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A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Return to Ravnica

Back to MTG or Magic the Gathering (or Tragic the gathering if you are a loved one or a fallout fan ;) )

I think I will join a pre-release. Here is seeking to join the Grand Prix in Jan. I will probably noob out as I always do. But hey! its sealed, so anything is possible =D


I signed up for five flights!!!!

[120917 23:36]

I wrote a whole bunch and then chrome could not load. =(

It was.


Anyways it was just me whining about how the set is not very exciting.

To cut to the chase, some mechanics seem to be nerfed, specifically counterspells, discard, LD, combo. But to be fair they have been nerfed for a long time already =P Was hoping something special

I signed up for the folllowing:

1. Rakdos (midnight)
2. Azorius
3. Selesnya
4. Izzet
5. Golgari

The cost was 180 SGD (I heard some places were cheaper but thems the breaks I guess)

Anyways my friend bailed for the midnight and the thought of staying up for the 9:00 am flight made me follow suit (plus mom kicked up a big fuss). The fact that I skipped the Rakdos flight was ironic as that was the guild I really wanted to play. Ah well.

I don;t really have a favorite guild, in fact these days I think I am guildless. I can't really asssociate with any of the guilds. To be fair, I used to like or assocate with some guilds; namely : Selesnya, Golgari,Simic, Boros

With two of my more palatable guilds in RTR, you 'd think I would be happy =P Thing is I was'nt excited about Ravnica because of the guilds. I was excited because RTR CANNOT fail and I was looking forward to what wizards have to offer.

It is still early day to dismiss the set though, but off hand it does not feel very powerful. It has playable and shocklands, but thats kinda about it. It does help push some new mechanics, but they seem a little contrived at times.

What are some stuff I like? Armada Wurm, Sphinx Revelation, Rakdos, Lord of Riots, Rakdos Returns. i am actually trying to build a black red deck, but its looking tough =P

So which guild an I...? I did the dumb quiz thing and I am either Rakdos Selesnya or Boros.  Well with the whole guild thing giving such a chaotic range, I chose Rakdos =P

So the plan was to meet with Samuel at SGCards and then play. Samuel played the first flight and dropped from the second, I think he was a little tired =) Then there was Samuel as well who was my student in RP who graduated 8 years ago. It has been a while! but it was fun to meet this way. Samuel (my friend) is planning to organise more playgroup stuff so we might do more MTG, who knows =)

My thoughts on the prerelease sealed:

It was kinda messy. Too many choices, so the important thing is to identify your best guilds and run with that. Unfortunately with the Guild pack you are kinda skewed one way. So if the other five packs skew another way, you are pretty screwed.

My decks were confused, I was confused. My Azorious deck was trying to play regular counters, but did not have enough counters. It made Detain as a mechanic look bad was there was'nt enough support cards. The only match I won was when I had a fistful of counters and it was mostly the Izzet side of things. I lamented that Azorious cannot counter for shit. And people agreed. Izzet is the counterspell guild I guess.

Another thing to remember is to read your cards (and have confidence that you are RIGHT). I was actually in a situation that I could haved finished off my oppoenent earlier but HE misread the card and I being a silly goat believed him. At least it was in consequential in the end he still lost that game (but not the match - my deck - and me - were oh so confused)

My Selesnyan deck was nice, very nice. I had TWO of the 8/8 but I misplayed a few times. I undevalued the spell that gives 2 +1/+1 counters. When everyone and their dog has a big FAT token, boosters are good stuff. I only played one match though as I had to leave, which was a pity as I thought I had a good pool and deck.

My Izzet deck was again. Oh so confused. The only time I won was when my 4/4 prerelease card came out unmolested and and I stuck the +2/+2 enchantment on a body at the same time. The problem was my Izzet deck was trying to be a Rakdos I believe. Unfortunately it was neither fast nor fat enough. It also did not have a finisher like a real Rakdos deck would. I did beat another Rakdos player though, but that was with my fat boys.

My final deck was a Golgari deck which was average but playable I think. But my opponent was a no show, and again I had to leave, so my deck was still virgin =)

All in all it was fun, but the many directions your deck could go can easily disorientate your choices. The best thing to do actually is to identify your two best colours and run with those and add in at most ONE splash colour.

Another problem was people were always waiting for your prerelease bomb, such that my prerelease card never survived =P

Anyways here are the spoils:

that is a stack of guild packs. On hind sight I should not have bought them, as I think there are no mythics

This is the entrance

This one is really strange. As I walked in the guy in front was waiting and holding the door, there was a bend and he was some way ahead of me, so he could'nt have known I was going there so it must have been the "look" Magic players have. I think we look a little geeky. =/

Players registering

this was a bit of a long wait, but if you look on the bright side, it means you can trade or meet up and play and so on

A common scene of players!!


Oh they also so warhammer

I'll probably write more later =)

pretty dice!

[121001 00:21 - 121001 00:47]

Updated the post alittle =)

[121020 21:58]

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Treasure Hunt with the Relic Hunter Mouse !!!!

I guess I should write something =P

I confess~!  I have been playing Marvel Avengers Alliance!!!

But recently there is an event so I am that little bit more attracted to play MH again... =P

So the recent Relic event!

1. Get "ancient relic" which is a drop.
2. Go catch the Relic Hunter Mouse (which will only be attracted if you have relics)
3. The Relic Hunter Mouse will drop a map (maps comes in different rarities)
4. Catch mice in the map, catch all mice and get a treasure chest!

This is permanent content, BUT there is an L.E. King's Gauntlet Trap! (This can only be obtained through the treasure chests!)

Other stuff:

Which mice drop the Ancient Relic? Apparently, the harder or rarer mice.

Sojo I heard is good, but not 100%
Chess Master is 100% (so far)

Myself I have gotten one relic off the Chess Master and strangely gotten a Relic while waiting for the Relic Hunter Mouse (and off a shelder too!)

What else...  hmmm

Oh its kinda cute I guess, the Relic Hunter Mouse travels ALL OVER Mousehunt world. A different place each day. You can check out where here:

the ever reliable mouse hunt timers


the inanely cute

Once you actually get a map from the Relic Hunter mouse you can open a map. I have'nt actually done one so i can't tell. i imagine it is like an actual new map but only a few (4 or 5) can join in the hunt. Also, the people joining DO NOT have to be in the same team =)

More updates as the updates come

[20120903 00:21]

Oki doki, i just caught two Relic Hunter Mice in a row, This was at the SS Huntington III.

The map scroll is dropped into your "special" inventory. You will need to open it. If you bought rare dust or a package that has rare dust, it will also be in your special inventory.

On opening the map, seemingly nothing happens....


if you look to the top right hand corner you should see something like "Map: 30 remaining" it is a link. Click it and the following should appear:

In this dialog box you can upgrade the map. This is where you apply rare dust to upgrade the map =)

This is also where you invite your friends =) The cool thing is you can invite people outside your team. Also ALL who participated will get the treasure chest =) some cool yeah.

Note that you can only be in one map at a time. And I think at the moment at least there is no way to remove a member, so join wisely =)

It was was'nt quite the map in the region thing that I envisage, but its still cool. Likely it uses crown collector tech as well as tech from the  library tasks to do the mouse accounting bit. Some cool!

Happy Hunting!

[20120903 01:42]

Alrighty, hope everyone is fine =)

I have'nt got much time to hunt, but I've been lucky! Apparently the Relic Hunter Mouse is currently at the seasonal gardens (where I am plodding along) and I got another two maps !!! =)

The only bad part is, it probably means the L.E. trap is gonna take a bit of time to achieve... =(

Cool thing is you can ask as many people as you like apparently and it will be first come first serve. Good and bad there. =P

[20120903 22:52]

Oh btw, the L.E. Trap is called the Ancient Gauntlet!

Don't WORRY. It is not essential, but it is definitely useful for Gauntlet lovers like me. As Tier 1 mice drop double the loot (2 Tier 2 potions!)

[20120903 22:55]


so I have been doing this gig for the past few days, but work beckons and I can only feasibly put in a few hours a day *sob*

any ways.

Its actually pretty fast, my team is on the last mouse now. A miserable worker mouse that just refuses to appear (he knows we are on to him)

I guess you should know that a treasure chest does not guarantee a L.E. trap. Also the lastest FBF did mention that it will be around for quite a while (which I really hope so since the chest drop thing is making it really chancy). Also the Ancient Gauntlet (the L.E. trap) actually comes with a skin!

I don't know how to get one though, and apparently there are some strange collectible drops you can see for yourselves in the market place under collectibles or special, right there with the stinky left socks of a certain mouse.

Happy Hunting ppl, thats all for now =)

[20120908 21:19]

For those tracking, this is the contents of a rare elaborate chest

9:39 am - Dojo

No Ancient Gauntlet unfortunately =/

We are now on a new map.

A rare hard map:

the mice are as follows:

Acolyte Mouse

Briegull Mouse

Centaur Mouse

Chameleon Mouse

Dwarf Mouse

Giant Snail Mouse

Hapless Mouse

Keeper Mouse

Lich Mouse

Master of the Cheese Belt Mouse

Master of the Cheese Claw Mouse

Monk Mouse

Mummy Mouse

Mutated Grey Mouse

Nomad Mouse

Ooze Mouse

Pinchy Mouse

Ravenous Zombie Mouse

Realm Ripper

Scavenger Mouse

Steel Mouse

Student of the Cheese Belt Mouse

Swabbie Mouse

Sylvan Mouse

White Mouse

[20120910 00:01]

And being really bored.. (and probably quite unwise), I bought an Ancient Box Trap skin. Its a drop from the chests being dropped. I bought it for 3m I saw it was a 5M earlier (I actually saw one at 2M). I figured I'll sell the one I get off a drop and make pittance back :_-(

Anyways I hate it. But since it costs so much I should at least take a pic of it. Its just too gaudy for me I guess.

Here it is folks:

[20120910 00:27]

Below was posted in the forums by Michelle:

 Just a quick heads up to everyone, as it was mentioned in Feedback Friday I thought it only fair to also post the news here 

We have done some rebalancing on the maps and chests.
Easy maps will have less chance of SB+/hard to get mice.
Arduous Chests will have better rewards.
Gold and points will be different for each chest type.
These changes will hopefully be in place on Monday, unless something blows up in testing 

There will be a full newspost and details once the changes are live.

So if you have a chest, wait a day or two =)

[20120910 23:56]

Michelle actually just posted in the forums, it is now safe to open your chests!

I unfortunately just opened mine and did not get the trap =(

Also relics will now be harder to get, but chest rewards will be better. However I think that kinda sucks since, you now have more difficulty getting CHANCES to get the trap. Better rewards does not mean higher trap drops. So effectively that means the Ancient Gauntlet just got harder to get =(

[20120911 01:41]

so almost a week later this happens...

9:28 pm - Seasonal Garden
I received 272,500 Gold, 175,000 Points, 10Amplifier Charms, 13 Warpath Archer Charms, 8Vanilla Beans, 3 Master Belt Shards, 1 Bottled Cold Fusion, 4 Gnarled Potions, 7 Wealth Charms, 12 War Scraps, 1 Ancient Gauntlet, 25 SUPER|brie+ and 40Ancient Charms from 1 Rare Arduous Treasure Chest.

Thank God, I would be quite sad is I did'nt get the Ancient Gauntlet. Yes it is not required. But it is L.E. and to subject L.E. to pure chance is just....

dispairing. The lack of the Golden Tournament base is irksome enough and I still hope to get it one day. Hopefully. And now the L.E.? Sighs. I'm just glad I got it. And I actually do enjoy the King's Gauntlet (tho mostly when I have nothing better to do =P) so its not a wanton want. I do actually have a use for the trap =)

Anyways here it is in its ardous glory......

Its a funny looking trap I'll say =P

meanwhile I have started another map to help a teammate:

Bionic Mouse

Black Widow Mouse

Brimstone Mouse

Chameleon Mouse

Chipper Mouse

Conqueror Mouse

Dwarf Mouse

Hapless Mouse

Iceblade Mouse

Living Salt Mouse

Master of the Cheese...


Monk Mouse

Mummy Mouse

Mystic Bishop Mouse

Mystic King Mouse

Nerg Chieftain Mouse

Nerg Lich Mouse

Ooze Mouse

Swarm of Pygmy Mice

Pinchy Mouse

Polar Bear Mouse

Puddlemancer Mouse

Ravenous Zombie Mous...

Realm Ripper

Riptide Mouse

Siren Mouse

Student of the Chees...

White Mouse

Worker Mouse

Oh yeah a Black Widow....

[20120917 23:35] 

Just an update, we actually got through relatively quickly but are now on the living salt mouse which is a bit of
 a pain to get..... *sighz*

[20120923 14:04] 

alrighty. Now you see whining helps!

Tada! the spoils of the rare elaborate trap:

3:43 pm - Iceberg
I received 163,500 Gold, 105,000 Points, 9 Warpath Warrior Charms, 4 Warpath Mage Charms, 4 Warpath Cavalry Charms, 8 Seashells, 10 Warpath Scout Charms, 10 War Scraps, 15 Stale Cheese, 25 SUPER|brie+ and 25Ancient Charms from 1 Rare Elaborate Treasure Chest.

I hope my team has better luck than me for this chest at least. Luckily I have the trap from the previous chest!!

We might open another map I guess =)

[20120923 15:46] 

Well since this post seems to be generating interest. Its strange the living Salt mouse is actually pretty hard to catch. I went through the entire Iceberg and did not meet one!!!

Though eventually I did manage to get one. But noe we are stuck at one mouse left (A cavalry mouse from stage 2 in the warpath.... sighz - I will have to go through the whole process as I previously left the warpath at stage 3 .....)

Uncaught Mice:

Sand Cavalry Mouse

----------------------- Caught
Chipper Mouse

Living Salt Mouse

Mystic Mouse

Pinchy Mouse

Polar Bear Mouse

Pie Thief Mouse

Pirate Mouse

Magmarage Mouse

Icicle Mouse

Technic King Mouse

Effervescent Mouse

Infiltrator Mouse

Mystic Rook Mouse

Technic Rook Mouse

Ooze Mouse

Magma Carrier Mouse

Chitinous Mouse

Student of the Chees...

Diamond Mouse

White Mouse

Mystic King Mouse

Elub Chieftain Mouse

Seer Mouse

Riptide Mouse

Swarm of Pygmy Mice

Student of the Chees...

Tiny Mouse

Monk Mouse

Dojo Sensei

Conjurer Mouse

Chameleon Mouse

Bionic Mouse


This is a Rare Ardous Treasure Map, for those tracking =)

[20131124 15:12]

well.... more than a year on, apparently Dave spoke of pulling the plug on the Ancient Gauntlet.  Essentially, the current batch of treasure chests will be classified a "season 1" and the contents will be changed come early next year. Likely they will give some warning before pulling the plug so.... Happy Hunting ppl =)

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