A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: March 2013

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Monday, March 25, 2013

You Make the Card!!!

is an Enchantment =) yay!

the link is here

I hope the Enchantment ends up Uber!

Oh I love this shout out for enchantments =)

In other news, the new block is Theros!!! huh? heh, can't wait to see how that pans out

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Easter Event is here!!!!

This is from the travel page:

Spring is here again, and the King has ordered the Chocolate Factory back to full production. And we have more than enough paint this year!

And yet something's not quite right... No matter how many eggs are produced, none can be found! To complicate matters, a frightening new mouse has been seen prowling around with a confusing contraption. It's time for hunters to investigate!

Fun times!!

Update: 1303252341::>

So just go to the travel page and click on "Gnawnia" and travel to the Chocolate Factory, yo will then see the following:

Apparently my eggscavator is faulty!!!! Notty Devs, must have fiddled with it!

*cough* anyways I guess you need to collect eggs and err recalibrate the Eggscavator? And you need to hunt wit Marshmellow Monterey.

My guess is that you hunt in the Chocolate factory to get Monterey and then the different eggs are in different regions of MH map.

Thats all I can decipher for now anyways =)

Happy Hunting!

Update: 1303260057::>

and my first significant mouse!!

Update: 1303291148::>

So what to do after you have amassed Marshmallow Monterey cheese???

Well you arm it of course!

And if you have Dark Chocolate charm, you should use it! The mouse you are hunting for is the Egg Painter mouse, apparently he drops the recalibration  eggs!

AFTER that, the easter hunt starts proper =)

Update: 1303300000::>

Once you have the Eggscavator recalibrated you should see this:

As you can see there is the eggs charge indicator, the stars are to tell you if you got all the eggs in the area I guess

It tracks eggs in the area as well as what you found!

Definitely very useful! =D

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pillow Fort

This deck has been floating around for a while and it is becoming more real =)

Two articles you should read however:

The genesis of it by Travis Woo

and the MTGSally post.

For my part I am still building my silly LD deck =P

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Monday, March 18, 2013

You make the card! Tiebreaker!

Well I hardly ever do polls, but in the 4th Installment of YOU MAKE THE CARD. Apparently its a tie between, Land and Enchantment!

 So vote here =)

I voted for Enchantment. Simply because enchantments are difficult to get right and seeing how it all pans out will be interesting. Land is of course the most powerful type. It is uncounterable and only susceptible to LD and LD has been on the decline of late. So it's effect will likely not be too strong *hint hint* So pick enchantment! =D

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patrick's Day at Mousehunt

Daves gives a few hints on hunting Leprechauns Must be a lonely Saturday night huh? Well it is for me =) Anyways having a bad cold really does'nt help my mood, but anyways tis the time of the year to hunt the littlw green blighters, so lets get to work fellow Mousehunters!!!

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pulls from Jcubes

Bought six packs from Jcubes yesterday. Innistrad Korean packs.

Was mostly looking for playables to add to my collection, but got a nice surprise in my fifth pack.

A Liliana of the veil !! There is also a Tree of Redemption as well as a foil rare. The zombie enchantment has my favourite art as well (it was the first pack). So it was overall a rather cool pull =)

Other cool stuff, 2 Korean delvers! Doomed Traveler and Unburial rites!

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Marvel Alliance Special Ops

Hmmm I think will just use this page to hold the ops spec link I like to use

this is is the link for opsec 7

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Poisoners

How time flies.

I recently wrote a reply post in mtgsalvation where the OP asked a few interesting questions.

It was mostly indulgent moments, so indulged I did. A quick saunter down memory lane if you will.

Ad I realised it has been so many years. I also realise I haven't achieved very much. But that aside, I will now have my "I told you so" moment to all naysayers of poison, so many years ago.

Some Background: Poison used to be the joke of Magic. That it was something WOTC will never bring back blah blah.

But here we are today. =)

And to proof that I was a proponent of poison (well as much as one can be a proponent in a game of picture cards ;)), here is what I wrote back in 2006

Its odd, searching "The Poisoners" or Poisoners in the past yielded my link in the first page, now it has been relagated to 2nd 3rd or worse... I guess things fall apart eh ;)

Ah well, it was that great a write up or a deck, but it was fun. And thats the important part about Magic no?

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

RONZA!!! is back MH's 5th Birthday

It was a lonely corridor.

And my colleague looked at me expectantly.

I did'nt get the look he was giving me. And he asked.

"Are you a poor man?"

I was like, "My Good Man, how did you know??? it is the end of the month afterall-".

*ahem* But I caught myself in time and realised he was talking about mousehunt lol.

Yep, it is the great gold drain apparently.

This will be a quickey. It is oddly refreshing that this time the new trap is a straight out sale. You just provide the gold and Ronza gives you the stash.

Get the forgotten trap, it is the best at the moment! and it is L.E. I believe it is the first time there is an L.E. trap. And it beats the Ancient box trap hands down. Granted, one does not do very much the ABT. HOWEVER! IF you are into tourneys and dragons are your thing, the T-Rex will do you good... It will drain you a hefty 4 Million. Hey thats must be quick a load off you no?

Barring that, there is also the tribal box thingy for 1 million plus. It is good for the scenario where you have been playing awhile but not able to hit 4M.

So it boils down to this, Isle Idol (the trap from the L.E. box) is really good for camping in the Isles gathering the basic ingredients (all three power types by the way, the skins are included as a package in the box, so you can switch power types!!!) While the T-Rex is really for DRAGON!!! hunting =)

If you are stuck between the tribal box thingy and T-Rex,and can only buy one or the other  my gut feel is to go for the forgotten .

Essentially you get double drops with the traps from the tribal box, but the forgotten trap is LIMITED EDITION!! well so is the tribal box I think. Up to you =) I always like to power up my traps tho

Besides, its a T-REX!!!! How cool is that?

The there is always the neat thing for new players I think (I'm not really sure how strong the mech trap is ... yep VOLTRON!!!!)

To get the trap just hunt in the ROnza area and collect the parts., you will need to pay 100K for the head tho and VOILA!!! VOLTRON FTW!!!!

my current status is this:

I think that covers it for ROnza heh. I will update later with pics and stats.

Oh I forgot.

Why am I a poor man?

12.5 Million!!! TO get the upgrade for the SandStorm Monstrobot. You will need to buy the upgrade kit, smash your Monstrobot (it will end up in the sandtail tab) and just craft them together.

And you get a shiny monstrobot.


The Devs have been very kind, they know the Monstro is a touchy thing. It is possibly the single hardest trap to get in game. To mock players with an upgrade they can't access would be cruel. Hence they kept it NON LIMITED EDITION. So it has a VERY high chance of coming back =)

Do note! You must complete the event by 18th March!

happy Hunting ppl!


Something I found a little disconcerting about this current turn of events where the skin changes the type, the last time this was done was with the nanny charm and only for the parental power type. At that time we already see that the Parental type could be boosted to MONSTROBOT proportions.

This new power type altering Skin technology must be handled with utmost care my dear devs...

P.S. You spelt Taranosaurus wrong. ... or right.... I dunno was it Tranny saurus? Thats just wrong. =P

[Edit 1303122206]

So as you hunt its like does video games where the life bar gets lower 

And VOLTRON!!! himself lol

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I am sorry

I suspect if I am going to apologise everytime i am inactive on Mousehunt it will be quite many times =P

But I do feel bad. If you come here, you probably are looking for some legit kickass (I like that show btw lol) MH news....

which unfortunately I have been a little out of =P

Recently the evil evil Marvel Alliance has consumed by time and money... (well its not their fault)... but I can't really upkeep the PVP, so MA will be strictly casual now. Mostly just gain silver and try my bestest to collect the Heroes and stuff.. slowly... *cough*


I am currently in languish mode, I need to talk to my teammates more I think =)

I mean a whole CNY just kinda came and went lol (we did continue to get our L.E. though)


I am currently trying to build a Land Destruction Deck. I realise after spending hours talking to my friends and then myself *ahem* I like to lock people out of their games. Maybe i actually hate to play magic, what better way then to stop the whole game huh? Hmmmm *shrug*

Anyways LD has been kinda alienated (but never say never, I am actually pretty sure, counters combos, LD and all things that make your opponent unhappy, will be back in full force =) ).

But the time might be now! When the stars and more importantly modern dual lands (Innistrad lands, M13 lands and RTR and GTC lands) are all aligned. Perhaps this is LD's turn to shine.


I kid. I kid.

But seriously, the premise is this:

1) Color discipline is at an all time low, decks are getting greedy
2) Check out the number of decks with basic lands
3) Do you get screwed if you are not able to get a particular colour?

If your answer to 3 is yes!! Then there is hope for a LD deck!!

A key part of the equation is Ghost Quarters.

In an environment where non-basics rule, Ghost Quarters. can be punishing. Essentially a Strip mine.

The saving grace for most decks today is that proper LD starts at 4cc today.

Acidic Slime

I once commented to a friend that in Standard, creatures and lands are sacred.

Hence a Chronic Flooding on a land is literally a Bazaar of Baghdad.
!! W00t!

I am beginning to feel that is no longer as true. If LD can be tweak to provide a viable wincon, then the lands be a'blowin soon =)

I have actually spent a bit of time on this and have found that dedicated LD is still not viable (so all you Standard lubbers are safe for now =P). However!

There seems to be some game for LD as a subtheme. It may not be Top tier, but anything can happen in FNM! =D

I will post a list later.

To satiate your curiosity (I mean if you are still reading this I am guessing you are either concern about or interested in LD), this is a dated decklist that does not work =P Specifically it dies horrifically to Naya Humans. Currently one of the fastests deck in Standard.

//NAME: C:\MWS\Magic Workstation\craterize.mwDeck
    4 Steam Vents
    4 Sulfur Falls
    4 Ghost Quarter
    3 Breeding Pool
    4 Hinterland Harbor
    3 Stomping Ground
    4 Judge's Familiar
    4 Goblin Electromancer
    3 Acidic Slime
    4 Grave Bramble
    3 Craterize
    3 Izzet Charm
    1 Frenzied Tilling
    1 Serene Remembrance
    4 Farseek
    3 Mizzium Mortars
    2 Syncopate
    1 Bramblecrush
    1 Garruk, Primal Hunter
    2 Forest
    2 Island

// Sideboard:
SB: 2 Witchbane Orb
SB: 3 Wild Defiance
SB: 1 Kessig Wolf Run
SB: 1 Madcap Skills
SB: 1 Mercurial Chemister
SB: 3 Naturalize
SB: 4 Pillar of Flame

Later... =) and for my fellow Mousehunters, I will be on the ball for easter... no pun intended about round things. No, seriously.

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