A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: FBF 20120128 - Feedback Friday Mousehunt

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

FBF 20120128 - Feedback Friday Mousehunt

Dave or someone with a pic of him infront of his face

J:how did you enjoy the new year event?

people like the art, need more potions etc

I think its georgio

apparently Dave is late because his keyboard is ruined

Gergio: what is your favourite new mouse?

no answer? kudos to the art
Dragon and Calli got kudos

Doing miniscreen as big screen crashes

random stuff about the ceiling

Georgio is back with fake dave

Georgio is back.....? or someone else posing as Dave

it is really Dave!

finally they do FBF

Georgio's got questions for Dave

Ronza questions

Do you ever think Ronza will bring old traps

Dave says nono!

something about homonym

google clarified stuff

more stuff about the Coffee

Will Ronza be here on time?

Dave says Ronza is commited to coming before February

Does dave get discount on ROnza Traps?

Dave says nono!

lots of random stuff about Batman Forever

Thats all the ROnza questions!

Will Muridae baskets be back?

Dave will know!

Something similar in the future

Any plans to stack golden shields?

there was a proposal... they will try to make shield special but
no confirmation?

Ronza Spoiler?

Dave: some random stuff about curding

collectable item sets?

can get lich jewel with NNT?

nearly impossible (extremely rare)

How many plankrun drped by Slith

Dave: dunno, no stats

They have some database... some random searching

apparently it does'nt drop plankrun???

wiki might be wrong?

Ho wman y people silvere dthe elder?

will need to run a query

Is the numebr slap cats slapped etc?

stat not tracked

How did Tournies go up without down time?

Dave : optimised

Some one replaced the labels on Dave's food cans

is Dragon Seal L.E.

Dave: too early

How would you rate mouse hunt as a newbie?

some deep stuff.... about games mechanics....

will we ever see L.E. skins and charm

Dave: most likely

Can see Franco?

yes definitely

Franco appears!

Franco reveals what Darcy did!

apparently coffee leaked from his bag?

Some random chat

Will there be more charm brewing potions?

some random msyterious answer....

are there any plans for whisker woods tournaments?

yes, and more will be added

I missed something here

and they are talking about rocks in a box?

beets they love

some random stuff

Hi5? ends in Feb

Dave's pic says: its new info to them... the will try to transfer Hi5 to FB

they will try to ease the transition

something about beets

some randoms tuff

some thinfs they don;t tell us so that they can change

will there be changes made to the skins Sphnyx and onstrobot?

Jacob says maybe for the Sphynx make it look meaner
not for monstro tho, also it is not on high priority

Is there chrome trap coming

Jacob was painting his bathroom with chrome paint -.-

Plans to hav e HUD for windmill

Yes, but on back burner

probably done on time like the FBF art fridays, no guarantees


They do read the forums
normally they don't make changes, so bad streaks are probably just that


Unless you are Andrew Stevenson =P

I think they were hoping to fit the Icewing somwjere, but lots of goofing... hard to make out

Plushie mice?

jacob: maybe

Will mice become permananent?

Jacob: probably just event

something of remving the 2011 from the rockets?

I think the firecrasker...? note sure...

Kudos received for the firecracker box

apparently the box was meant as an indicator for what you should do.

Overflowing means you got more than enough

full is sopposed to be the amount you nned to get costume dragon? But it is approximate

Solo tournaments?

not likely?

Jacob likes Disney

They massage a bean bag...

lots of random stuff.... losing it

they are singing....

When CNY event willl end

---- probably will coincide with the actualy 15 day cycle?

7th Feb? thereabouts

Valentines will be low key... some mice

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