A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: New Year 2012 Mousehunt and Ronza!!!

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year 2012 Mousehunt and Ronza!!!


The question on your mind surely must be.

Whare did I put that cat.

no no thats not it =P

Seriously. The Big Boom Trap. and Ronza. Ronza. Yes Ronza!

What to do when ROnza comes around?


Spam gold and try to get a few millions. Don't cry or beg if you don't have enough. Just know that you tried. And pick your poison. *cough* Trap.

So I guess the big questions would be:

1) is The Big Boom TRAP worth it?
2) How do I spam gold?

1) This depends. Are you a collector and how old are you anyways?!? nono MH old =P

If you are a new player? The Big Boom TRAP (henceforth TBBT) is a very good buy and you will likely use it alot.

The stats are as follows:

2012 Big Boom Trap ( 2,500 Tactical Power )
Power type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: 20%
Luck: 25
Cheese Effect: Extremely Stale

See it is identical to the RR (Rewer's Riposte), except for cheese effect and less power but more attraction

Cost: 605,000 gold
Points Required: 108,900
Power: 2,900
Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 25
Cheese Effect: Fresh

So essentially it is a trade in raw power and freshness (chesse effect) for attraction.

Is attraction good? It depends. Different areas have different attraction and the effect of attraction and even its amplitude I suspect can be altered. (Hence I don't really believe the formula as amplitude is fixed).

I have observed that in the tribal Isles, upping your attraction to 20% total and using Gouda, gives you a near Super Brie effect. In other areas, either I have'nt hunted there enough OR the degree of effect is different, but it still plays a part.

So is attraction important? To me as a rule of thumb, any trap with an attraction greater than 15% is worth a second look. I mean I use my Snob many times not for the luck but for the attraction! (But the luck is definitely a VERY nice bonus).

Oh btw, getting this trap, if you do not have the RR. YES! You can now spam Furoma for gold =)

NOW. If you are a vet. no. veteran. (I knoe I knoe mice and all, hence the confusion) This trap may not have a purpose if you have RR or Sphynx. But its main thrust is still decent power and luck coupled with Attraction!

The Snob is many times limited by its low raw power. The luck increases its reach, but it has its limits. Now this traps presents something with Snobbish Attraction and a bit more power!

Nothing to sniff at really. It is a small boost yes, but a boost nevertheless.

If you are a collector. Why am i even talking to you? *walks away*

2) How do I spam gold:

If you have access to Furoma and you can get the the Furoma crates/boxes or you have loads of tokens or maki AND you have RR or Spynx or ZFM or the lovely trap from above the TBBT. You can spamz Furoma. Enjoy.

If you are not high level enough then it is either:

Cats or the Mouseuleum. Cats if you can of course. And the mouseuleum, go in and prepare to stay there for a while, because it is swingy. Cats if you have the ACRO or za Nutcracker is a good place too if you cannot access Furoma.

There is actually a third option. One that I used to swear by. It is supposedly better than Cats, but inferior to Furoma. AND it is swingy. That is Derr of the Tribal Isles. If you have Monstro (why would you have monstro but cannot access Furoma is beyond me) or Enraged!! Derr is good too. If you have Rhino... he is really good but painful. I'll just leave it at that =)

So those are your options Happy Hunter, May you spam gold and get loads from Ronza!

------------------------ 20111231 14:23

Important NOTE:

Don't spend/arm your firecracker charms, it is not a static requirement, they are consumed when you buy the trap !!!

Also firecrackers and firecracker charms are the SAME thing. This has been confirmed.

------------------------------ 20111231 19:06

And someone has bought the trap and kindly posted the pic =)

The poster thinks its ugly tho.. I think it looks fine =)


I am still waiting for my first New Year Mouse =/

------------------------------ 20120102 06:59

Well its really 2012 now....

and for some reason I keep thinking its TBBT when I myself pasted 2012 Big Boom Trap ...

==' *sighz*

so henceforth it is 2012BBT ... man that looks ugly....

we'll just leave it as 2012 BBT or BBT I guess =P

and mouse fans? if you are still waiting for that elusive New Year mouse? Hang in there! The mouse is definitely out there.

I have bought TWO of the traps.

Don't hit/hate me =P

Then again I bought the feta.

BUT. The point I am trying to make? If you are hunting for feta? Try to get to 100-200 then go New Year mouse hunting. And don't keep traveling. Sometimes you get lucky true, but by the same token sometimes you get UNlucky, so just try to stick.in.one.place.

Let the law of averages take its course. And for than to happen you need to accumulate feta and stay in one place.

That is my advice.

I cannot say I understand your frustration at not getting the mouse (3 days ago I could, but even then 3 days ago some have already crafted.. go figure =p). But I can safely tell you, the mouse is definitely out there. And you do have a few more good days to go before the Snow Fortress melts!

Hopefully. =/ .

Well no point moping right. Git Hunting!

May you get your New Year MICE soon =)

PS: if you are interested to know my setup is :

NNT/Cheesecake/Winter Wood charm or Winter charm/LGS/feta

Been in Snow Fortress for the past few days =)

--------------------------------- 20120104 00:19

The Big Boom Trap =)

-----------------------------------20120105 07:14

The GWH ENDS on 9th Jan (Dev time I suppose) !! Its in the ticker!!! Time to STRATEGISE PANIC !!!! *ahem*

---------------------------------20120106 06:54

Its official =)

The devs did not say the 2012 BIG BOOM TRAP will still be around, BUT they did say it is only available while the Snow Fortress is around, so better get it quick =) ALSO in the official statement above, the 2010 BIG BOOM TRAP is on the todo list before the GHW ends, so all indications seem to point to the 2012 BIG BOOM TRAP not being around after the GHW ends (i.e. likely you will not be able to buy it when Ronza comes)

Happy Hunting ppl!

----------------------------------------20120108 22:48hrs

The GWH will end sometime tomorrow or about a day left. I am GMT +8, so I guess we have almost a day left =P

Anyways I guess the foremost thing on your mind now (if you have'nt already done everything and is'nt already covered in this humongous post) is:

Is the 2012 BBT worth it?

Well ISSIT ISSIT???!!>>! you say?

IT IS IT IS!!! I say! Is that enough?? =P

Well I have already said somewhere that it is the closes to a Snob so there! =D

----------------------------------------- 20120121 09:08

wow long time edit here =P what with Tournaments taking most of my time now

Still last nights FBF had EVENT News!!

I did'mt want to do a full fledge FBF... but maybe I should ...tell ya what mousefans I will do one next week, this week I can only give you a hazt summary, but you best heade to the forum link here =P

anyways the big takeaways for me last night were these!

A BOX!!!! A BIG BOX!!! HOW WUNDERFUL!!! I like boxes... ... too much.

And theres a sign on it!!!!!

What can boxes do? You put things in em!!

And somehow there is this bottled Firecracker thing....

And this is obviously a turtle, devs say so. period.


Oki fine its the right side of a pic of a Dragon head =P probably a costumed mouse =P

Oh the FBF? There was Georgio, Jacob and a dev.. Dan??

Mostly Georgio fielding the questions. Stuff about this year being the year when community is the main thrust. I think it was in answer to how far do they plan in advance few months or years. And the answer was there is a main idea for the year, but they emphasised that player suggestion and views will influence their decisions. St patricks's day? Jacob is keen, but will need Dave's decision. Muridae basket? Dave's decision. There was also talk that the current prize distribution may be tweaked, current implementation of it is like a test drive. So those for better prizes in top 10, you have better reasons to hope for it. Myself being in a more casual team, I hope 1 token (JUST ONE!!!) will be given to teams or individuals that show some measure of effort.... for me and my partner (2 out of five man team) to score 340+ rank took effort. =/

ah well thems the breaks.

Also those that got heart attacks during the Tribal or Furoma runs, due to the 25% and 50% ranking qualification teetering back higher and higher can rest assure that it was an anommaly and its fixed! The 25% and 50% cutoffs are base on the numbers at START. =)

Thats all I have now... gotta prep for a 6 hour run... hope fully I get 1 or 2 tokens else its almost four days of tournaments (the continous over night kind) and no tokens to show. Ya thats the effort i meant... not even 1 token? *sighs* But thems the breaks. Yes I am whining, this is my blog, my space ya ? Thems your breaks if you you don't like it so there =P

Later I might post some stuffs on strategies in the Isles. Maybe. And future FBF... will still be hazy.. but hopefully a little less =P and I will post it in a separate post. I probably won't cover Jacobs art ones tho... maybe just provide the link and so on... if I am awake you get spoilers if not ... =P Thems the breaks.... darn this is now the whine of the day huh ... hope not. its gonna be a bright and shining day today w00t!

Happy Hunting!

---------------------------- 20120121 02:28

Event Alert!!!!

this was found on a dev profile!

2:15 am - Vacant Lot
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 1 lb. 0 oz. Diamond Mouse worth 1,200 points and 600 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Firecracker Charm

1:15 am - Vacant Lot
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 9 oz. Gold Mouse worth 600 points and 1,200 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Firecracker Charm

12:15 am - Vacant Lot
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 4 oz. Calligraphy Mouse worth 1,888 points and 888 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
2 Firecracker Charms and 1 Luck Charm
12:12 am - Vacant Lot
I traveled to Year of the Dragon Festival for the cost of 510 gold.

The forum link is here

----------------------------------- 20120124 10:17

IT HAZ BEGUNZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

You can read the details in the newspost above which is already summarised, but in even shorter terms:

Get Firecracker charms (which you should have bucketloads of if you hunted to the end of the New Year Event) to hunt mice which drop bigger explosive stuff use those to hunt bigga mice!!!! There may also be potion drops (from Costumed Tiger Mouse ) to make nitropop charms! presumably to attract bigger badder --- scratch that, luckier ;) mice! You also need to capture the costumed dragon mouse to get a dragon seal. Then you have access to a spanking new ACRONYM skin. *cough* (it will cost 250 firecracker charms btw) alternatively, if you are short on firecrackers you can just buy it with FB credirs or paypal =P

Thats basically what it is for now =)

----------------------------------- 20120124 10:34

This is by a dev on the forums ... so you might not want to cash in the firecrackers so early.. =)

"The skin isn't the final reward for the event - as said before, it's the mice that are the reward. The skin is more along the lines of "another neat thing you can do once you've gone and caught the Costumed Dragon mouse". We didn't make that obvious, and I apologize for that."

------------------------------ 20120124 11:15

there is a nicely formatted guide to the even so far =)

------------------------------- 20120124 11:28

The Year of the Dragon Festival Acronym Skin!

I guess I should also add. As of now, there is no news of Ronza. *sadface*

----------------------------------- 20120124 13:26

now initially I used Brie but had 4 lootless and 1 FTA, I arm SB+ and BOOM!

current 7 of 9 had loot with 6 of the loot being the potion drop.

So if you want it quick definitely arm SB+

but note also you don't really get anything of use in terms of gameplay, just a pretty skin ;)

------------------------------------------ 20120124 13:48

might have just jinxed myself here

7 of 11 now =/

Statistics at work I guess =P

my setup is Monstro/Magma/SB+/LGS/Firecracker Charm

------------------------------------------ 20120124 13:48

The Calligraphy mouse can only be caught using SB+

Any of these:
Super Luck Charm
King's Credit
Nitropop Potion

Happy CNY Everyone! =)

------------------------------------------- 20120125 06:29

if you WONDER about your firecracker box! WONDER no more!

I meant, the empty, half full and over flowing bit =) You can find out more here, its a cut off thing =) I won't post the ranges here =P

Also rumours of a Dragon Kite abound!!!!

(Its a collectable, go to your profile by clicking on the MH shield and click on items tab then under collectibles, then under uncollected)

ta da!!! .... oki so maybe I was the only one wondering what it was for too long =P

Other factoids:
Once you have the Dragon Seal, you can buy the ACRO skin. If you attempt to crown the Costumed Dragon mouse, however note that the seal is maxed at 1 (also it is not consumed when you buy the skin =))

Have a good day ppl!

----------------------------- 20120125 21:41

A rather useful way to look at what trap setup to use, I feel , can be found here post number 5 =)

Essentially once you are at a "minimal" required amount of luck to catch mice of interest, essentially you should start focusing on attraction or freshness.

Note however that although we say a minimal amount of luck. You still do need power. For luck is NOTHING without power. Think of luck as a factor of power. Factor of zero? yep ;) So yes although we like to use luck as a measure of a trap's viability, its power (though less in effect) is still a key determinant of a trap's viability. The best example is really the Snob. Yes you probably hahaed that, but seriously run through the gauntlet, catch the mojos and Sojos and compare it with the 2012 (try to keep luck constant) I suspect you might see the difference.

---------------------------------------------- 20120125 23:04

don't know how legit this is (found it in the forums)... but is this a leak? orrr.....?

But if it is true? What of Ronza in January????


--------------------------------------- 20120126 00:42

To be honest, the "leak" seemed a little hastily done...so I have my doubts about it

and it does'nt quite gel with Ronza coming in jan.... that said she has 4 days left..

I actually think she might come in the next 5 hours... why?

Well most updates happen when i am asleep for some reason. I wake up, i log in, and I am a few hours late for the event or update or something =/

And why tomorrow? Well I notice a trend they like to release things for about a day (or a few days) then get feedback, yes the "pre FBF" theory =P

Sure its a long shot. But you got something better? =P

Anyways if you are hunting in the current event:

At the moment my Snob\SBB\Brie\LGS\Firecracker Charm seems to be doing okay... i am getting Nitropop drops.

Which is an interesting setup by the way. There are a few theories running around.

1) Luck does not affect loot
2) You should hunt with minimal luck (i.e. enough to catch) and use attraction

The argument for 2) is as follows: you attract more, catch more.


we have learnt from the gauntlet that catching more does not translate into more lootz.

And we do have the Devs say that, lucks effect on loot is proportional to the chance of the loot dropping in the first place.

Essentially luck is like a multiplier (or some incremental factor) and the chance is some fixed number by the Dev. Say 0.001 % chance of a loot drop, a multiplier of 2 means 0.002% i.e. the effect is not discernable.

I believe this is the reason for alot of the unhappiness with the claim that luck increases loot. When pushed, proponents of 1) will fall back to : "Luck affects loot in a very small miniscule way". But that does not mean it does not exist nor that the increase in loot is definitively because of an increase in catch rate (though that is definitely a factor - a huge one too!)

Point is. I think the chance of a loot drop should be significantly higher for this event so.... interestingly. IF YOU BELIEVE! *whoah.....* that luck does increase loot, now is a good time to up your luck =)

So don't just go for attraction, go for luck too!

Now not to say attraction is not important! Thats why I use Snob, thats why I like the 2012 BBT. Because mousefans, these traps have high luck and attraction! =) A loot droppinz combo! 2012 has decent power and luck and attraction... ... actually what I meant to say is that 2012 has better power than Snob, hence for 2012 I will try to up luck or attraction (with the base), whereas for the Snob I am using SBB to try to up the raw power.

Its looking alright so far =) I might post stats... maybe.

happy Hunting ppl!

----------------------------------------------- 20120126 06:30


I am awake...

and no ROnza =(

I is wrongz



but read into this new rumour fresh Fresh FRESH from the forums

" Jacob Johnson
Ho'boy, I forgot how mind boggling painting chrome can be!
Like · · Share · 11 · about a minute ago · "

--------------------------------------------- 20120127 04:52


Calling all Calligraphers
Costume Competition
Dragon Deception
Red Envelope Roundup

Is 5 am here .... I woke up at 4 plus... gave up trying to use the mobile to type lol

Also Dragon Seals have "a higer purpose" .... either Dave or Ronza =P smells like a trap or a .... new area??? =P ... likely a trap =P

------------------------------------------- 20120131 06:38

FinaLLY a reason to update!!!

you know, I know, we all know she is coming!!!!! But when???

Well SOON!! and Sooner than you think and this time is for real!!!

see this link and this link or maybe here!!!

----------------------------------- 20120201 03:03

Troll is troll =P

Apparently the devs meant Ronza is incredibly slow... so yes. No. No Ronza. not yet


------------------------------------------------- 20120201 03:42

RONZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronza's Items!!!

Chrome RhinoBot

Power: 6000 (Physical)
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: 27
Cheese Effect: Ultimately Stale

Chrome Tacky Glue Trap

Power: 70 (Physical)
Power Bonus: none
Attraction Bonus: 30%
Luck: 20
Cheese Effect: Stale

Warpath Thrasher

Power: 4500 (Physical)
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 6
Cheese Effect: Stale
(this is the only time you will be able to a trap with 30 luck - only applicable to the waves in Warpath)

Jade Base

Power: 300
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: Extremely Fresh

Dragon Jade Base

Power: 300
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: 10
Cheese Effect: No Effect

(If you do not have Magma, you should at least get this if you get nothing else!)

Tarnished Charm

Power: 0
Power Bonus: none
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: none
Consumed Upon: Successful Catch
Read Description

Mining Charm

Power: 250
Power Bonus: 1%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: none
Consumed Upon: Encountering a Mouse

--------------------------------------- 20120201 07:03

I'll just do a quick evaluation of the traps =)

I think to really understand the impact of the traps you need to know its extra abilities.

Only the Warpath Thrasher has this problem though.

"At the beginning of each Warpath Wave, the Warpath Thrasher has 9,000 power and 30 luck! However, as you catch mice, the Warpath Thrasher becomes less effective and its power and luck will reduce."

First up tho:

Chrome RhinoBot

Power: 6000 (Physical)
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: 27
Cheese Effect: Ultimately Stale

This is definitely waaay better than old Rhino. Is it better than the Chrome Drillbot? Well it has 1 more luck and 2000+ more power but 10% less power bonus.
Still Chrome Drillbot is L.E. you either have it or your don't and if you do? Do you NEED the Chrome Rhinobot?my answer would be no, but it is a nice to have.

Monstro outdoes it in all departments though, so again depending on what you do have.

If you have the Sentinel? Chrome Rhinobot has less raw power, less bonus and no attraction. The only plus is that it has 1 more luck. So again no.

Now the War Thrasher is a more interesting piece for those who have reached the Warpath.

Warpath Thrasher

Power: 4500 (Physical)
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 6
Cheese Effect: Stale
(this is the only time you will be able to a trap with 30 luck - only applicable to the waves in Warpath)

"At the beginning of each Warpath Wave, the Warpath Thrasher has 9,000 power and 30 luck! However, as you catch mice, the Warpath Thrasher becomes less effective and its power and luck will reduce."

At the beginning of each wave, it has more raw power and more luck than the monstrobot. I guess it is good as a luckier version of the Monstrobot. I don't think it is actually needed, but is really a nice to have.

For the others, if you have magma, the Dragon base is not required. =)

more later i gtg.

Happy Hunting!

--------------------------------------- 20120202 00:33

Th Chrome Tacky Glue Trap

It is a symbol really of the effort the MH devs make in listening to the players (well at least in the forums =P)

What is it good for? 70 power and 30% attraction and 20 luck. It is apparently the new killa of the Gauntlet tier 1 and 2 Time will tell, but yes this one has a good chance.

My thoughts about the traps yesterday have not changed, except for the War Thrasher. To me the quandary is really how the War Thrasher was implemented.

Does it have its stats decrement by mice it caught? or mice left? I can't really tell right now because so far everyoe on the forum seems to be making regular runs. I.E. arm the War Thrasher at the beginning of the wave and then run through the wave. What I want to do is to arm the War Thrasher at the start of the wave, catch one mouse and then switch to a conventional trap and then arm again to see if its stats drop. What is the significance you say? IF the stats are decremented only by mice the War Thrasher caught, then we have the chance to use 30 luck against the war monger. Which I thought would have been a niche use of the trap that higher ranking players would appreciate... I find that it makes little sense to only be able to use a fully powered War Thrasher against weak mice. Very odd indeed if it were truely (current evidence seems to be pointing that way) the case.

If any mice caught in the wave will decrement the War Thrasher stats then it is'nt very good and you should be able to safely skip it! =P Pity that.

Should you get the Chrome Rhino? if you have no better traps (Sentinel or Monstro), then the Chrome Rhino will help you quite a bit. The Chrome Rhino is likely better than the Chrome Drillbot.

Now the DJB or Dragon Jade Base is the current hot topic. Does it replace magma? Sorry Magma haters but no. At least not really.

If you do not value attraction then, DJB is better. If you do appreciate the attraction then magma still holds its own. Myself? I believe in attraction =P Why? effectively when you use the DJB it is harder to hit the magical 20% attraction. You may think attraction is not important, but it is the very reason the Chrom Drillbot was derided almost a few days after it was released. People use it to hunt in Derr, but it was attracting enough. At that time I thought the Chrome Drillbot had power and luck enough, so I armed target base. And true enough I got more attractions, but I kept getting red boxed. This showed that the devs did their testing =P and picked a sweet spot where we cannot exploit the Chrom Drillbot's luck. This is the reason, the Chrome DEATHBOT is still better than Chrome Drillbot.

So will the DJB replace Magma? Personally, not by a long shot. Even golden has to arm a champion charm to out do Magma else Golden is simply a better Spellbook base(without the Champion charms).

So buy what you can. With the DJB has your TOP priority if you can only buy one thing and you do not have the Magma (or some other 10 luck trap).

Then Rhino if you do not have a better trap.

The Warpath Thrasher could be 1) 2) or 3) really, depending on the outcome of how its ability work.

If you do not have much gold and cannot buy the DJB, you can actually consider getting the Jade Base or the Tacky Glue Trap. I would personally rate the Tacky Glue Trap over the Jade base =)

30% attraction is nothing to sneeze at and with 20 luck too!

I'll try to test out the War Thrasher myself (I suspect I will be disappointed =P)

Should you get the charms? I am personally gonna spend about a few million on them. since 5 luck is pretty good! =D

Anyways Happy Hunting ppl!!!

--------------------------------------- 20120203 00:21

Note that Ronza will be leaving on the third! So do buy what you want =)

Now how much of the tarnish charms you wish to buy? I'll give you a vague : as many as you are comfortable with =P

MH Birthday is coming, but no major traps on the horizon (but what do i know right =P) But still should you spend all your gold???? Probably not =P

Oh the Chrome Charms are +5 luck better than winter charms (+4) so definitely some good =)

(okay I vaguely remember its plus 5, but in any case it sells for 2K gold on the marketplace right now so thats all good no? =P)

Happy Hunting!!!

---------------------------------------- 120203 00:27


This is Warpath Thrasher (decked out in the current fashionable base =P) at full strength in Wave three:


aaaaand this is Wart after catching a Crimson Titan....

Hmmm apparently no change yet????

I will now switch to a Monstro and get back to yo after a few catches... =P This is probably what i am most interested in =)

This is the Sandstorm Monstrobot all else equal

Happy Anticipation Hunters ;)

---------------------------------------------- 20120203 00:50

Ah.... I am sadden....

This is the Warpath Thrasher after:

1) Wart catches firs mouse of the wave
2) Monstro catches mouse 2 on trapcheck and mouse 3 normally and then causing 2 to retreat (i.e. 5 mice down)

So its not based on the number of mice caught by the WarT but by the total number of mice caught in the wave. Thats sad as it means you cannot use its 30 luck against the big bad in the wave 4... =/ waste of 30 luck if you ask me.

As a consolation though, you can still use Mage and Cavary charms to draw out the stronger mice of the wave (but not the Flame Ordinance - hmmm tho... if i remember correctly ACRO still does way better... I might be wrong tho ... I actually have taken a long hiatus from the warpath =P)

Ah... it could have been so much more.... a niche method to catch the Warmonger would have been sweet... perhaps it would have been too good =P

Also for those hoping the much will not change? I hear from the forums, luck drops as well. ... I will catch a few more mice with Monstro then update the WarT's decline but we know the verdict already so its just hammering another nail in the proverbial coffin.

I guess it still is useful for those with no monstro or Sentinel, but for those who already have them? The ability to face off against the Warmonger with a full strength Wart would have be a real HOG of an idea! =D

Happy Hunting PPL!

-----------------------20120203 01:21

Chrome Charm
0 Power
Power Bonus: 3%
Luck: 5

Quick update on the Chrome Charm... but you probably already know that =P

--------------------------20120203 01:55

if you are still here, I can't bear to post more *sob*

it has fallen to 10,656 tho luck is still up

Monstro has caught 2 more in this time....

Nites ppl!

-----------------------------------------20120203 06:43

and this is the confirmation that luck also goes down =/

This is after Monstro caught mice 2,3 retreated mice 4-5, caught mice 6-7, then FTC breaking the streak, caught mouse 8, caught crimson commander, across the board retreated 1, then catching another 2 titans.

Happy Hunting ppl , I conclude my little test may you make the right decisions.

The WarT still has its uses in making good initial runs, for 2 M, thats actually a pretty good recusable benefit on its own, and is an absolute boon to ERB users!!!

-------------------------20120203 07:09

Monstro caught 1 more causing 2 to retreat, then catchin g another, leaves the WarT
at 9480 and 45 luck =/ my por por WarT.... you are such a piig =P

Happy Hunting ppl! (this really concludes my little test until I hit wave 4, where we'll see if its a percentile drop or by per mice or something else altogether!)

------------------------------20120204 07:32

Ronza will stay till 5th!!!!

The exact time is :

Sunday, February 5th, 5pm (GMT)

---------------------------------------20120204 16:43

a little Nugget about the mining charms

essentially it appears that mining charms increase the attractions of the Big Bad Burroughs Mouse or BBB , it also increases attractions of Itty-Bitty Burroughs Mouse and even possibly the elusive Nugget mouse!!!

---------------------------------- 20120204 17:16

How good is the Warpath Thrasher??? How should you use the Warpath Thrasher??

Someone did an analysis!!!

The google doc itself can be found here

-----------------------------------20120206 00:05

Apparently this year is gonna e a big year!!!

" Originally Posted by Dan Hulton
Evan, we TOTALLY have plans for this. Obviously, I can't give timelines, but we want to "step up our game" this year.

I want new areas, too. I almost don't feel behind you guys any more. =3"

This was posted by a dev here

Again proof that the devs do read Cheese and Whine lol

------------------------------------------------------- 20120206 06:15

and so it ends Ronza is gone!!!!!

Also the Year of the Dragon Festivities will likely end soon as well, give and take 2 more days.... I just hope there are a few more runs of the event tournaments... but it is beginning to seem more and more unlikely =/


Happy Hunting ppl!!!!

----------------------------------- 20120208 06:21

and so it ended and so ended this post =)

Year of the Dragon Festival is officially over!!!

Hope you had a great time and happy hunting ppl!!!

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