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A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Future Sight has POISON!!!!

Yup, the card below makes me happy =)

It is a big advancement from past poisoners, you can read my lamentations here.

In the past poison was something of an after thought... a joke among the Spikes, a challenge for Johnnies. So what to do if you are a Spike/Johnny? (Which is me by the way). Well you try and try to get it to me competitive =P

Well lets do a little history of the poisoners available:

From Legends (which introduced poison)

Pit Scorpion:

Serpent Generator

The Dark gave us:

Marsh Viper

Alliances gave us the irrepressible:

Swamp Mosquito!!!!!!

Mirage then gave us:

Sabertooth Cobra

Crypt Cobra

Finally Visions gave us:

Beyond that?


Its been 10 years! The last poison card produced was in 1997!!!

Of course 5th and 4th had it, but it only provided the marsh viper and pit scorpion.

And those are hardly stellar examples.

The only competitive (yes it is funny to use the word with poison lol) cards were Swamp mosquito and Suq'ata Assassin. Because of evasion and cost.

But thats all in the past.

Specifically, 10 years into the past.

Today there is the Virulent Sliver!!!!

Now why am I excited about this card?

Because it is on a friggin sliver!!! You see, part of the problem was that poison by itself is a very deadly win condition. 10 counters and you lose. What does this mean? It means manno to manno between a poison 1/1 and a vanilla 1/1 the poison 1/1 kills in 10 turns while the vanilla 1/1 requires 20 turns!!

i.e. it is theoritically 2 times faster than damage.

That is why RnD are typically very cautious with the mechanic.

Too cautious.

So 10 years have passed and perhaps putting poison on a sliver might make up for it.

Why? Because slivers allows you to build the perfect poisoner. Need flying? Trample? First strike? Anything!!

Of course there is the whole build up thing and so on.

Of course the naysayers will claim that in 10 strikes, your opponent should be dead anyways. True. But that is barring life gain. Still there is some merit to poison on slivers. With each Virulent Sliver in play your slivers get poisonous +1. So with 4 you'd get slivers with poisonous 4.

Think about that for a moment. Even with muscle or sinew slivers you get a +4/+4 boost at most. If we assume 1 poison counter to be equivalent to 2 damage. Then 4 poison is actually +8 damage. more than what the current +1/+1 slivers can offer. Its not so simple of course as each individual sliver would have have a base power toughness, but something to keep in mind nevertheless (since it is higly unlikely that your opponent is gonna let your sliver waltz in to deal damage).

All said, I do not think the Virulent Sliver will break any formats, but it is definitely something interesting to build around.

That said I hope FS will have more poison creatures or spells that play with the poison counters. Is poison just another "damage"? No. Not really. The key difference is that poison uses counters. The counters could be moved, even removed for beneficial or detrimental effects, they could affect creatures or life points even.

For example this card I made:

Forest Miasma 2G - Enchantment
During your upkeep remove one poison counter from the game. (if you do not have any poison counters, remove a poison counter from target opponent instead)

For each creature attacking you, its owner gains 1 poison counter.

Alone against it it is laughable and will not stop your opponent's creatures from going to the red zone. But in multiples and with a dedicated poison deck, can your opponent still laugh off this deck lightly?

Hard to say, it really depends on whether wizards will print cards along this line (which I hope thay would =))

All said I hope you have a better idea of what poison is and would give it a shot =D


Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Fliptrack allows you to make your own videos with your pictures and music from their database. Kinda like those you see at weddings, except now you can mix and match it yourself!

The best thing is that the music can be legally shared, or at least they claim =)

The download is a little slow but like Youtube, once it is loaded it is'nt too bad. Great for building your own photo blog!

Fliptrack also allows upcoming bands to air their music, some cool! I think all this leads to some interesting implications as to the variety of music available on the site.

The interesting thing is that you can actually embed the resulting video into your own blog, this is quite a nice feature if you are not too familar with editting tools.

Still the speed of loading could be better =)

Thats all for today folks!

PS: Fliptrack can be found here

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