A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: June 2006

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sales Pitch

I have many cards and I will list them here for your perusal.


Eventually =)

I am really interested in power and am willing to trade for those. For current cards well I already have them so its more of selling the slack.


My Timespiral List - Not all cards are for sale, but give me a good price and we can talk ;)



My Coldsnap List - Not all cards are for sale, but give me a good price and we can talk ;)


In the meantimes, if there is something you want and you can offer a good price, just post ;)

Note that I only accept paypal.

Which is really for both your good and mine. (Its actually cheaper than the money transfer method)

I have cards from Legends, Revised, all the way to the current RAV/GP/DIS block.

As I have started from Ice Age, my cards are predominantly from there.

But I have also invested in Mana Drains, FOW, and Moats and Nether Void and Mirror Universe.

I have power 9, but I think they are fake =( (I bought them at 50 USD ea)

So just drop me a post if you want anything, the price of course must be good.

Note that I am not in any rush to sell them, if I wanted to liquidate, i would go for ebay already =)

International Customers are welcome.

I will send via registered post (for your sake and mine), and will use top loaders.

Shipping is costed at 4 USD for the first + .50 USD for every 4 cards.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Poison Again.... Soon??

Aaron Forsythe indicates poison in this article:



6) Poison guild?

One of your stated goals for the Ravnica block was to give each guild a different route to victory. You've weenies, big guys, spells, bleeders, and even a decking guild. So, why isn't there a poison guild?
--Wade Trupke

To channel Mark Rosewater, “Who wants doughnuts?” Er, “Poison will be back some day, I guar-on-tee it!”

I do agree with Mark that we'll refresh the poison mechanic someday and make it work better than it ever did before, but Ravnica was simply not the place for that comeback. Were we to reintroduce poison, we'd probably do it as one of the guilds' keywords, and we intentionally stayed away from reusing old keywords for any of the guilds (to prevent fans of any particular color combination from feeling cheated). And there's no way we would have done it in addition to a guild's keyword, seeing as (a) there are only so many cards per guild to execute each theme, and (b) with ten keywords in the block already, there wasn't “space” for another concept like poison that would invariably need reminder text and rules support.


And in 2004 Mark Rosewater said this:

October 13, 2004

Q: "Has R&D ever considered bringing back the poison mechanic?"
-- JJ, Kirkland, Washington

A: From Mark Rosewater, Magic Head Designer:


"Yes, we have. And I believe (and remember I'm the guy in charge of Magic design) that one day we will bring it back. Not in the immediate future, but some day. If you are patient, you will be rewarded."

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Super Supreme!!! or Rakdos Gruuls Golgari Oh my!

Good Day dear reader.

Today we play Land Destruction =)

I haven't actually decided on a name for this deck, currently it is RGD_LD

which is boring =P


Rakdos Gruuls Golgari


I think I'll just call it

Super Supreme


After the pizza from Pizza Hut



Well.. its got beef pork chicken and hmm its got every thing....

hehe very black Red Green me feels =)

Anyways here is the decklist.

Note that it is utterly untested.

Ready to go?

Scroll down =)

// Lands
4 Overgrown Tomb
4 Ghost Quarter
4 Quicksand
4 Blood Crypt
4 Stomping Ground

// Creatures
1 Helldozer
2 Loaming Shaman
4 Kokusho, the Evening Star

// Spells
2 Life from the Loam
2 Gruul Signet
3 Rakdos Signet
1 Spectral Searchlight
1 Demonfire
4 Wildfire
4 Pyroclasm
4 Wrecking Ball
4 Kindle the Carnage
4 Hit/Run
4 Rise/Fall

// Sideboard
SB: 4 Stone Rain
SB: 4 Cranial Extraction
SB: 3 Rix Maadi, Dungeon Palace
SB: 3 Parallectric Feedback
SB: 1 Demonfire

The basic premise is this: ... smash everything.

Now was that so hard?

You see critter?

Pyroclasm ... Hit ... Kindle the Carnage .. Wildfire ... Quicksand ... Demonfire

Burn baby burn?

You betcha.

You see hand?


You see land?

Wrecking ball, Wildfire, Wreck havoc, Ghost Quarter

That was'nt enough you say??

Well rinse and repeat with loaming Shaman and Life from the loam

Yeah honey, this deck comes with dual loaming ;)

Kokusho is like insurance.

It also survives the Wildfire ;)

Oh a mean trick?

Kindle the carnage + Hit//Run

8 DAMAGE! people =) This is turn three stuff.

Have fun.

I suspect the deck will be too slow or inconsistent, but I'll have to test and see.

Comments feedback all welcome ;)

Othe links
Rakdos Supremacy
Rakdos Inferno

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Monday, January 31, 2005

Ah yes it is strange... I've always thought of a blog as a diary of sorts....

but as with all things, it has evolved and has now given the layman a means to host his very own site ;)

Very different from the standard edit "oh how cute my site is", but a full fledge in your face, this is my opinion kind of opportunity.

As always, the problem is that an opinion is like anose, everyone has one ;)

Anyone who engages (my own nose here ;)) has too much time, go do something if you really feel something.. dun write piffy articles ;)

that said everyone should play magic of course hahaha

(I'm getting too old for this, Vampire the Masquerade has evolved from RPG to comp game)


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oki doki,

am feelin good today, got Ayumi blasting and getting into my programming gig. Feels good to use your brain once in a while...

Anyways will be posting on magic for a while. We'll see how it goes. Haven't touched them cards for a long time. not sure how long I can sustain ;)

anyways here goes, first up! The poisoners from 2001! Ain't the internet amazing ;)


The Poisoners

I've been really bored... so I picked up my ole' poison deck
and was reminded of how much it sucked ;p

That told me a revamp was due ;p

my take on poison has always been based on getting the creatures
through using evasion such as mosquitoes and assasins...

The problem was they keep getting blowned up.

so I came to a grudging acceptance that my poisoners were too
wimpy to survive... man they can't even block straight! Even the
MIGHTY(!!) crypt cobra was a mere 3/3.

So I wanted to do a primer sorta thing that was comprehensive to
lay out the cards that sorta thing ... errr but heh that will take
a bit more time ;p so I'll just try to ramble coherently instead ;p

There are basically 2 ways to deliver poison:
1. comboish
2. normal creature based attacking

I won't go into detail on combo, but for combo, look under fire
whip or hermetic study.

Under #2 there are a few things to consider:

a. how to deliver poison and

b. staying alive ;p

"a" is granted ;p ... thats the whole point of the deck. To start
off we'll look at the poisoners available.

Poisoners that we have include the following:

Swamp Mosquitoes -- 1b 0/1
Suq'ata Assasins -- 1bb 1/1
Crypt Cobra -- 3b 3/3
Sabretooth Cobra -- 2g 2/2
Pit Scorpions -- 2b 1/1
Serpent Generator -- 6 generates 1/1 green poisoners
Marsh Viper -- 3g 1/2

as can be seen the poisoners are wimpy critters with high CCs...
they are very inefficient ... and its not because poison as a
concept is weak... rather its too good... 10 counters verses 20 life

as someone in ancient newsgroup history has said, poison is either
broken or crap.... and errmmm as usual wotc makes it crap :) but
thats what makes it interesting I guess :)

so I guess we'll just have to make do...


To get "best" mix of creatures.. it really depends on which direction
you are headed.

you want your poisoners to deal more poison per hit? Then its
Cobra and Marsh Vipers.. for more info, search for Cobrageddon... The
added advantage of green poison is there is only one coloured mana in
the casting cost, so its easily splashed.

The problem I have with green poisoners is that its 3-4cc and err its
green :) ... being green opens it up to black critter removal spells.
But you do get the advantage of a 2 toughness... (which can be
substantial in the midst of pingers)

Now, if you want to avoid black critter removal(barring diabolic edict
and death stroke)then the black poisoners are a good start, also you
the MIGHTY(!!) crypt cobra ;p But what I really like about black
is the evasion... yes, aside from the MIGHTY(!!) crypt cobra, they
are punier(if theres such a word) than the green poisoners.. ... but
in exchange, you get evasion! Built in evasion! not the fancy dwarven
wand style evasion, but REAL evasion !! ... hmmm well I'm usually
that excited about the evasion untill they get blown up but thats
another story ;p

on evasion: we have the swamp mosquito, which can fly and suq'ata
assasin which has built in fear... also they are black so you
basically get to avoid most black critter removal.

so now the poisoners can attack via flying and fear... throw in shadow
and you should be able to get past most decks.

Now, poison may be fast (in the sense that you only need 10 counters)
but the problem usually arises where your opponent can deal damage
waaay faster than you can deal counters. Add to that the fact that
they can play removal, their creatures are usually tougher.. and you
get a situation where they can hold back one critter to block while
punching through with another... and this is why I feel evasion is
important.. it enables you to side step his defenses and race with
him. But EVEN then, a poisoner that can deal 1 counter per strike
is only equivalent to a 2 power critter dealing damage. factor in
casting cost verses power/toughness (e.g. Hidden Horror 4/4 1BB vs
suq'ata assasin 1/1 1BB) and you get a major disadvantage if you wish
to race poison counters vs damage.

So one way to tackle this problem is to have good removal, like in
cobrageddon, where you have stp. But even then you only equalise in
the area of creature removal, the poisoners are still very fragile and
hmmmm.. it comes back to the damage race thingie where poisoners just
lose out horribly. This is also why combo poison is popular, as the
poison can usually be administered without having to maintain the
poisoner in the long run.

So as stated at the beginning poisoners are wimpy at 1 or 2 toughness,
and they can and will be taken out.

Now that we have swallowed the jagged little pill of truth, we look a
little closer at the problem.. and its not new... in the past people
have used the following to counter critter removal:

raise dead
animate dead
strands of night

and other reanimation cards (are there more ??).. which bring us to
another method of creature maintenance or threat (in this case the
presence of a poisoner in play) maintenance...

-- by bringing the dudes backs from the grave...

the problem with raise dead is that it is a socery and only returns it
to your hand... which means you have to cast it all over again...
which can slow you down a bit.

Animate dead is good, but can only target your graveyard... compare
this to reanimate from tempest. I feel that reanimate is the best
choice, as you can use your opponent's creatures against them.

Not only that, animate dead is a one shot, blow the animate dead and
you lose the creature permanantly... and yes they can take out your
poisonous critter again after you bring em' back...

Strands of night is VERY cool, play the effect at the end of your
opponent's turn, fetch a mosquito or 2 from the grave and serve !!
poison on haste :) Now being able to attack as soon as possible is
good, as keeping the pesky poisoners alive is a tough job at best.

Now another way to maintain poison delivery is to clear the opposing
critters while keeping yours... how to do that? either kegs or
pernicious deed, I prefer the latter.

In the past the way to clear critters is to disk (I won't treat point
removal as the same as you usually don't generate advantage as its one
for one) but that take out your poisoners as well.

The deed in a stupidly lucky way, allows you to keep the 3cc assasins
and 4cc
vipers alive while clearing the usually more efficient 2cc opposing
weenies. This was also what prompted me to write this rant ;p as ..
for the first time G/B has a mass removal spell that can be used to
its advantage, allowing it to administer a one sided mass creature
removal allowing the poison player to race the player playing
coventional weenie. Add to this the poisoner that keeps coming back
via reanimates or strands! now those mosquitoes really get pesky!!

Now that we are done with delivery, we deal with "b" -- staying alive:

Usually the problem is a creature rush... to that end I recommend the


yes the guy is a real beatstick at 3/3 !! able to survive most
weenies, he is also a black critter, giving it some protection from
black critter removal spells!! AND he is a generous dude at that!!
giving your opponent life!! but no wait.. thats the drawback ;p
Still, the main point is to induce death by poison, so life gain for
your opponent should not be a concern... protecting your life points
is the issue, and to that end the MIGHTY(!!) grollub
does it pretty well :) (Side note: I would have picked the MIGHTY(!!)
crypt cobra, but he is a full turn slower....)

Another aspect to consider is that of point removal, for that i have
chosen diabolic edict, which has its flaws.. but with deed to cover
the weenies, the edicts usually does the finishing touch.

Last but not least to the art of staying alive is the use of
disruption, and discard is my choice though I dunno... Land
Destruction might work... but discard works in tandem with
reanimate... and the usual suspects are up:

Hymn to Tourach and duress .... I've always wondered why Serra's hymn
suck real bad when compared to hymn to Tourach .... I like Serra...
ah well....

Last but not least, since we are trying to stay alive, we will need to
gain LIFE!! to that end we have Corrupt, which you can deliver to the
head of your opponent or you can use as point critter removal! (Note
that life gain is important if you decide to use reanimate)

And if you have read this far kind reader, you must either like poison
as much as me OR.. you must be as bored as me. Either way we have
something in common! ;p so I present to you my current decklist!!!

//NAME: Poison
4 Duress
4 Hymn to Tourach
1 Strands of Night
4 Grollub
2 Consume Strength
1 Marsh Viper
3 Reanimate
3 Suq'Ata Assassin
4 Swamp Mosquito
4 Dark Ritual
4 Diabolic Edict
15 Swamp
5 Forest
4 Pernicious Deed
2 Corrupt

SB: 3 Cursed Scroll
SB: 4 Diabolic Edict
SB: 4 Dread of Night
SB: 4 Perish

The side board is in the works, but the deck basically follows the
ideas above.

Grollub stalls the creature rush, while edicts and deed clean up.
Normally the vipers and assassins will survive the deed, but it they
are killed by friendly fire, you can always bring em back using
reanimate or strands.

The reanimates can be used to use an opponent's creatures against him,
after a hymn or deed or edict. Mosquitoes cost 2 life and assassins 3.
But don't be afraid to win by damage when it is possible, as there are
times when grollubs or a reanimated creature will finish the game
faster :) (and hey! the reanimate serves as an alternative win !!

The viper is there to survive deeds, the original deck had dauthi
trapper is to provide an alternate delivery of poison .... I figured
I needed more removal however, which is where the consume strength
comes in; it allows your lowly 1/1 to stand up to the 5/5 phyrexian
negator... some good... but it is 1BG ... and I'm wondering whether
consume strength, or funeral charm or god knows what else :)

Dark rituals are for a more explosive pernicious deed...

I've tried paralyse... but its no good, the high cc of poisoners means
they don't exactly rush out like suicide black, where a temporal
"removal" of a block yields a faster kill... poison games tend to be
slugfests..... and thats if you are winning ;p

I'm not sure what format this deck falls into ... since dark rituals
and hymns may be out or something.. but its still fun to play poison

any sharing of thoughts on poison decks would be welcomed :D


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archive - Greater than 60 !!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I believe we are in a new age of Magic.

Dramatic huh :)

Anyways why? yes magic was in its golden age and silver age, died a few times, gone lame a few times (Homelands, Fallen Empires... but ya know what? those are selling for like 6 SGD??? per pack bleah)

Anyways I think deck contruction is going to change.

Nothing new, just the focus.

The 60 minimum.

We have always been taught to keep to the minimum, the reason for which is that it keeps the deck compact and the goal focused.

But that is where the sideboard becomes deadly, for when a strategy is focused, the better or more effective the silver bullet becomes.

This is not a silver bullet on a card for card basis (though sometimes it boils down to that), it is more of a strategy to strategy basis.

That alone is probably something worth writing about :)

But my point today is on deck size and strategy focus.

Magic has come a long way.

between Alpha and Alliances, the idea of redundency emerged.

8 knights.
8 up to 16 burn spells.
12 counterspells, 16 if need be.

Redundency for the base utility spells is a concept that has been around for awhile.

Redundency has also allowed decks to be more compact.


what about combo?

tutors or drawers allow the combos to become more focused.

So whats all this about a larger deck?

Actually I am just rambling along :)

the thoughts are there but they are quite amorpheous at the moment.

I believe that with current redundency, it is possible to build a larger deck that is still consistent.

Why would I what to do that??

Well for starters, the focus currently is on a larger hand.

To have a larger hand you need to play slow.

Think defense and control.

legends nowadays have nice effects, but the fact that are legendary to me seem to speak of the idea that, rather than become the focal point of the deck they are in, they just add favours.

Much like painting.

just a drop of red paint in lotsa water allows a light translucent effect.

as opposed to a deep red, due to the high concentration of the original paint.

Thats what kamigawa is like to me, nothing bold and powerful. But just small light subtle effects, that when combined may produce more depth and power.

The big deck would be less focused, but have more subtle tricks. Much like the sensei who is in repose, ready to strike, not fast not hard, but sure and strong. Not winning now, but winning eventually.

Or since ROTS is on.. :) like the way of the Jedi as opposed to the Sith. Passion verses Wisdom. Fury verses Tranquility, Heart versus Mind etc etc etc you get the idea...

So here is my deck:

23 Plains
2 White Knight
1 Bushi Tenderfoot--Kenzo the Hardhearted
1 Eight-and-a-Half-Tails
2 Hand of Honor
1 Inner-Chamber Guard
1 Kiyomaro, First to Stand
4 Araba Mothrider
1 Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant
2 Eiganjo Free-Riders
3 Descendant of Kiyomaro
1 Konda, Lord of Eiganjo
3 Silver Knight
3 Hokori, Dust Drinker
1 Isamaru, Hound of Konda
1 Sensei Golden-Tail
1 Yosei, the Morning Star
1 Indomitable Will
1 Genju of the Fields
1 Reverence
1 Final Judgment
3 Glorious Anthem
2 Cage of Hands
2 Charge Across the Araba
3 Ghostly Prison
4 Presence of the Wise
1 Hail of Arrows
1 Shining Shoal
1 Scroll of Origins
1 Honden of Cleansing Fire
1 Reito Lantern
1 Eiganjo Castle
1 Boseiju, Who Shelters All

// Sideboard:
SB: 1 Reito Lantern
SB: 2 Wonder
SB: 2 Island

The sideboard is a mishmash ignore it...


I am no pro, I dun really play that often, so i am an armchair strategist if you like :)


ARGGGHHHH you just wasted your time!!!

well I hope you haven't lol but I am the dude who posts the same poison deck every other year...

(I hear Ravinica is gonna feature poison... lets hope that rumour is true *fingers crossed*)

Any ways for this deck, as always: always survive the weenies, this deck can hold against standard weenie... the land is

surprisingly consistent...

I get about 2-3 land openings and it is rather consistent from there.

Due to the large number of 2/2s the goodness just keeps flowing.

Horoki allows the shut down of mana, no real strategy there, except for the ghostly prisons. Glorious anthem is important, genju for mad lifegain.

I realised when i looked at the epic cards, why Boseiju comes into play tapped... it is too good.. the tap is to give the opponent 1 turn to deal with it (assuming you are popping the bad-ass epic next turn).


the epics better be good

anyways, ways to gain life:
Kiyomaro himself
Presence of the Wise

Reito lantern is to ensure the goodness keeps flowing, oh assuming no counters, your lanterns (if you have 2), will never be destroyed, not completely... one played will always be able to recycle one destroyed. That sounds really Yoda lol. Its the green in me lol.

This deck is still in the works, but notice the large number of 1 offs. I think this is a feature that is going to be more and more ubitiquous as magic grows

Anyways... I haven really tested this deck enough, I just know that it goldfishes alright... consistent mana etc etc

the crux of this post is that with a bigger deck, you can possibly be more subtle with your strategy, there are more byways.

Your deck may not kill as fast, but it may be able to take more in the long haul.

whatever... I am losing it lol

Anyways, I like the Tim Atens Rat deck as well

Life decks Urzatron vernal bloom blah blah... so many decks so little time

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Hmmm April 10th i declared the windows registry my enemy...

it is june the 12th and still the enemy resists, though now I can curb it but in the words of the two weird obsolete but very cool programs in Matrix reloaded, "We are getting annoyed"

My fault, i pray I can finish cleaning the registry soon.

I want to be good, i know that for a fact now.

In my sin i have descended the abyss and found it deep, in its pungent darkness, I realised i did'nt like it.

So now I know something about myself, I want to be good.

well thats a little philosopical BS for now :)

meanwhile a magic article!!!

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In terms of pack pulling it has been a great 2 days :)

of 6 packs:

Pithing Needle
Homura, Human Ascendant
Reverence (yes i like Reverence so there ;))
Kagemaro, First to Suffer (aka Kagemaro, Road to MBC)
Neverending Torment (how cool is that?)
Jiwari, the Earth Aflame (people say Arc Slogger is cooler, but hey thats like apples and oranges, granted 3/3 is rather small :()

Got 2 Hand of Cruelty and I finally notched my first hand of Honour, (this is my fifth HOC)

Some good, thank you Lord!

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archive - My Run In with Spirits!!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My "run in" with spirits (Casual Decks)

Ho ho it is the seventh month when spirits are released to run on the earth lol

Any ways this is just a short account of my brush with the spirits of Kamigawa.

Some first thoughts about Kamigawa.


My initial experience with Kamigawa was that it was a very fun and colourful, abeit weak set.

It was'nt that it was weak, but it was more subtle. Which all seem very inline with the theme which was very japanese in nature.

Rather than bold strokes of pastel, kamigawa was more like a work of water colours. Translucent and subtle, yet distinctive.

I liked the idea of legends. Though at the time many were thinking that magic was going to go highlander stlye.

But in the end it all worked out I guess :)


Back to spirits :)

I did'nt really like Spiritcraft and splicing at first. Actually I I am still not that strong on soul shift and splice.

I tried to make a deck that had soul shift as its focus, but that kinda fell flat, I had hoped the promised Kannushi might do something... but .. maybe that will require more thought. Ditto for splice... though evermind and the channels do look very interesting.

But I like the idea of spirits and stuff triggering on the playing of spirits and arcane. That was much easier to work with :D

anyways so I got three decks built, I don't really play that much but I like put decks together, and deck construction is what fascinates me.

The first "spirit" deck I made came from the white weenie builds at the beginning of the Regionals?? It used celestial kirin to clear the board. It was actually quite a smart idea to put it in ww, as the samurais do not trigger the kirin.

So I decided to make a "spirit" deck version, but keeping the kirin as the focus now. The deck looked like this:

// Spirit Fury

// Lands
13 Forest
9 Plains

// Creatures
2 Promised Kannushi
4 Celestial Kirin
3 Elder Pine of Jukai
1 Loam Dweller
3 Kodama of the North Tree
1 Opal-Eye, Konda's Yojimbo
1 Ghost-Lit Redeemer
1 Jugan, the Rising Star
3 Shinen of Life's Roar
4 Sakura-Tribe Elder

// Spells
1 O-Naginata
3 Otherworldly Journey
4 Sensei's Divining Top
1 Inner Calm, Outer Strength
4 Kodama's Reach
2 Manriki-Gusari

The promised Kannushi are there to have a way to bring back the kirin, while every spirit and arcane acts as a bomb.

The kirin is really quite fun, due to the wording being, whenever a spirit or arcane card is played, the trigger to blow everything up is before the creature comes into play. (Someone correct me if I am wrong).

I found this on starcitygames:

Q: If I have Celestial Kirin in play and I play another Celestial Kirin will both Kirin die due to the Legendary Rule? Or, will the first die by its own ability after the second comes into play?

A: You'll end up with one Celestial Kirin in play. When you play this second Celestial Kirin, the ability of the first Kirin in play will trigger and go on the stack on top of this Celestial Kirin spell. This triggered ability will resolve first and destroy all permanents with a converted mana cost of four in play, including the Celestial Kirin in play. Then the Celestial Kirin spell on the stack will resolve and enter play. Because there are never two Legendary permanents with the same name in play at one time, the Legend rule is not applied.


I 've always liked the shinen, despite what ppl say ;p I used it in play mostly during the prerelease. Most times it did not get zapped, I'm lucky I guess :)

Things to note:
Elder Pine is a monster at filling your hand. Sometimes you see good cards go to the bottom, but together with the sensei's divining top, it is quite good.

Loam dweller is iffy, good if you got the Elder Pine running, grizzly if you don't. So just one.

The Opal eye is just there to have a defense that does not trigger the Kirin. As I have many 3cc plays

Inner Calm Outer strength is amzing when your hand fills up.

As to whether manriki Gusari or O Naginata. This deck is not that fast and the critters are small, so GUsari is a bit better.
But I really like the trample :) and the extra power!

The North Trees are for smashing. Nuff said.


The second deck I built was largely an effort to use Erayo, strangely...

// All Consuming Spirits

// Lands
7 Swamp
10 Island
4 Tendo Ice Bridge

// Creatures
1 Soramaro, First to Dream
1 Kagemaro, First to Suffer
3 Razorjaw Oni
3 Erayo, Soratami Ascendant
1 Kuon, Ogre Ascendant
2 Kira, Great Glass-Spinner
1 Horobi, Death's Wail
3 Jushi Apprentice--Tomaya the Revealer

// Spells
3 Disrupting Shoal
1 Neverending Torment
4 Mana Leak
3 Manriki-Gusari
1 Scroll of Origins
2 Journeyer's Kite
1 Rule of Law
4 Sensei's Divining Top
3 Threads of Disloyalty
2 Serum Visions
1 Thirst for Knowledge
1 Rod of Ruin

And again it was influenced by the wizards.com site. 3rd week of the regionals when the was a deludge of blue in France and black in Italy. (hoho i will be making a black Rat deck soon lol.. too bad skull snatchers seem to be out of vogue... was hoping for some ninjas)

One of the blue decks used Erayo, to be specific, this deck was influenced by londes.com . One of the authors mentioned that it would be fun to build a Erayo + Rule of Law deck.

This deck is not focusing on that lock, rather the lock is an after thought, a win condition available if you have Erayo cemented on board. It is also about here that i realise why people liked Jushi and Tendo.

For along time I kept thinking that Tendo was legendary. Till I looked at it carefully.

I had wanted to build a blue deck involving Kira, so that was nice.

Hand fill is done using Jushi. And the Manriki Gusari is just amazing with Jushi, turn 2 Jushi, turn 3 manriki.

I like the razor jaw oni :) the jushis and Threads act as defense. Horobi + Kira is some good. But not reliable :) so just one off.

Scroll of origin feels like overkill at the moment.

Kuon is there .... I have no idea... seriously... I like Kuon... plus he looks like a smart ogre compared to is sharp toothed friends... no wait those are demons... hmmm well. ho hum.

Never ending Torment was placed there for an alternate kill should Kuon lock things up.

Rod of ruin is there as Manriki cannot target your oppoent's creatures... would have been swell if it did :)


The last deck was again inspired by the wizards.com site.. just a few days ago actually.. using blood clock...

// Favour of the Spirits

// Lands
8 Swamp
15 Forest

// Creatures
2 Hana Kami
1 Haru-Onna
4 Sakura-Tribe Elder
2 Elder Pine of Jukai
3 Kagemaro, First to Suffer
1 Loam Dweller
1 Thief of Hope
4 Traproot Kami

// Spells
3 Blood Clock
4 Sensei's Divining Top
2 Journeyer's Kite
1 Death Denied
1 Rend Flesh
1 Exile into Darkness
1 Uproot
1 Sosuke's Summons
1 Wear Away
1 Ivory Crane Netsuke
3 Kodama's Reach

Looking at the analysis done by the writer i decided to go green black. The blue bounce plus ebony owl netsuke seems abit too passive to me. I like the infinity offered by the hana kami and death denied. And black provided much needed removal. The blood clocks are used to abuse the spirit craft more. Sosuke Summons actually works quite nicely with the sakura tribe elders and death denied.

2 Hana Kami so I can use one to bring back uproot. Kagemaro to blow everything up. And Traproot for defense. Again the Elder Pine is amzing when it comes to filling your hand. Making the Exile into darkness really good late game.

Th deck seeks to take control slowly and I think is the slowest among the three. BUt i like the synergy. :)

And that kinda concudes my little rant. Just some thoughts on spirit decks

In the meantime I will dream of poison in Ravnica !!

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Archive - The crazy Myth Maker

Its was 7am in the morning, half asleep.... then my best sister decides to blast Jars of Clay from the hall while running the treadmill...

oh well... so much for sloth ;)

Realised something about Jars of clay that i did'nt hear in the cross album, or even Hillsongs actually. Jars of Clay sounded personal and is full of positive vibes.

Hey it got me out of bed rather than in =D

Anyways took a walk to Bishan, got bummed for some cards... that kinda sucked... 10 SGD for a ravenous Baloth????? Why would a Baloth cost as much as a windswept heath??


Still I got the elephant guides and the pemmin auras cheap.... but then pemmim auras are well nigh useless lol

ah well

Anyway here is a decklist

// Deck file for Magic Workstation

// Lands
1 Flooded Strand
5 Plains
2 Island
4 Windswept Heath
3 Forest
2 City of Brass
3 Brushland
3 Adarkar Wastes

// Creatures
1 Kitsune Mystic--Autumn-Tail, Kitsune Sage
4 Sakura-Tribe Elder
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Nomad Mythmaker
1 Iwamori of the Open Fist
3 Wild Mongrel

// Spells
1 Honden of Seeing Winds
3 Frantic Search
4 Dense Foliage
1 Pemmin's Aura
1 Enduring Ideal
1 Mythic Proportions
1 Honden of Cleansing Fire
1 Gifts Ungiven
1 Rancor
3 Elephant Guide
1 Armadillo Cloak
1 Pattern of Rebirth
1 Honden of Infinite Rage
1 Pegasus Refuge

// Sideboard
SB: 1 Armadillo Cloak
SB: 1 Pattern of Rebirth
SB: 1 Honden of Infinite Rage
SB: 1 Capashen Standard
SB: 1 Ancestral Mask
SB: 1 Bequeathal
SB: 1 Bloodfire Infusion
SB: 1 Caribou Range
SB: 1 Chamber of Manipulation
SB: 1 Druid's Call
SB: 1 Instill Energy
SB: 1 Inviolability
SB: 2 Mask of Law and Grace
SB: 1 Pariah
SB: 1 Serra's Embrace
SB: 1 Measure of Wickedness
SB: 1 Centaur Glade

This deck was taken again from Adrian Sullivan's efforts on wizards in the now defunct column, Single Card Strategies.

The focus was of course the Nomad Mythmaker.

I played his creation straight off the bat, but it seemed a little janky.

I think it was meant as a fun casual thing so the mana curves were a little fat. It used Yavimaya's Embrace!!! but the more I played with it, the more I think he meant to hard cast it.... whch kinda defeated the purpose....

But I really like the notion of a demented nomad spinning tales of mythic proportions ;) So I continued to hack the deck (that by the way is the true definition of hacking - which in the venacular sense did not mean penetration).

I messed with the mana base.. well not really I kept it but i removed a plains and added a Flooded Strand or something like that... but it stayed at 23 land. I like that in a mid speed deck. The problem I had were the gifts and yavimaya embrace and the control magic. I hate being reactive I guess. My first thought was to put in stuff that i could bash with. But after giving it some thought I figured.. that might not be so good, given that this is not exactly a weenie rush deck.

I did'nt like gifts, why? Not that it was not powerful, it was. It was VERY powerful. But to use it multiple times I would need to put in more business cards. And frankly? it is rather hard to hard cast Mythic proportions many times and count on it as your win ticket, and in any case we are playing the myth maker here!!!

So the myth maker was the key thingie. Nuff said. I did'nt want to get flooded with auras, that would be aurific!! (what does that mean I wonder ... lol)

But being 2/2 is like the gal who sang i'm a big big girl in a big big world. Ermm.. you are still very small ;)

So zappo is a problem. And it was addressed in the original deck as well, using floating shield I think. The thing is, before the myth maker is online, I am leery of using that card for all the usual reasons of using auras. I could lose 2 cards for 1 from my opponent. So I opted for dense canopy. I checked with the rules gurus on usenet and it was deemed oki to use the myth maker to fetch auras from the grave and plonk them on critters under the dense canopy (even for untargetable critters i believe... hey... now theres a thought I have'nt looked at... untargetables hmm), kudos to the rules gurus for always being so prompt and thorough with their explanations!

So I ended up with the current listing.

I did'nt build the sideboard.. actually it is'nt even a side board... it is just a pile I was looking at when evaluating which cool aura to pick... not many actually :(

The wild mongrels are just .. ermm wild :) nice effects with dumping auras nto the grave, ditto for the Frantic search. When the gifts does get cast it is very nice :) you get to choose which aura to fetch. What your opponents choose, you dump into the grave, what your opponents give you, you... yup, dump into the grave. Some cool.

Somewhere a long the line I decided to dump in an Enduring Ideal for some reason. I kinda like the effect, (it could actually bring out the yavimaya Embrace for FREE! ... lol)... and then Endring met Honden of the Cleansing Fire and he brought his friend Infinite rage. Pegasus Refuge is for creating critters once the Ideal has been played and the Pattern of Rebirth allows you to fetch the crazy dude with tall tales if he has'nt already escaped from the library. The pegasus Refuge has the nice side effect of flying tokens :) Some cool. Imagine a 9/9 flying trampling pegasus of mythical proportions slamming into your opponent.... some cool. ;)

yavimaya Embrace was eventually scrapped as the myth maker only likes your critters and will only plonk stuff on them.

All in all I like the deck it is weird and strange. probably will get trashed by a real tuned weenie deck, but hey its the myth maker we are talking about here ;p

Have a good day!

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Mirage - Love Song of Night and Day

Love Song of Night and Day
by Jenny Scott

He (Night) / She (Day)

Wrap yourself in your best bright clothes, your red and purple scarves of silk.
Run with me to the festival, where we will dance until sunrise.
The dwarves will beat their funny drums of zebra skins and hollowed trees,
while stiltwalkers perform, and the musician blows his bamboo flute.

And late in the night, the poets and storytellers entertain,
delight us with their dancing words, as we listen, clapping by the fire.
Enchant me with your tale-telling. Tell about Tree, Grass, River, and Wind.
Tell why Truth must fight with Falsehood, and why Truth will always win.1

I will tell my father's stories: how the giant mantis fooled Death
by holding still as a felled tree; how the elephants trampled
the leopard cub, and its father, though he knew, killed nine goats instead;2
how pirates gambled with a djinn and lost the thing more dear than gold.3

Tonight we'll eat a farewell feast. Cold corn porridge is not enough.
Let's peel papayas, pineapples, and mangoes, drink coconut milk,
and bake bananas.4 We'll dine on crocodiles, wild birds, and turtles,
perhaps a hippopotamus--if only you can catch it first.

I'll build a palace made of stone. Two hippo-headed guards will serve,
and tigers carry in your meals. I'll capture flying zebras
for your steeds, and fill the stable with every kind of unicorn.5
Butterflies and salamanders will decorate your garden.

I'll strand long strings of beads for you, blue, the color only kings may wear.
I'll carve a soapstone lioness, a wooden box to lock it in,
girded with sapphire amulets, ostrich feathers, ivory.
These things will protect you while I'm gone, remind you of my love for you.6

Your voice resounds like a songbird's, every word is a sweet, soft song.
When you run you're graceful and swift, sleek as a powerful panther.7
Mysterious chameleon, you're a thousand women at once,
sharp and strong as a lioness, yet gentle as a striped gazelle.

On this our last day together, let us walk across the grasslands.
Hold my hand and let's walk slowly, seeing everything as children.
Let's walk on the Daraja Plains, where leopards hang from trees, dosing,
tasseled tails swaying in the shade, near villages of tree-dwelling elves.

Glorious, to walk again across the savannah with my beloved.
A lion walks commandingly, a general among his troops,
camped the night before a battle. A snake, colorful and coiled, loops
around his bough, mischievous, hanging over the village path.

We'll find termites in their nests, hard tall towers above the plains,
and point-eared cats, taking their turns, guarding their many entrances.
We'll find the basket-nests of birds hanging from the acacia tree.
Rhinoceroses and dragons for once will let us walk in peace.

When lightning tears the sky's dark cloak and heaven's bird beats the water
on the muddy plains with its big wings, termites and frogs escape their homes
toward the lamps in the nearest village. Spiders dry themselves indoors,
the spotted lizards that never fall from ceilings suddenly appear.

In the forest, fires light the sky as the black clouds unfold their weight.8.
The black-and-white sacred monkey holds her children to her, and waits.9
Love, like lightning hits suddenly. It sparks the heart with blows of light,
its fire extending, bends, expands, beats and breaks your hiding places.

* * *

Remember when we were children, herding the sheep together,
leading them over the grassy hills with long sticks. Your silly songs
made me laugh, and in the evening, you'd enchant me with your stories,
lying on your back beside me. Even then my heart was yours.

I remember your sacred rites. You were so funny, so grown up,
so stiff and serious, all arms and elbows. You went in a girl,
but you returned a warrior. You marched back with the others--
your hair was cut, your eye tattooed with the red triangle of war.10

Tomorrow I must go, my love. I will tattoo my head with braids.
My shield will bear a shining sun so you will always be with me.
Inlaid with gold, it will shine like glowing embers.11 I will return
with lizard skins for your sandals. Paint your eyes black and wait for me.12

I am the sun, you are the moon. Wherever you lead I will go,
following across the wide sky, as long as I live and you love.
Sun follows Moon until she tires, then carries her until she's strong
and runs ahead of him again.13 I'll carry you, too, my beloved.

My love, we are not Sun and Moon. Instead we are like day and night.
The old ones say Day is a woman, who works only while it is light.
She herds her goats and catches fish, fills her fields with golden corn,
shows her children what is just and protects them from the cobra.

Day loves Night, who works in darkness, walking through heaven's milky sky
collecting stars with his quick arms, piling them into a basket
like a child collecting lizards and piling them into her pot
until the pot overflows with lizards, 'til the basket overflows with light.

Night wears a black cloak lined with fire, studded inside with gleaming stars.
At dawn and dusk he spies his love. Across the rolling hills of sky,
they glimpse each other--so briefly. They throw each other kisses, cry.
Their tears spill over Jamuraa. Mixed with blood, they wash everything red.14

But once, with a magician's help, Time was stopped and Day stood still.15
Night spread over Jamuraa, wrapped Day in his dark cloak and held her.
In their miraculous embrace, the two became as One. Until
pulled from Day's arms, Night sank, commanded by the western horizon that always beckons him to come.

I won't give up hope, my love.
Our love is like the river in the summer season of long rains:
For a little while it spilled its banks, flooding the crops in the fields.16
But soon it will evaporate with the dry heat. Like Day from Night,
I'll live my life apart from you, just glimpsing you across the sky,
because you cannot change, my dear, and nor can I.


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archive - Hatching Plans

Note that I have an updated version =)

Hatching Plans - MTG Article

This is going to be kind of like my evaluation of Guildpact.

It will be in sections.

The first section is to tell you why the leylines are not really so great, plus
a cool deck built with the best of the leylines.

The second section will deal with why hatching plans are good and should really
buy them from me [I did'nt say that, my evil twin did...]



Lets move:


Leylines and The Coolest Deck!

First off here is the decklist for those only interested in what I
have been fiddling with :)

// Deck file for Magic Workstation (http://www.magicworkstation.com)

// Lands
4 [RAV] Temple Garden
3 [RAV] Watery Grave
1 [RAV] Selesnya Sanctuary
2 [RAV] Forest (3)
2 [7E] Island (1)
2 [4E] Plains (1)
1 [RAV] Swamp (2)
4 [6E] Brushland
3 [6E] Adarkar Wastes
1 [AP] Yavimaya Coast

// Creatures
1 [RAV] Dowsing Shaman
4 [CHK] Kami of Ancient Law
4 [CHK] Sakura-Tribe Elder
3 [RAV] Hunted Phantasm
3 [RAV] Loxodon Hierarch
1 [CHK] Hana Kami
1 [FD] Eternal Witness
1 [9E] Clone

// Spells
1 [RAV] Copy Enchantment
4 [GP] Leyline of Singularity
4 [9E] Mana Leak
4 [GP] Hatching Plans
4 [RAV] Devouring Light
1 [SOK] Death Denied
1 [CHK] Kodama's Reach
1 [OD] Zombie Infestation

// Sideboard
SB: 1 [OD] Zombie Infestation
SB: 1 [LG] Hell's Caretaker
SB: 4 [CHK] Isamaru, Hound of Konda
SB: 1 [SOK] Presence of the Wise
SB: 1 [RAV] Hunted Lammasu
SB: 1 [SOK] Celestial Kirin
SB: 1 [SOK] Nikko-Onna

61 cards total.

The Leylines and what you should know about them.

First off... There is only one good leyline.

Popular convention would tell you that it is Leyline of the void.

I tell you today, dear reader, that it is Leyline of Singularity.

Why is that?
[well.... I bought quite alot of it off ebay and I am really trying to make a profit... !?!]

Ahem.. aside from that stray thought.

Why is leyline of Singularity the best?

Well first of all why does Leyline of the Void suck? Well same reason Life From the Loam sucks.


It is not extended season people :)

If it is extended then maybe the void would be good, even then only marginal.

Not pithing needle good.

Heck not even Ink-eyes good. [Ink-eyes????]

For comparison there is planar void. 1 cc enchantment. The only strong point I can think of is whether the leyline can be countered by a Force Of Will. Even then it is specific to only a certain enemy player (the graveyard slinging dudes).

On the other hand, Leyline of the Void is asymmetric in its effect. So that might be put to good use! :)

Actually that is another point. Oki I am losing my focus here.. FOCUS DAMNMIT!

Oki.. [cools down]

Anyway pumping for the Void was not today's plan, we'll leave that for later... probably extended later...


The leylines can be divided into two kinds (yes two :))

Those whose effectiveness depends on your opponent and those that depend on you.

Those that depend on you :

Leyline of Lightning
Leyline of the Meek

Those that depend on your opponent :
Leyline of Lifeforce
Leyline of the Void (it is too heavily reliant on the opponent playing grave related strategies)

Where is Leyline of Singularity???

Well Leyline of Singularity falls somewhere midway. (well actually leyline of the void too if you want to abuse your grave while neutering your opponent's... but if your opponent does'nt give a rat's ass about his/her grave, then your plan of having the advantage with Leyline of the void pretty much ends there...)

It is something that you as a player can build around, but at the same time the amount of pain it causes your opponent highly depends on the streamliness and redunency of your opponent's deck. Weenies tend to fall into this category, 4 of some knight, 4 of some clerics etc etc.

Now why do Lifeforce and Void suck? For Lifeforce it is really only pertinent to blue and for the void only really pertinent to graveyard players. (if they made the leylines give haste or trample that might be something worth crowing for green!! or maybe untargetability.... but uncounterability???)

Now I quite like the Lightning really, it is a trend that i have seen in past set up to now. WOTC is trying to make red the colour of control. Leyline of Lightning is one such effort. To those who say the lightning is more burn, I can only say this: the leyline is useless to weeenie decks that want to hit fast hit hard and win. The lightning basiv=cally allows the red player to pick his/her opponent to death. It's cost, keeps it from being prime finisher for red weenie (see cursed scroll). But I expect the price of Lightning to stay low as it is hard to build a good Red control deck.. and when you do? The leyline is only a good supporting cast.

The leyline of the meek is really for token decks. But anyone seen any counterpost-esque decks running about?


Lets move on.

[Beside, you are never going to be producing tokens fast and hard and EARLY, so the leyline capability is utterly

Now the Singularity.

It is no panacea.

But it ain't shabby.

As long as your opponent play more than one of a certain type of card, the leyline has done its job.

Also because YOU are playing the deck. You can build your deck such that it is asymmetrical in terms of the effect it imposes on players.

What does that mean?

Think hunted phantasm.

Think hatching plans.


Yes yes, stay with me.

Think Kami of Ancient law
Think Drowsing Shaman.

Heck throw in the panacea!

loxodon Hierarch!

Now throw in Devouring Light, Celestial Kirin and you got a real WUG monster going!

During play the "Kami of ancient law/ hatching plans" trick was quite nice actually.

The much maligned hatching plans and leyline trick is really just support.

Dowsing Shaman keeps the goodness flowing.

The death denied and hana kami combo is really to pick up the eternal witness to
keep everything running. :)

overall, I do not think it is a win all deck, but it is rather robust!

And when the plans hatch, they really burst forth! (this was the reason for
zombie infestation)



Why is the hatching plans good?

Was Ancestral recall good?

Now you might say that it is not a fair comparison, but really it is just one mana more and is an enchantment. And the draw effect is conditional.

It is NOT ancestral recall.

or is it.

Many say a better benchmark would be Standstill.

Standstill forces you to play control. Specifically counter style control.

Hatching plans however is a different kettle of fish.

The lack of a built in stimulus to burst the bubble is both a bane and a boon.

It is a bane because now you need to build your deck in such a way that it destroys the enchantment.

It is a boon because now your playstyle and indeed your deck can be much freer in terms of what it can do.

Standstill forces you to wait for your opponent. It is reactionary.

Hatching plans lets you choose how and when you want to burst your bubble.

It is no ancestral recall, true, but it is close.

But the trick is to make the "destroy enchantment" effect virtually free.

That is where the leyline and kami of ancient law come in.

In effect, with a kami of ancient law and hatching plan in play, you have a moat.

You make your opponent think obout his attack, if he bites you draw three, if he does'nt bite, you are holding fort just fine.

Of course relying on just the Kami to do the job is not very reliable so an alternative way is to use the leyline. :)

But if the leyline is only utilized for that, then of course one will have to say... Leyline of Singularity and Hatching plans a combo does not make.

But you can use the leyline of Singularity to your advantage. Chief of all is the use of the Hunted Phantasm.

Note that the legend rule change that came with Kamigawa makes this effect very nice.

All the little red gobbos go bye bye :)

Also the Phantasm is a good sucker punch, being unblockable and all.

So you can hold fort with the Loxodon and punch with the Phantasm.

One problem is aerial defense.

Originally I used the lammasu. But the 4/4 horror can be just that, a horror :)

I replaced the lammasu with a clone as a catch all.

You also notice there are many spirits in this deck :)

Yes that is the other beautiful thing about the phantasm.


Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

With a Celestial Kirin, you can really mop the floor with weenies.

The original make of the deck had, 1 3cc arcane, 4 2cc spirits, 4 3cc spirits.

You could have some major culling sun action going!

But in the end I took out the Celestial Kirin. I had that combo in another deck. I would squeeze it in this deck, but there is really no space :(

But it might be a good sideboard though. :)

Another reason for not playing the Kirin is that the interaction between Kami of the ancient law and hatching plans will be quite different.

You also realise the power of convoke when you need to play "Devouring light" but you only have 1 white mana producing land.

A blocking Kami of Ancient Law:
After declaring attackers and blockers and assignment
=> Block
Before damage is assigned
=> Tap to power up convoke for Devouring Light
Before Damage is dealt
=> sac to break the hatching plans

Nuff Said :)

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