A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: February 2012

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Trap for MH Birthday!!!!!!


I was asleep during last FBF luckily it was just ... ooo JUST a live art friday

btw "live art Friday" will be the third FBF every month so be sure to tune in =)
(don't keep sleeping like me)

anyways this was the product I think:

looks sweet =)

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

FBF 20120218 - Feedback Friday Mousehunt THE RAWR Edition

I cam just when Georgio was talking about a ribbed heart

if hi5 stuff will be placed on FB?

they will try to smmoth out the process

and that ends the mail bag!!

they have nine minutes of battery left!!!

in clude a clock for system time?

prob not? cos he asked if the comp
's sys time is blocked


will there be a birthday trap??

Giogio: gotta wait

Will Jacob draw a bacon mouse

Jacob says he cannot talk abou tthe trap now

but he WILL (or at least intends) to draw the trap!! on the 2nd (or third?) Fri of the Month ART FBF (next week!)

There will be FEED BACK!

The JOKES dun work...

Can stagger instead of back to back tournaments? (currently you cannot join tournaments that are back to back)

Giogio likes the idea!

and they gtg

and it endeth........!!!!!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

So its Valentines Day!!!

well actually its already 15th here and but likely some where in the world its just hitting 14th (or ending but at least still in 14th =P)

Anyways, there is an EVENT!!!!

Small one that will last at most a day or two more.

Just some mice, Juliyes, Romeo, Romeno, Valentine mouse and the forever alone mouse!

main attraction appears to the new tournament style.

its an event full of corn for everyone =P Like lets all get alone! Together! w00t!

It is officially a S.A.D day as well! Single Awareness Day, for all you A.P.T. (thats Acronym Phobic Tortoises for you !!) out there =P

Anyways seriously I think its just a test drive thing for Solo Tounraments!! as well as couples apparently, I think thats cute =)

Enjoy ppl!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Interesting post about charms stats or effects

this is culled from the forums by Cyrus Rodgers:

" Mining Charms basically give you an extra 30% power bonus (in addition to their listed stats of 250 power and 1% power bonus, which you get no matter what) when hunting the Digby Dirt Dwellers.

Don't expect anything jaw-dropping the way Dreaded Charms, Dragonbane Charms, or Rook Crumble Charms are. (They give an extra 300%, 300%, and 400% power bonus respectively against their target mice.)

Mining Charms are more comparable to - but still weaker than - the improvement for using super warpath charms over regular warpath charms (those are an extra 50%). So it's a little boost, and you'll notice it eventually, but it's not an instant "I win" button by any stretch."

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

FBF 20120211 - Feedback Friday Mousehunt THE RAWR Edition

Dave and jacob

(apparently I am in late and they have been on for about half an hour.. sorri ppl)

I came in and they were just playing a bit of the Ronza song...

and its pretty good !!!!

Will the tool bar make a return?

I think Dave said never or someday not sure

chedoir??? in Larry's lexicon?

but not published.... it was from a year ago

36hr log?

technical limitation.. does'nt scale

but with the new scoreboard.... some how mmmaaaaybe can , a fucntional posiibility...

some random stuff about why they do random stuff

are King's Rewards random,

they are (but are triggered)

apparently its been 35 mins???

will solo tourney's be in?

in the cards
but not soon
after expansion of teams tho

will have valentine tournamnts!

Charm pack 2? some trickled out : mining charm

Living garden ? This year but there might be other areas

they joke about solo tournaments for valentines

and they go back to heart shaped codes????



and they fade with the MH music


Friday, February 10, 2012

A Ronza Song

This has actually been out for a few days I think, I wanted to post but it did'nt seem too news worthy... hey, its been slow! =P

Meanwhile I am chillin' out in ZZ towers!


Saturday, February 04, 2012

heidavey (the guy who had his Magma Base removed)

Well... I think this deserves a post =P

heidavey , henceforth known as heidavey (the guy who had his Magma Base removed) on the forums has ermmm requested and Michele has acceded to the removal of his magma base, he has also sold his Dragon Jade Base.

Good Lord... I don't think its worth it, but I guess thats principled living for you (Tho in a game i enjoy, I would allow others to mess with me ... hmmm actually in life too - I am no Mother Teresa I'm afraid =P)

Still if you play MH you know how important the bases are. Now this is not to say that heidavey is great and all that, but he could possibly have a great character and is noble and all that. I say possbibly, why, because it only makes sense if heidavey like and continues to play MH, only then can we say that he is truely a mousehunter and the base means something and his point holds. For someone to give up something he is not in the least interested in is to give up nothing. (Which is actually the point he was trying to make I guess, or at least that the Magma is not a NEED). Time will tell, if heidavey stays and remains a true mousehunter, then we have a great MouseHunter right there (and is probably a great person in life too =) )

It all started with this thread

and it and many other whiners caused this

Respect Heidavey =)


The Guide to the Fiery Warpath

Well this is the place holder for the post =P

How good is the Warpath Thrasher??? How should you use the Warpath Thrasher??

Someone did an analysis!!!

The google doc itself can be found here

Also here is an interesting post about the chance of attracting a Gargantuan Mouse at a given streak!

This thread is about whether the warpath thrasher is actually better against the tactical mice!!!

[20140330 01:19]

Now this is odd. After so long I have totally forgotten about this post. But due to the rift, friends and teams have an interest in the fiery warpath again (to get the sand blast metals =P) .... so I gotta figure out this place again. I might as well =)


Arm Gouda at least. Or SB+. SB+ is good for keeping up the streak!

That or you use gouda with Super Warpath Archer/Scout/Warrior Charm

I am at this stage at the moment:

I think if the streaks are at yellow or red, there is a chance of some special mouse appearing. The best way to tell is to click on the trap effectiveness:

It will show what mice are available:

Once the streaking reaches a certain level you the special mouse will appear.

Also, with the higher level streaks, more mice get cleared (the light blue portion).

This is similar to what happens in the clawshot area, when you use the raider begone mouse repellant.

So the  aim is simple. Clear the mice, class by class. Try to achieve streaks, streaks help you to clear faster. (you get less points, but if you are at the rift area, points are probably lower on your list of todos I take)

[20140330 01:38]

ah.... now I remember, the Gargantuan Mouse is the special mouse =)

He breaks your streaks, if you arm for him you may break your streak but still catch em' and get lots of points for your troubles. If you persist in catching the class mice (to extend your streak) you get to potentially get rid of more mice faster. But the risk of a gargantuan mouse get higher as your streak gets longer, so part of the sub game is (depending on your personal goal): getting the gargantuan, or trying for a longer streak, or simply hunting another class (breaking your streak, but saving your cheese!)

[20140330 01:45]

Now back to the streaking:

There are nine levels, you rarely get to level 9 .... I think =) thats when the Gargantuan is a sure attraction... again... I think =P

Anyways, every 3rd level, 3 (2 mice off), 6 (4 mice off), 9 (6 mice off) you get to off more mice when you hit that multiple of mice. Notice also in the picture above, I have finished off all of the warrior mice class in this level... Okay I vaguely remember there are three levels, each with three classes. And there are the additional calvary kinda mice.... I will try to write the structure down properly after awhile... I need some time to refamiliarise myself with this area =P

back to the picture above. You notice I finished off the warrior class. I suspect at this stage, you really do not need to arm SB, Super  XXX War Charms or the like as the mice are still quite weak. And you do not need the class specific charms because there are'nt the calvary (tactical) mice to break the rhythm. The class specific mice prevent that I think.

Currently i am working on the archers. I am wondering if I should arm class specific charms. I remember support mice are a penalty of some sort.....

[20140330 01:53]

I missed!

And the streak is broken!

And with this I also notice more about the interface. Indeed there are 4 waves and i am only on my first wave! lol

So the mystery is now cleared.

I am on the first wave. And there are the three classes of mice (Warrior, Archers, Scouts).

The only unknown for first wave is what triggers the support mice.

i will update the rest of the waves as I go along =)

[20140330 02:52]

So far the basic Warpath Charm is serving well.

For First Wave:
My setup is monstrobot/Birthday Dragee Cake Base/Warrior Warpath Charm/Gouda

I remember what is the "flaw" with not using super brie... you have a much higher chance of support mice dropping in to break your streak. And if you miss them, they actually add mice! However if you catch them, nothing happens, but you may break your streak.

Using charms mitigates that somewhat.

Also, for your first hunt, you might not need to arm a specific class charm as you don;t actually have a streak to maintain. After your first catch you should arm the charm that encourages the streak (i.e. if you caught warrior, for the next hunt arm warrior charm ditto for archer and scouts).

Gouda seems adequate at this moment.

Also for the commander, I now vaguely remember that I like to arm the commander charm when my streak is 8 =)

What happens is, if successful, catching a commander will result in a loss in all classes (the amount of which is equal to the size of your streak, so if your streak is 8 and you caught a commander, all classes, warrior, scout,archer will each lose 8 mice for this wave).... so in short go for the commander mouse when your streak is high! However you might want to save the commander charms for the earlier high streaks to maximise the number of mice retreated (e.g. say you caught a commander for 8 and if all scouts have been caught, you only retreat a mass of 16 mice as opposed to 24 had there still been at least 8 scout mice).

[20140330 12:01]

At this point I just realised that it has been MORE than TWO YEARS since i posted this..... And keep in mind when I posted this I had already been through the Warpath for awhile... I remember I posted it as an after thought thingie... already having problems remembering exactly how best to tame the waves... (which was probably a reason why it took so long to fill in this post... in fact if I did'nt have a reason to return to the warpath, this post may never have been filled!!! =P)

Wow time really flies. How much time wasted!!! Something to think about huh ;)

Anyways I think I should point you to the wiki link if you are no longer interested in following me rambling (and that is assuming you have read this far my good reader =))

It actually summarises what you should do pretty well I think. In a nice concise and succinct way. =) Rather than some rambling prose that I am about to make =P Broken Singlish at that =P

Anyways I just wanted to share this pic:

This shows what happens when you miss a caravan mouse, 2 mice got added! I don't know if more mice get added at the tougher waves... But even Monstro has his off days =P

[20140330 14:40]

So here you can the effect of catching a commander:

Also you can see the number of caravans lol

Apparently once it drops below a certain level, the support mice start to retreat (when is mice <= 10 according to the wiki =)):

[20140330 17:04]

now. I cannot rightly remember my tactics at that time, so I am just going to wing it.

In any case I am now in wave two:

As you can see there are many more mice =)

I will go for the calvary first. Try to get a large streak, then kill the streak with a commander (using a super warpath commander charm)

The reason for this is to maxout the number of mice retreated due to the capture of the commander.

With any luck we won't have to use the hydro trap.

There are 5 classes in this wave: warrior, scout, archer, mage and calvary.

The first three are physical, mages are hydro and calvary are tactical.

Come to think of it I haven't got to use my snazzy new Phantasmal Oasis against it! Should be fun =)

[20140330 19:02]

I had a streak of 8 cavary... but hit a gargantuan .... still it gives opportunity to show what it looks like I guess =P

[20140331 01:32]

A streak of 7 appears to be a good number... 8 and 9 seem risky =)

However even with SB and Super Warpath charms, you need to be actively hunting it seems to maintain the streak. So you might want to consider not arming the expensive bait/charm if you are not active. I am going to snooze soon, but I will keep the SB and super charms up. It may or may not be a good sight tomorrow.... but we'll see. =)

[20140401 22:53]

So now I am in wave 3:

Now you have the ordinance mice  in addition to the warrior, scouts,archers, cavaries and mages.

But the strategy is the same, get streak of  7, then use commander charms to knock as many as you can off every unit. Ordinance mice are arcane. Hence, try to knock out the hydro and arcane mice out using the commander charms (where possible).

[20140403 00:36]

So I managed to not hit a single ordinance mouse which is a good thing.

The bad thing is, Sphynx Wrath appears to have a had time with the tactical mice in the third wave. Very ood. If you have the Sphynx Wrath as your best trap, use a power based setup. I used Rift base and it was ugly. With the golden tournament base, there were waves of good and bad. If you do not have the golden tournament base, use the Spellbook Base. (btw this is the first time I am using the GTB, my previous 12 runs in the warpath were all with Spellbook or Magma ... it was that long ago =))

Anyways if you already have the Monstrobot, good news! It kills everything at a good rate except for the ordinance mice I think. So use it even for the tactical mice. It is actually still pretty good in wave 4!

Now, you can only catch the Warmonger after all the Warden mice are captured!

[20140403 11:55]

Victory! Well, it was pretty lucky. This was with a Monger Charm. Set up is Monstro with GTB.

And sent it to a dear friend:

[20140403 12:00]

I am actually into the next run already but it seems that 8 is really the sweet spot... going for streak of 9 is dicey....

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=P I did'nt cover this weeks Feedback Friday FBF120204

well it was an art feedback friday =P

Any ways you can ger Jeremiah's coverage here.

DO read it, there is a very cool proposal (wedding) by someone and the pic is this

(the original pic was from Jeremiah =))

Oh and Ronza will stay till the 5th!!!

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