A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: September 2014

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Saturday, September 06, 2014

A New Rift is Coming! This time at the labs!! (Burroughs)

Thats basically it actually =)

A new Rift opening at Burroughs Lab, most likely.

Now should you go after the Rift? From past experience with the 1st Rift, you need a strong hydro

Get your free skin here!

[20140910 21:55]

Read about it here!

I myself am going after the SOS first as I don't even have the Rift Tower :p  but if you have the Rift Tower, it might be good to go after the new Rift trap, I heard the gold is good!

[20140910 22:18]

oki I crumbled and am now going through the Gnawnia Rift. I totally ignored the Rift and now am having to go through it lol...

So follow me here. And when I am done I will continue posting here =)

[20140910 23:32]

Well I did'nt quite expect to be back posting here so soon.

But apparently I did =D

So this is my setup:

I'm quite stoked to get the Rift Tower so fast. I hope it does'nt jinx me :p

[20140910 23:48]

My first few mice in this area:

[20140911 00:08]

So apparently there is no cap on the number of mist canisters you can hold now =)

Which is nice!

There is a nice guide here!

[20140911 01:04]

Alrighty I am bailing. :P

Now this may seem a little anti-climatic, since I got the Rift Tower really quick...

But I figured, this looks like a really really long haul.

Did you read the guide I listed above?

Essentially you use the mist cannisters to adjust the kind of mice you want to encounter, and in addition to that, there are three tiers of cheese, each attracting a different set of mice.

So its

3 tiers of mousouleum-esque
3 tiers of digby-esque
3 tiers of toxic spill-esque


Thats like 9 levels.

At the red level of misting you get the boss, who drops the "Null Gauntlet". However you need 50 rift circuitry.

This really sounds like the original rift all over again, with more layers. And oh if you want BOTH the luck and power set ups of the Rift traps, you WILL need a second Rift Tower trap. Yes TWO.

Now I was lucky the first time, I really do not know how lucky I will get the second time :p

So I figured this looks like a pretty long haul thingy. Thing is I already have heaps of Fromage waiting for me. Two weeks, and it will be pure profit. Which is important what with the Halloween event coming up.

So my fellow mousehunters, if you are like me beset between two trails of progress. PICK ONE. There is only a month and a half before Halloween. It would not be wise to durdle between the low levels of both trails. I should be getting my SOS soonish, so I am pretty confident of cashing out in the Sunken City. If you are not so sure of getting the SOS (either because you do not have the gold to buy the 3 predatory processors, or you don't fancy your chances of getting the processors through hunting in time), then going for gold in the Burroughs Rift seems to be a reasonable choice.

The gold definitely beats the docking portion of the Sunken City. So it should be a consistent inflow of gold if you go for collecting mist canisters.  For me though, I suspect I can get a better mileage through the Sunken City (I am quite confident of hitting SOS {I bought the processors already} by the end of the month with another two weeks or so in dive mode)

So do consider your gold situation and pick the path most beneficial to yourself as we move towards Halloween!! Anyways I think I will be posting here in two weeks thereabouts =)

Happy Hunting!

[20141128 0116]

Oh wow.

I think it has been more than two weeks lol

After halloween, I durdled a bit in the Sunken City. I really wanted to complete theTidal Base, but I had a nagging feeling to go for the Rift as I was falling way way behind. And besides, my path in the Sunken City is pretty fixed now since I have already attained the SOS.

Oh wait there was also the spill. Yep. The Spill plus durdling. That was what led to a long absence....

So anyways I am still in the Burroughs Rift and will likely stay until i get both traps.

Sometimes I think I actually enjoy MouseTrap Hunt. =)

Anyways about the Burroughs Rift:

1) Use Brie String Cheese
2) Use Magical String Cheese for coverting the TerraCotta and Polluted Parmesan Cheese Potions

This place reminds me alot of the Egg Battery Meter thingy. You have three stages essentially.

Use Brie String cheese to collect mist cannisters. About 50 to 100+ is a good start. Your initial goal is to use the Brie String to collect Terra Cotta Potions. Once you have 50-100+ mist cannisters, start misting.

Your hunts are gonna suck sometimes as you do not have the rift charms, this might be a problem when facing Terra Cotta mice... but bear with it. The Hunts will kinda suck until you catch the menace mouse. You need to catch it to get the Null Gauntlet drop, after which you can buy Rift Charms from the Charm shop. You can also start to collect Calcified Rift to craft Rift Power charms, which are exactly the same as the ones from the shop (Rift Vacuum Charm), but with 500 more base power.

So how to catch the Menace? The Menace is only attracted by Polluted Parmesan cheese. And it only appears when you have misted to 19, note that 18 is still not the time when the "boss mice" appear. 19 is the magic number.

So to encounter mice in the red zone you need to keep your misting level at 19 - 20.... to conserve mist cannisters you will need to be very actively toggling. Alternatively, if you are alright with waste? Farm lots of mist cannisters =) And just lock at 20 by not stopping the misting :p It is just for convenice sake, nothing efficient here

Knowing the above, this is a quick imperative over view of how to progress:

Step 1:
While in the 0 mist or yellow zone: use Brie String Cheese. At this stage your main concern is to farm mist cannisters. If you have nothing and are starting from scratch, don;t bother misting, stay at zero, the mice at 0 misting level drop up to 5 caannisters!

Step 2.
You now have a small warchest of mist cannisters. However you have no terra cotta or polluted parmesan. Your next goal is to accumulate terra cotta potions!

Start misting!

While in green zone: This is the best time to farm Terra Cotta initially, use the Brie String Cheese. Watch out for your misting level, stop misting when you hit 18.

The reason is that your trap is still too weak, so you only take the beats when you are actively hunting for the Menace (Right now you are just farmg Terra Cotta), and only because you have no choice! Entering the red zone with out the Rift Charms is very painful..... and you only do it to first catch the Menace for the null gauntlet.

Once you have enough potions to make say 30- 50 terracotta cheese, continue hunting and misting up to 18, then stop misting to drop the level, i.e. your goal is still to stay in the green zone, except that now you are hunting for Polluted Parmesan Potion drops!

Step 3:

Once you have enough Polluted Parmesan Potions to make say 10 - 20 Polluted Parmesan cheese, you can now set your sights on misting beyond 18!

It does not really matter at thise point whether you hunt with terra cotta or Brie String so long as you save your Polluted Parmesan for mist levels 19 and 20.

Hunt for the Menace and get the Null Gauntlet!

If you fail????

Rinse and repeat Steps 1 to 3 until you get the Null Gauntlet! It is the priority for this area!

Once you have the Null Gauntlet?

Thats where the strategies diverge I guess.

My current theory is since the Polluted Parmesan boss is the easiest boss? I will work the hunting through steps 1 to 3, using only Polluted Parmesan in the Red Zone. And Terra Cotta as far as possible in the Green Zone

So far its been okay =) But it is rather slow, I am only at 17 Rift Circuitry.

On the bright side, Green zone mice are rather easy now =) with the Rift Charms, but I save my Rift power charms for the Red Zone only :p

Thats all I have for now and i am really sleepy and tired now...

So Happy Hunting everyone!!
[20150110 2119]

Oh wow.

I am actually surprised i did not update this more, seeing that I was actively hunting here..


Anyways I finally hit 50 Rift Circuitries!!! And got my Focused Crystal Laser!!!!


Another 50 to go =P

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