showed, great for pressure
Sinew Sliver
Stormfront Riders - really messed up my opponent's maths, oh and it is nice with the calciderm ;)
Castle Raptors - allowed me to win games which I would have lost

Spectral Force - MVP - Even in the match I lost this critter kept bashing against a pro green malach
Strength In Numbers - MVP!! Won a few games single handedly
Mire Boa - together with revered dead, the tag team! Got keen sensed a few times
Keen Sense - nicely costed dropped it on the boa and the Force
Thallid Shell-Dweller, nice defence and great generator... also confused my opponents - its a sliver thallid deck!!!
Gemhide Sliver - the one game it came out, my deck steamrolled my opponent sliver style.
Search for tomorrow - together with Ancestral Visions, it made my deck look like contructed.
Giant Dustwasp - alittle weaker than it looks, the suspend is nice, but 4 counters is alot, in some games I just hard casted it.
Reflex Sliver - better than it looks, your slivers pressure like crazy


As you can see my W and G has almost zero removal, aside from sunlance. All my removal were in B/R .. but my critters were subpar in those colours.

But I the stock in green and white were nice and I seem to have a buttload of slivers.

41 card deck.


16 land + 25 cards I was willing as I had search for tomorrow, Ancestral, Keen Sense, and chromatic star to provide some draw . The SFT and star helps to fix the mana.

Nice rares I got:

Extirpate - yep i got it! lol but no Damnation
Volcano Hellion - almost made me go red.. but too shallow in critters
Magus of the bazaar
Null Propulsion
Walk of the Aeons

Richard Hoaen was my pro card hmmm.

Overall I won two packs, got another pack cos I lost 2nd round(we decided loser gets the booster given to each table... no I really wanted to win =P), and the last pack cos my index ended with 9 WhooHOO I finally won one of them lucky draw things lol!!!

Oh and for once someone passes good stuff to be in a deck swap!

Ancestral, Extirpate, Null propulsion!

The four packs were'nt so good though, I pulled

Aeon Chronicler, Molten Firebird, Mesa Enchantress,ground Breaker, Dichotomancy, Benalish Commander, Magus of The Bazaar.

In all I pulled more planeshifted Rares, but less "money".

Ah well .. it was fun, and thanks if you are still reading here =P

Saturday, January 20, 2007

MWS adding a new set Magic Workstation

This is how you add a new set to MWS. Enjoy!

(taken from mtgsalvation.com)

1) Backup you Master.mwBase file from the MWS directory just to be safe
2) Open MWS
3) Go to the library mode by pressing Ctrl+F1 if you already aren't in it
4) Close any current decks (Ctrl+F4) and click on any card in the library
5) Go to Tools -> Analyze/Add/Remove Sets
6) Go to Add New Edition
7) Enter Planar Chaos in the Edition Name field
8) Enter PC in the Edition Key field
9) Check the Get data from text spoiler box
10) Browse to the file you just downloaded
11) Go to Next Page
12) Just click Add Edition it should all be set okay by default
13) Save your library

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Vibes and pulling a Lotus Bloom ...

So there I was with my parents after my checkup and they wanted to go shopping..

And I was so bored....

I wanted to go buy a pack of timespiral and crack it...

I had good vibes...

The last time I had that feeling and I succumbed i got a foil Vesuva.... (this was during the 8 Post craze ;) )

And I pulled a lotus bloom!!

Some cool!

Thank God =)

And this brings me to the sub point of this post, I dunno, but when I get the good vibes, I pull good stuff.

Bad vibes and I still choose to buy I usually pull crap.

Sometimes its like that in life I guess. You gotta be in tune with God or whatever you believe in. Sometimes its not the time yet, sometimes you are not ready, sometimes its just not meant to be.

But sometimes the time is now =P


PS: If you are following the Christmas Bonanza post, do book mark it or something.... or mabbe I will hard link it... cos i will still update it but i will continue to post, so it will be updated but you will not see it on the main page....

hehe not that I think you will be so interested in my life and what i buy, but i guess it wiull be more of what you can buy from me =P

I bought a lot of collectable stuff... like 9 Eternal DCI foil dragons ;)

So yes hot stuff coming up, but no fears gentle reader, if you want to see what you can buy, they will be put up on te huffalump-shop! This bloom is also up for sale =)

Monday, January 15, 2007

My Christmas Bonanza .. or massacre

Well now maybe I was depressed during Christmas... and I like Christmas crikey! But I had exams up to 23rd December... so it was kinda sad....

I did'nt even go around taking photos of Christmas trees... And there was a great pink one at Cathay!

So I dunno... call it retail therapy but I went on a spending spree and pretty much decimated myself financially...

By now the dust has settled and most of the cards are in. If you want to know the names/userid of bad sellers just lemme know ;) be happy to share em, I got some beat up cards.. but luckily most came in alright.


To any bad sellers (you know who you are) seeing this:

Hey, I am alright with beat up cards, so long as they are advertised as such, at least I pay for what I get. Putting up cards as NM when it is actually EX- to POOR is fraudulant.. and no ... you CANNOT claim a card to be NM when there are CREASES. Sighz. But you already know that don;t you, and you were out to cheat. So what is the point of this tirade. Sighz. Well I am no bhuddist, but I believe Karma will return to ya ;) So just becareful ya, and I mean this with no malice =P hell I even gave these guys a positive rating (cos I tot it was just EX- {I was feeling generous}, but I only saw the crease.. not bend, CREASE! sighz ... after I gave the positive rating....).


Thats all for the bad vibes.

Forget all bad energy voodoo dooda whatever.

Here are the hotties.

I will upload bit by bit cause I am busy/lazy.

But the following is one of my favs!


Serra Avenger.....



Ain't she lovely?

I love the art =)



Next up! Yet another Angel!!


She is 5/5

She is Archangel!!! The promo edition given out in Japan to promote 6th Edition

Oki i did't buy it this time, I bought it a few years back.

I really loved the artwork for this.

I had hope that it was Serra Angel, but it turned out to be Archangel. Ah well.

But the most disappointing thing about this card was that the back is non standard.
i.e. I is the gatta magazine logo... that kinda sucked. Still if you play with opague sleeves then its oki ;) Or if you are just a sucker for the art like me =P

Having said that though, I feel like I can let go of it ... but for a good price.

Look for it in my blogshop!

Monday, January 08, 2007

In Memory of the Lovely Mare

Timbermare Preview by Jamie Wakefield, King of the Fatties

The card was made in memory of his wife by Wizards.

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

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