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A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guide to Furoma Master Hunt Tournament

This is a guide for a Furoma Master Hunt

there are the 3 player kinds and the 4 5 player kinds.

I am going to ignore the number of players and duration of the tournament.

Though those are definitely important variables. I might come back to those but for now, its just the general stuff.

I expect the scope and mice values might change, so I guess I should put it up front so we know what we are talking about =)



- Training Grounds
- Dojo
- Meditation Room
- Pinnacle Chamber

1 point:

Gold Mouse
Diamond Mouse

15 points:

Ninja Mouse
Kung Fu Mouse
Samurai Mouse

20 points:

Student of the Cheese Belt Mouse
Student of the Cheese Claw Mouse
Student of the Cheese Fang Mouse
Master of the Dojo Mouse (Mojo)
Dojo Sensei (Sojo)

25 points:

Master of the Cheese Belt Mouse
Master of the Cheese Claw Mouse
Master of the Cheese Fang Mouse

50 points:
Dumpling Chef Mouse
Worker Mouse

100 points:

Assassin Mouse


There are definitely a few routes to take:

1) From the Beginning
2) Maki Baby
3) Master Ba... hmmm

Alrighty, what routes you take really is dependent on what cheese you have ready and your rank. If your rank is higher you probably have better traps and can hunt the stronger mice better. Your cheese will determine what you can hunt.

Its really How? What? and Where? lol so cliche huh

How : is the traps you have
What : the mice you hunt, which is determined by your cheese
Where : You can't hunt all categories of mice, sometimes due to location

Anyways the how what where logic will be applied so here we go!

(Incidentally, I suppose the duration and size of team and number of teams is the when? When do you hunt what? =P i.e. not so much time but the appropriate time, time not as a continuum but time as event triggered, situational)

1) From the Beginning

If you come in totally unprepared. This is the route you take.

If you come in as a new player with SB to burn. This is the route you take.

If you come in as a new player with no SB to burn. This is also the route you take.

If you are a new player, likely you just want to stick to the Training Grounds. SB will get you the better mice, with the occasional Dumpling and Worker. So you do get those spurts of luck, more so if you have SB+ armed.

If you are higher ranked and/or have better traps. Say that shiny 2012 Boomboxtrap, then you can proceed to hunt the students in the Dojo. if you have Maki, use maki. You can craft or buy Maki off the Marketplace.

If you are totally new and missed the boombox... I'm afraid you will have to stay in the Sandbox kid, *ahem* I mean the Training Grounds yeah.

Actually if you have the 2012, you can proceed to Meditation Room and have a go at Masters. even up to Mojo. (I think Sojo will be really painful)

Note however that if you do go beyond the Masters, and go for Mojo and above, it gets a little luck based since you will miss quite a bit.

Better to stick in the Training Grounds and eat Dumplings or Workers. I.e. you can get lucky with this route.

2) Maki Baby!

If you have loads of Maki you can try this route. It helps in your Furoma run and the points are decent.

What you give up though are the chances of getting lucky. You should get less workers, and arming Maki, probably quite a bit less.

But it is consistent and you build your Furoma runs =D !

3) Master Ba... hmmm

This is the route you take if your trap is very strong.

You hunt masters! You poo poo the students! Or maybe you are just in that phase of a Furoma run. -.-

But no matter! You Hunt masters and you hunt them consistently ! Only with more points than the Maki Babies!!

Do note: you too give up the chance of getting lucky for more consistency.

What not to do:

Hunt Mojos or Sojos - Even with a Sphynx you miss. The points do not justify going after them.

And thats it from me. There are certain difference of course of the duration is long and the number and composition of players are different

but quickly:

Long durations means, your chances of meeting that elusive Dumpling is higher!

Also if you have lower level players or unprepared players, they might be better off taking route 1, so in a long run getting lucky can help break the duck between teams. Better than sputtering trying to catch masters. This is even more important once endurance tournaments are up. Then even a team full of high level player will still consider putting one member in route 1 to ensure the amplifier!

More active players also means you can afford to put someone in route one to try to get lucky. If you are in a passive team, then you will need to focus on the higest and most consistent option.

i.e. Route 2 or 3

Of course if you are a new player, really its still route 1 unless! you have the BBT, then if you have the cheese you can try for Route 2. Route 3 will be less consistent even with BBT and RR level traps. Its pretty good still so worth a shot.

And that roughly what I have for Furoma Master Hunt Tournaments =)

Happy Hunting ppl!

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