A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: March 2014

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

La Rift Plane (Gnawnia Rift)

And here I am....

Rift Plane. With all new cheese!

Firstly you should go to the cheese shoppe and stock up on the relevant cheese. You have the stringy version of Brie, Swiss and Marble.

There is also Magical. Which is likely to be the SB mirror in this area.

It can be crafted with

1 Aleth + 1 SB essence and 1 Rift Curd

And a new trap!!!

  • Crystal Tower  (900 Rift Power)
  • Power type: Rift
  • Power Bonus: none
  • Attraction Bonus: none
  • Luck: none
  • Cheese Effect: No Effect

Only Rift power trap is effective, all other power types are less effective. However the catch rate of the other power type traps are likely not too bad.

Collect Riftiago Potions to attract the tougher mice!

There is a good guide here!

[20140330 12:08]

I am actually going to skip this area a bit to help a friend get the Sand Blasted metals. Hopefully it will be quick =) .... Not counting on it though heh.

And I am finally updating my post on the Fiery Warpath... something I have never gotten round to do in two years... good Lord.....

[20140330 20:01]

According to this thread, it is UPC over ULC at the moment..... I feel somewhat vindicated in my stand that power is not completely useless =P

[20140910 22:16]

So I crumbled and left the Sunken City for the Rift.

Unfortunately I do not have the Rift Tower ... so I am going to have to start from scratch more or less =)

So to recap:

arm String Cheese.

I happen to have a stash of Magical String Cheese (the SB rquivalent of String cheese) so I will use that.

I am now collecting Riftiago cheese. Yes. Shocking =)

[20140910 22:29]

This is my current setup:

[20140910 22:32]

So I happen to have 4 Resonator cheese, so I decided to YOLO it.

Ultimate Power Charm. Don't fail me now.....

I do realise I am going for a one shot one kill. :p

[20140910 22:35]


Also apparently your HUD will change so I am saving it:

[20140910 22:47]

And here is another good guide

[20140910 23:15]

Whoo hoo! And the YOLO paid off!!!!!!!

I don't believe it ?!?!?!?

I just thought since I had 4, I'll just run with it and see how it goes.

I am more of the stock up cheese and go for long runs kinda guy, but I take my chances at times.

But really after reading that you normally miss 20 plus times, my minimum was gonna be 50 Resonators before I make a run for it.

Since it was going to be a focused effort (as focused as clicking the horn can be), I decided to just run with the 4 pieces.... I did'nt actually expect to get it... so I would'nt have been too dissappointed if i failed.... but wow...


on the fourth cheese! (If I go for my second Rift Tower, I will surely be jinxed for this patch of luck I think =D)

[20140910 23:26]

And this is the trap it its original and new skins:

And this is the first catch, nothing eventful, but I thought I would capture it ;P

with this I will start posting here.... where the Rift has opened at BURROUGHS!!!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A RIFT is Coming!!!!!

Read here

The summary:

A Rift is opening in Gnawnia!
Travel to the Vacant Lot (previously the Dance Hall)
Spend any remaining Party Supplies and Disco Balls
Grab a Rift Detector at the Vacant Lot Cartographer
Travel to the Gnawnia Rift
Encounter powerful and challenging mice!
Discover the first Rift trap

If you have missed the L.E. drops towards the end of the 6th MH party, you can pick them up at the vacant lot. The vacant lot will be open for a week from NOW.

You need the L.E. drops to get the Rift detector. (from the cartographer from the vacant lot)

After this week, you will have to buy the Rift detector from the living garden (so no biggie if you miss it, but it will cost ya moar!!)

Also you can get the birthday theme for free if a banner appears on the camp page. I do not know the exact conditions for it to appear or if it appears for everyone. I say this in case it does not appear for some (dun wanna make anyone upset and all ya)

Anyways happy hunting! =D

[20140327 22:55]

Just some extra info. I was actually stuck in Clawshot with a map as I thought the birthday event was over =P Anyways I completed the map and was only able to start to work on the Rift Detector today.

Now this is how you should hunt:

If you have NO loot. Zero. Nada. You hunt at the vacant lot first.

If you have one loot. Head to the meadows my friend. You get your second loot there. When you get it you will have a big orange box that looks like this:

If you have two loots? You lucky devil you! Head to the vacant lot and stare vacantly at the wall.


No seriously.

The third loot apparently will take longer than the first two. Supposedly hunting with Cupcake Colby will be faster. But with mousehunt, the boost is likely minimal to be fair to most people.

This is what you are hunting for:


Oh wow I actually wanted to put up a picture of the shadow. but I just caught the moussier

So here it is, herald and bringer of your third loot:

And errrm another orange box:

Once you have all three loot you go to the catographer under "Shops". You should see something like this:

So to summarise:

The first drop in the vacant lot: Exploded Lightshow
The second drop in the meadow: Drained Rocket Pack
The third drop in the vacant lot: Inert Rift Wood 
Buy Rift Detector from Cartographer!!!!!

And you will now be able to travel to the Rift Plane!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Evolution: The Art of Rebecca Guay 1993 - 2014

In case you haven't heard by now. Rebecca Guay is printing a new art book and is using some crowd funding campaign =)

Join in here (I think there is only about 10 days left??? up till 24th March)

Rebecca Guay is one of my favorite artist! .... But then I have a lot of favorite artists heh. Still. I should qualify that I like her as much as I like Quinton Hoover and Scott M Fisher and Scott kirschner as well as Drew Tucker. I mention these because their styles and mood are vastly different. And Drew Tucker tends to get a lot of flak, but his art is pretty dark thats all =)  Scott M Fisher is now better known for Kiora now I guess (among Magic fans at least), but I like to point out that his earlier art was'nt always pretty women =P

Art is'nt just about looking pretty, it is also an expression of the artist's technique, style, mood and message. I could spend hours in an art gallery because they always add the little bit on the history of the art. It gives you some perspective on why the piece was done that way. Its alot like reading random blogs actually. Different people differ in their agenda, technique and articulation. And sometimes its jarring, but every bit you read was an expression by a human bean as it were =) And thats the beauty of it no?

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Idea Post

This is just a placeholder for ideas:

I will probably forget about this post in any case but no harm trying I guess lol



Modern Composition:



Standard Composition:


Interesting Decks:


(Azorius Auras) http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/deck/1434
uses enchantment creatures

and the possibly very useful Meletis Astronomer!

(Modern) http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/deck/1439

RG Mid range:


Restore Balance

Some Monstrous Jund... I don't really like it


Saturday, March 08, 2014

The King is Back!

I just discovered! ... or rediscovered!! Jamie Wakefield's blog.

I never knew he had a blog. =)

But still. Its so very cool to find his blog. And he made his first post in 2 years plus less than a week ago!

I was just trawling through some old articles. Reading old names like John Shuler? I used to see those on usenet! Aaron Green? sorta molded the way I viewed magic as a hobby (in a nutshell, I collect cards and intent to play them with my grand kids and such).

So it was just so... thrilling? Nostalgic? to find Jamie's blog. And so incidentally when I am reading old articles (no I do not stalk old articles :p)

And here it is: King of the Fatties.

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Tyrant LD

just a place holder, I guess its convenient to put deck lists that I am interested in here =P

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Sixth Mousehunt Birthday Dance Party is Here!!!

I do not know why it is a dance party.


But you can read about it here!

In very short summary:

Visit the Dance Hall -> Gather Cupcake Colby -> Use Colby to Gather Party Supplies -> Decorate -> Get the party started!

There is also a new trap ;)

[20140309 00:23]

Once you have 60 supplies, your banner will look like this. And this is the congo line I guess =)

Reminds me of Beetlejuice actually heh

[20140309 23:37]

So after you hit the first 60 supplies you built the dance floor. And ONLY then can you start to catch the mice from the congo line. The final big bad should drop the dance disco ball I guess (which get the L.E. trap I think ....)

Any ways you see the tabs with words at the bottom? Those are the additional stuff you can build. Like the Snow Fortress from the Christmas event just past!! Except, the tournament bonus is now less generous (the Christmas variant gave extra tournament tokens, which was radical!). Don't bee too hasty to build the tabs (i.e. don't just build the first thing you can). You can read what each additional upgrade offers. I personally picked the Buffet table. I figured it will help to sustain the cupcake colby supply I have =)

Next up I think I will get the Donkey Tail! (it attracts the Pintail mouse, who would drop scrolls and I guess that leads to more supplies?!?! We'll see. =))

[20140312 22:40]

Something important to note, just so you do not shock yourself. The disco ball is a consumable. Meaning if you get the L.E. trap. The Disco ball is consumed!!! And you will need to get another for the base!!!

ALSO, the part supplies are needed for the base. So if you value the base more than the add ons for the dance floor.

You might just want to save up the party supplies first!

Darn. Now I gotta hurry. lol

[20140312 22:46]

Oh and when you catch the big bad, you get a DLU gift box . (DLU means Dev Loves You).

And it contains......

Wow. Depending on how you got to the end of the line,  if the prizes are all the same, 60 SB is pretty generous =) Oh the King Credits are nice too!

[20140313 21:42]

In case you (like me) did not know. You can actually trade in your force fighter figurines foe party charms! With Party charms, the Colby potion drop rate is higher!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Unexpected Land Destruction

This is a land destruction deck which utilises Unexpected Results.

I like it alot (I like most LD decks =P)

I'll probably write more later =P

Land Destruction Unexpected
4 x Frenzied Tilling
4 x Demolish
4 x Bramblecrush
4 x Unexpected Results
2 x Mountain
2 x Island
4 x Forest
4 x Breeding Pool
4 x Temple of Mystery
4 x Stomping Ground
4 x Temple of Abandon
4 x Sylvan Caryatid
4 x Elvish Mystic
4 x Sylvan Primordial
4 x Goblin Electromancer
4 x Ember Swallower

So this is later.... about an hour or so I guess =)


First off about LD decks. There are the attrition based LD decks and there are the combo LD decks.

I don;t really like combination LD decks because, the kill could have been anything.It was'nt the LD that killed the opponent, but the combo. It could have been tokens, infinite damage, whatever, but it was the combo that killed you. Recent decks that did that would be the those that utilised Conjurer's Closet. Call me old fashioned, but it just felt like it was the closet that killed ya =P

This deck is a little closer to the kind of LD deck I like. I don't profess that it is the "correct" or "real" LD, but I do know the kind of LD I like. Anyways. This deck was interesting because, I only actually saw it in action (and by in action it was just a photo sent by YH since I was'nt actually at the GP) at GP KL.

But I have actually messed with frenzied tilling and the electromancer (i.e. rug) combination (which is also why I do not really like it since I found it a little slow and the electromancer was not rewarding enough).

Further that, I actually heard about this "terrible" creature that eats lands and spits out more! I was a little lost as to what my legacy casual friend was talking about. I thought it was avalanche riders he was referring to, but he said it was'nt. It was only at GP KL that I remember Sylvan Primordial. I have to confess that I was ignorant =) I wrote off the Primordials as a cycle for EDH. And the 7 cc put me off too much. And for some reason I kept thinking it can only fetch basic forests.

But having said that, the combination of frenzied tilling, slime, electromancer and primordial and even with the unexpected results (a very nice card) is unstable and slow. The kicker that made it more viable (in my insignificant opinion) is sylvan carytid.

This ramp is what makes the combination of cards alot more stable. The hexproof is a  very big boon. The fact that the butt is 3 toughness is also significant as it stymies early damage. Remember that before carytid, there was still Blitz. That meant, your deck either lives to turn four or it is not viable. I am pretty sure there are some current decks that can muster a turn four kill consistently. ... I think =) And carytid gives a nice buffer. I think this was the reason this variant did'nt really see alot of action (not because there was no carytid, but because there was blitz, but if something as fast as blitz still existed, carytid is a strong counter)

In any case, I reconstructed this deck from what I knew about it from the photo and probably land mix and this is my variant of it (about 5 mins). It is interesting =)  Another thing that Theros gifted this deck are the scrye lands. This can work in tandem with the unexpected results, so that your returns are a little less ... unexpected =P

[20140306 00:44]

I just thought I should add that the list was just quickly thrown together to have a deck that runs with this combination of cards, however if you want to get serious with it, it probably needs some kind of defense or removal. Like Mizzium mortars or Polukranos or even just plain old aetherize =)

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