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A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Furoma Runs


What is a Furoma run.

First, what is a run. In MH terms this usually means storing a substantial amount of cheese and then hunting with that stock of cheese for a long period.

Runs could be broken by the way, for instance my current Gauntlet run will likely be broken by the Great Winter Hunt 2011.

Why do people go on runs? Well, usually its because its a goal of some sort. On a more logical basis, given that mousehunt's behaviour should in the long run be statistically consistent (hopefully). A long run will smooth out the hunts, the bad and good patches so to speak.

Though there are also short runs. Most people do Gauntlet, the short way. This means you pack some amount of cheese, usually the minimal that will get you to the end stage big bad, in this case (for the Gauntlet); the Eclispe mouse. Normally people do this, to simply do it and get it over with =P

Alright alright, so you know what a run is.

But what is a Furoma run? I'll keep it short as I am no expert on it. There are definitely more expert views elsewhere.

1) It all begins with Maki

Get a stock of Maki, preferably at least 100pcs (Note as of the time written it is still profitable to get SB from the mkt place at 6000 - I won't do the funky calculations here, you can get them at the forums)

2) Catch students and collect tokens

You can skip the Training Grounds if this is not your first time. Training Grounds is where the shops are, but the mice do not really drop any important loot for progression.

Actually I do rememeber distinctively sitting in Training Grounds for quite sometime. Likely I did not fulfil some requirement =P

Once you enter the Dojo you want to catch students!!

Now strictly speaking you do not need Maki, in the past (so it may not be true now) Brie with a high attraction actually does pretty well, but I think it got nerfed.

So students, you arm your best tactical and go to town (Note to seriously do Furoma Runs you need a good trap, RR or better, Wrath is the current bestest)

After which you need to try to rebalance your tokens. You can do that with King Credits if you have them, if not its more hunting till you are satisfied.

3) Craft Cheese of the Masters

Now you need to catch the Masters of the Fang, Claw and Belt

You need to craft Glutter from Belt tokens
You need to craft Susheese from Claw tokens
You need to craft Combat from Fang tokens

Master of the Cheese Belt drops Master Belt Shards
Master of the Cheese Claw drops Master Claw Shards
Master of the Cheese Fang drops Master Fang Shards

These can be used to craft Rumble Cheese!

4) Get Your Mojo

get Mojos get as many as you can.

Mojos good.
Mojos drop Onyx stones!

5) Craft Unstable Curds

Do not craft the Onyx Gorgonzola (also known as OMG Onyx (Marbled) Gorgonzola)

I suspect it was originally with the Marbled but got changed *shrug*

Craft the Unstable Curds and happy poking.

It should not matter how you poke =) I think. i don't think there was ever a study done =/

6) Go for Sojo

Sojo eats OMG cheese.
Sojo also drops Onyx Stone

Notice that the Rumbles and OMG cheese regenerate themselves through Onyx stone droppings, albeit in a not entirely deterministic way. But in general it is self sustaining (tho no guarantee).

(Note: The important thing is to always craft the Unstable Curd, and not the OMG Cheese, from Onyx Stones)

This cyclical effect is the basis of what is known as a Furoma Run.

Now the specifics, where is the gold? Its is between the Mojos and Sojos. I am not sure which yields more, but both add to the cycle because they both generate onyx stones.

It used to be more profitable, in the past much of the gold was generated from the high price of Divine orbs (about 50K g). But ever since the rise of utility of the simple orb, this revenue stream has dwindled to just 3500 +- gold per orb.

But apparently it is STILL profitable! So get hunting ppl! =D


So this is like almost FOUR years after writing a post on how to do a Furoma run. Nothing has really changed I think. The catch rates have fallen and the gold is a little less good, but I think it is still the best place to get gold, assuming no Easter Egg event is on.

My current run is here.

[20150802 11:16]

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