A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Dark Ascension

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dark Ascension

Dark Ascension is out!

The link above is to the spoiler =)

played in the pre-release today at a small card shop at Bishan.

About 8-10 players I think. Only 1 flight, but given the turnout I guess 1 flight was plenty =) and we played from 2pm to about 5 or 6 pm , so yeah it was plenty =)

I won 2 lost 1 and drawn 1

got two packs for my troubles

The game i lost was 2-1 but I don't really fancy my chances against that deck

Game one 1-1

I played against a deck that had Saint T (the one with an accompanying 4/4 Angel). Blue White ... not sure if there was red or green

First match the Saint appeared, somehow I survived. I hate an opposing undying. It is very strong.

Second Match I got mana screwed (he got mana flooded) but in the end he had a better board position. I might have been able to tough it out for a draw as I was beginning to stabilise and we had to finish the game in 5 turns (I had a few tokens) ... hmmm actually I can't remember but we took it as I lost due to the board position. He offered to concede though.

I think he did outright win at least eventually his last big play was a counterspell bounce. I remember a proper 3 for 3 block ( with 3 against 2 after battle resolved - I think) but he had the better board position anyways.

Game Two 2-0

played against a young player. He was relatively inexperience but the deck he built was decent. To be fair it was play mistakes that got him. His bombs were a black card that killed everything with the same name (kept ripping my spirit tokens and Niblis) and the bat that transforms into a 5/5? Vampire.

Matches 1 and 2 were pretty much the same

He had a fling which he misplayed else I might have lost. I say might because my deck had some answers.. As always it was whether the answers were in time to meet the questions =P

Game three 2-0

I played his cousin also rather young. His play is tighter, which meant I had less room for mistakes (I actually misplayed alot in the previous game)

He played a white base deck, similar to mine. Except he seemed heavier on the Humans with some black for fat vampires.

Mine was a white based deck which is has humans + human friendly equipment + a whole host of white flying spirits/tokens and a touch of black for graveyard replacement.

match one was close. He got me down to 2, but I did a full 6 with Rally the peasants for the win

match two was less close. though he got me down to 9 before I stabilised and took the board and won with flyers. I think he had green ... I am not sure.. I am sure he had black.

Smart kid, he learnt (or already understood) that life points are not so important (he made a comment to his friend that me being on 9 does'nt mean he is winning).

Myself I am not so comfortable with strategies that get me low on life =P I like to lock up and deny resources and staying safe and happy, which was'nt what this deck does, this deck pings slowly and tries to get get board position by trading and then winning around mid to late game with flyers, and if that fails I recurse. hence the long drawned games.

Game Four 1-2

I got paired with someone with 3-0. Blue red and serious player and plays fast as well. Only made one mistake I think. Much tighter player, which meant even less room for mistakes from me (I am a rather casual player)

Bombs were a undying and huge Zombie, the flyer that turns into a control magic

1st match I could deal with an undying Zombie , I think I had some mana problems but by time I recovered my board position was pretty bad and to be fair I think my deck sucks against his =P He had pretty heavy removal (something i utterly forgot to gauge when i looked at my card selection, my only removal was the slayer and the guilt thing). His deck utterly bypassed my removal, as most of his creatures are not targetable by the slayer or had undying (hello zombie!) or bouncing (mitigating my guilt enchantment thingy).

And he had a life gain Chalice thing on, so my pings did not bring his life down. I believe I lost with his life points at 19.

2nd match I managed to get my airforce online. He control magicked my cloisstered youth but airforce made it to the dome. He did'nt have much action going so I think he was mana flooded.

3rd match I think was pretty quick. He beat me with my Niblis *sigh* and his beats were bigger I think. Most of my creatures were dealt with and he had board advantage. I think he had burn in hand as well. So it was quite absolute. =P

overall I think my cards were okay, i did'nt have any bombs. the strategy was sound but will crumble against a well built deck. I had 13 creatures in white, with cc between 1-3 and a 5cc 3/2 flyer . No biggies. So the strategy was beat fast maintain position and punch through either by numbers or evasion(flying). With black added for some love from the grave. I had no big beaters and little removal. I think I could have used more mana and maaaaybe had too many equipments. But definitely the blue-red deck at the end was much better built. Perhaps less resilent, but it delivers the knock out before resilence is important.

I got two packs for my troubles so it was cool. =)

And no I did'nt open anything of value *sighz*

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