A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Is Magma's Reign Over?

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is Magma's Reign Over?

So which is better ?

Spellbook? Magma? Golden? Silver?

This is the summary. (Which you can do for yourself of course =P)

No weapon, just bases and charm (best charm)

Spell book base + Spellbook charm

1000 raw power

power bonus = 22%

attr= 5

luck 7


Silver T + Champion charm

800 raw power

15% power bonus

Attr = 5%

Luck 13

Very Fresh

Golden T + Champion Charm

900 raw power

20% power bonus

Attr 10%

Luck 15

Extremely Fresh

Magma + Champion Charm

700 raw power

13% Power bonus

Attr = 5%

Luck = 13

Insanely Stale


So Magma is outclassed by Silver and Golden IF the champion charm is armed. If you are using a specialised cheese, say Crunchy, then Magma is still better.

I actually did a comparison to compare Spellbook versus Golden and Silver if Spellbook charm is used =)

I have always knowned the Spellbook charm is a bit of a sleeper (well at least people don't seem too wowed by it). It has served me well. But in the recent tournament, its use was pretty good. I switched from Champion charm to Spellbook charm (using SBB) and it seemed to be equivalent to the champion charm minimally.

In fact I am now farming it =D as being the power supporter, I like it quite abit (it also does help that trap effectiveness was a significant variable)

Golden cuts it pretty close, to the point that even when biasing power, I might use golden (besides Champion Charms are far easier to get). But against Silver i will still use SBB + Spellbook Charm

So is Magma outclassed? If you arm the Champion charms yes, if not then Golden is like a better Spellbook Base (w/o Spellbook charm) and Silver is like a lesser Spellbook Base (w/o Spellbook charm).

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