A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: The Sunken City is here!!!!!!

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Sunken City is here!!!!!!

Its here! The new area that I thought was in Varmint Valley =P

It is actually in Rodentia --> Sunken City

Firstly though, you will need to go to Muridae Market to obtain a Sunken Souvenir from the Cartographer

Then you will be able to see it on the map!

Read all about it here!

BTW it looks rather involved with MANY new traps and stuff to do, so you need to be prepared that it looks like it would take some effort at least initially =)

HOWEVER. Even if you do not intend to go, I would suggest dropping over to the Muridae Market to buy the Sunken Souvenir for 228000 gold (I think thats the rough amount). After the first week it will cost 90 molten glass (I am not sure if you will still need to pay the 200K gold ... if you do not need to pay the gold, then its a question of whether you value MH gold or molten glass ... both are virtual hehe)

This area appears to be for counts/countesses and above =)

[20140707 21:13]

So I am feeling kinda pumped right now, since I finally got my Chesla!

So I continued to on to the Sunken City to check it out!

This is my setup:

and this is the prize by the way :

Though not the ultimate prize! =D

This very awesome trap obviates the reason for crafting a *gasp* SECOND Phantasmic Oasis Trap!

Now you might wonder: Why would anyone craft a SECOND Phantasmic Oasis Trap (after smashing the first one for the Chrome Phantasmic Oasis Trap)

The reason is that oddly, the Chrome Phantasmic Oasis Trap is actually inferior to the Phantasmic Oasis Trap in some ways: Attraction.

With respect to the Phantasmic Oasis Trap the Chrome version actually loses 5% off attraction (while gaining 350 power and 2 luck as well as a very fresh cheese effect)

This means that when using a non 100% attraction cheese like Gouda, the original POT attracts more often than the CPOT. Something like why some ppl used the magma over spell book (tho that comparision is not entirwly clean since the spell book has lower luck, but hopefully you get my drift)

Now with this AWESOME! new trap. You no longer need to REgrind the living garden area to get your second POT.

The reason is that this new trap is not really to obsolete the  CPOT, but to actually provide the alternative that POT used to provide.

This is nice, as in order to get the better trap that is the CPOT, hunters lose the option that used to be POT. POT's attraction is definitely welcome in the winter periods of the seasonal gardens for instance (using gouda).

The nice thing is that this new trap, The Rune Shark Trap, actually truly obsoletes the POT. On every count it is stronger. It however does not fully obsolete the CPOT. The reason is that, due to the extra 5% power bonus that the CPOT has over the Rune Shark Trap. A base that can provide enough base power, may supercede the 500 power that the Rune Shark Trap has over the CPOT (though whether there is such a base, I am not sure :p)

Hence there is a reason to get this new trap!

It is really a POT replacement.

Now after you have that, you might want to set your sights on the SOS.

SOS would be harder for the CPOT to supercede, since the power difference is now 3K plus!

In other words, it is likely to completely obsolete the CPOT!

Lets do some math!

The power for the two traps:

SOS = 9850
CPOT = 6200

The power bonus for the two traps:

SOS = 15%
CPOT = 20%

Now assuming the use of the Tidal Base which has a whopping 800 power with 8%

Total Power for SOS =
(9850 + 800) * 1.23 = 13099.5

Total Power for CPOT =
(6200 + 800) * 1.28 = 8960

With the Golden Tournament Base (500 + 15% bonus)

Total Power for SOS =
(9850 + 500) * 1.30 = 13455

Total Power for CPOT =
(6200 + 500) * 1.35 = 9045

Note this all does'nt factor in the effect of charms, however it does seem that it will be very hard for the CPOT not to be obsoleted by the SOS (in terms of power... and just about every other count :p)

Still. For everyone that loves your newly minted CPOTs. The Rune Shark Trap does not obsolete it (it only obsoletes the POT). And the SOS is quite a bit harder to get than the Rune Shark Trap. So you are likely to get quite a bit of use out of your CPOTs in the mean time yet =)

Now yet another burning question might be whether you need to go through the Living Gardens to get the POT then go through the Sunken City.

I cannot answer this yet.... Alot depends on whether the weaker Hydro traps are adequate.

However, the strongest Shadow and Arcane traps are still in the Living Gardens. So perhaps one should go through here first then, the gardens? Skipping the POT entirely?

I'm not sure. I'll surely post once I know tho =)

Anyways thats all the observations I have for now.

In the meantime, this seems to be a nice guide.

And this is a discussion on how much oxygen to store for your first dive I think 120 is good!

And the zones under water... , apparently after 2km you get more stuff!

There is a slight advantage to using SB+!

Happy Hunting!

[20140708 01:30]

So I am trying to figure out the minimum (weakest) hydro trap I can use, .... actually i am trying to see if the Steam Laser Mk III is viable.

and so far this is what I got:

Only the hunts after 12:45 are by the steam laser MK III. Before that its the CPOT. Now there are many more yellow boxes below. So my guess is that with the CPOT you get a near perfect catch rate while with the MK III you will occasionally (hopefully only occasionally :p) get pillaged. And as I am writing, I get a good catch with the MK III!

Oh btw, I am using tarnished charms and the Horse Jade Base. So its pretty minimalist. =)

Happy Hunting!

[20140713 21:06]

After runnning with the Steam Laser Mark III (henceforth MK III) for a while I have come to the conclusion that it is probably enough.

HOWEVER. You need to be prepared that you will definitely be slower than someone with a CPOT or POT.

With the CPOT it is a near perfect catch rate. With the MK III, it is about a 2/3 catch rate. This does have consequences, due to the fact that FTCs will still consume oxygen.

Why is this important?

The reason is a that the amount of oxygen you can get quickly, is somewhat related to the amount of Fishy Fromage that you can craft or buy. If you catch less while submerged, the less Fromage you can craft, the slower your oxygen collection.

In other words, you can probably do it with the MK III, but it won't be pretty =)

I used the MK III up to beyond 2000 km, so it is in the > 2000, < 10000 zone. For the purposes of RST I suspect the MK III is adequate, once having the RST, you will be par with CPOT users.

However I myself will be switching back to CPOT, since MK III is rather painful and oxygen takes terribly long to collect.

To give a rough idea:

120 oxygen should get you just beyond 2000km

You really want to have about 300 oxygen to go a good way into the area between 2000 and 10000km

The later tiers which will be more diifficult but contain more riches are: > 10000.

To get beyond 10 000km you need more than 335 oxygen. I do not recommend MK III beyond 10000km

To get beyond 25000 (which is the next tier) you need more than 1000 oxygen (each consumption of oxygen lets you travel 30 km barring the use of EAC - Empowered Anchor Charm)

Beyond 25000, it is said that even CPOT breaks... that seems very far away though

Anyways =)  EAC.

When to use EAC?

If you are saving gold, the best time to use EAC is when you are going through a pearl patch or any patch with a gold marking.

The reason is that you will progress slower (and thereby hunt more!) within the treasure patch.

Other times you might want to go slower is when you are going though a resource patch that you are lacking in .

Resources are:

Coral, Barnacles,Scales and sand dollars

Patches usually only contain one type of resource. So if your submersion period is not long enough you are likely to have too many or too little of a resource. You can use EAC to slow down in the patch containing te resource you need!

However this is not recommended if you are low on EAC since they are currently about 4K gold per charm!

Your other option is to trade with the general store, however that costs you sand dollars. Sand dollars are as annoying as fool's gold. Remember that one? Yeah it was a pain ;P

So try not to spend sand dollars if you can help it. Try to go for longer submersion periods.

The good new is that apparently the "Fishy Fromage - Oxygen" cycle is a virtuous cycle. I.E. you should get more cheese! and more Oxygen! over time. However! This virtuous cycle can be disrupted if you FTC or FTA too much. Ways to mitigate disruption are as follows:

I wish to clarify, that very likely the virtuous cycle only exists if you use SB+ essence when crafting. If you do not use SB+ essence to craft, only points 1 and 3 are relevant! (this is to save you false hope while reading)

1. Collect enough oxygen to the amount you need. E.g. Say you want 500 oxygen, but you ran out of Fromage. Continue collecting using Gouda. (it is debatable whether it is better to just submerge and let the virtuous cycle take its course, or to "correct" the oxygen levels yourself). Using gouda is assuredly slower but more at least you know you are prepared for the distance.

2. Use SB+ this only helps when submerged I think. Since you will not FTA. Also with a FTC, with gouda you progress 10km, with SB+ I think its 20km I think :p

3. Go for long submersion periods! This is so that you have a higher chance of evening out your three resources For instance I am currently 202 coral 140 scales and 120 barnacles. I can only craft 120 Fishy Fromage  (using the SB+ essence) since I am constrained by the barnacles! Also another reason to go further is that Sand Dollars are more abundant beyond 2000km, so you really want to go as far as you can.

4. Use SB+ Essence when crafting Fishy Fromage. Without it you get only 2/3 of the amount of resource you get. Say you have 300 coral, 300 Scales and 300 barnacles. With SB+ essence it is 300 Fromage, without it 200 Fromage. I would definitely advocate SB+ essence since without it I suspect it is no longer virtuous.

Now. Even using SB+ and paid Fromage blah blah, this is likely to be a long haul hunt. 800 sand dollars and the 18 million gold price tag is a HUMONGOUS hill to climb.

For the first trap. The RST. So really you WILL have adequate time to try out and find your own best strategies. The key strategy as always is : PATIENCE :)

Happy Hunting people!

PS: In case it is not clear I think it is only safe to use the MK III at distances less than 10000km, I have not tried beyond. I might try when I get there tho, and if I do I will update =)

[20140730 16:34]

So I just chanced upon my setup and I am at an interesting number for my oxygen count!!

I am at 1024 cannisters! How cool is that =) One binary kilo. Some cool!

Anyways I have gone on 3 dives so far so the next one is my fourth. Strangely I did not buy fromage, but I did use SB in the dives.How did that happen?

You do not really need SB in the dives but you will minimally get a FTC (fail to catch) rather than FTA (fail to attract). When you fail to catch I think you move 10 meters and if you fail to attract you do not move at all.

What does that mean?

If you want to move as far as possible, use SB. When you want to stay as long as possible, strangely it is better to FTA than FTC. Imagine. You are in a pearl patch. The arguably riches portion of dive. Would you rather not attract at all (and not move) or fail to catch and move a little (in effect there is now less of the pearl patch to go through!!). In otherwords, if you are in a patch where you want to linger, be it pearl or a component you need, gouda would do =)

Other things to set right.

Above, I wrote that one should be disciplined and stay and hunt till you hit the amount of oxygen cannisters you want. I would like to qualify that statement now :P. That is only true for your very FIRST dive. Try to dive with 120 or 150 cannisters. I went in with 120 (actual 110 for dive). In this situation having the discipline to get to 100++ cannisters will go along way to reducing the pain later in your subsequent dives.Why? 100++ gives you a pretty good chance of having enough of all 3 components instead of a disproportionate amount of one. And often, the one component you lack is a huge bonanza late in the dive. 150 cannisters will normally reach that bonanza (note bonanzas not guaranteed and is actually worst case scenario since you might not hit it and get stuck with say 70 corals and 70 scales and no barnacles :p). In the end, after my first dive, I managed 50+ fromage with excess 20 corals and shells. 

Now for your subsequent dives? Use ALL fromage. (Its just too slow waiting for gouda). If you want to donate for Fromage, the first and/or second dive is when you want to do it.Since that is when it has the biggest impact. Use all your Fromage, that got me I think about 100 to 200 cannisters or more. My memory is fuzy, that in turn yielded 200 to 300 fromage and that had about 300to 400++ cannisters which lead to about 700 to 800 fromage which is where I got the pic above. Right now at about 400 Fromage left, I am at 1024 oxygen cannisters and headed for my 4th dive. I think I can hit the 25000 depths soon.

So the quick tips from what I know so far.

1. Use all your Fromage

2. Use all your oxygen, however if you have a stretch of nothing and you have 100 cannisters. I would resurface. If I had 200 cannisters I would continue, past the full nothing could be a stretch of pearl patch that a 100+ cannisters can complete ;)

3. Use non SB and EAC in the sweet areas. When sweet areas include a lacking component is really up to your discretion.  

4. Happy Hunting ;)

[20140805 01:20]

So here I am almost to the dive!!!

I thought I'd post since I will likely be outside when I am out of fromage.... :p

Happy Hunting!

[20140817 11:41]

So I am currently at a distance of 15210, I have gone through two Monster Trenches and the Predatory Processors drop rate has been low and the catches were tough, but hardly impossible, so its not too bad. However in the light of limited oxygen canisters, it might be a better plan to just skip the Monster Trenches and only hunt through the "danger areas" (marked with a red dot) beyond 26 km. Thing is, you (and I) are still very far from the achieving 1600 sand dollars =) or 39 million MH gold for that matter, so it is hardly imperative that we get the Predatory Processors soon-ish :p Still one might argue that we need to attempt as soon as possible since the drop rates are low... however sifting around in the forum yields kinda confirms my thoughts that its probable better to skip. So far, catching Ancients, only yields relics. Hardly exciting at this point =) (Trituses still evade me :p)

So thats my plan now: to skip Monster Trenches.

Oh btw if you have trudged through the murky waters of the Sunken City for as long as I have now, you probably will have excess cheese and various supplies (yes even oxygen canisters - though oxygen canisters are still kind of a limited resource since you can only profitably accumulate them pre-dive).

So I have now started using water jet charms. Be careful though, just craft what you need when you are going to use it. Try not to craft excess, and only if you are active. The reason I am stressing this is I crafted 2 at a very bad time where I was 3 minutes from a trapcheck, I figured I was active so I should be able to d the great switcheroo of charms quickly enough. The network lagged and both charms were used skipping over an oxygen stream.... I was sadded :p

Each water jet charm moves you 500m and cost 50 of each resource (scale, barnacle,coral) to craft. You can craft as you dive, so you never need to keep them in stock. So thats a good safety check in place.

I use them now to skip over areas like this:

You notice the abundance of resource and with 1000 plus oxygen left, so its all good. Theres plenty to trudge through =)

Happy hunting ppl!


This is a good resource for getting an opinion from the community on catching the big mice for predatory processors. Its still not resolved though, so you might want to keep a tab on it =)

[20140828 00:56]

So I finally got the RST:

I must confess now. I actually had 4000 EAC hoarded. I am actually not sure why I have so many, I actually just kept buying them initially in case i ever wanted to camp in Balack's Cove ...

Serious =)

So those EACs now serve me well. I sold about 2000 I think. Which gave me enough for the RST as well as the SOS. It also gave me enough to buy the predatory processors (I got them at about 4 mil each, mid week the price seemed lower: about 3 mil? but I missed that boat)

I bought the Predatory Processors as I felt that most people would have been like me and would have reached RST (the bottle neck being really the Sand Dollars!!!) and are itching for the SOS. In fact, the only thing keeping me from the SOS is the Sand Dollars now. i.e. People with the gold will likely buy the predatory processors about now because:

1) The drop rate are'nt fantastic
2) They are reaching the second 800 sand dollars

I prolly decided the price might spike later (it already went up from 3 to 4M over the weekend... I did'nt really track to see if this is just a normal up and down, but i figured it will likely trend up over a longer period) So I bought in. I figured:

1) If the up down is normal, it means price is stable, and since I am still hunting, any extra Predatory Processors will be sold back to recoup the principal amount.

2) if the spike is real, well I made off like a bandit then, and any extra drops are gravy

3) if I bought at a high? Well... I don;t think it was much of a high given the scarcity of the drops.At least for now =)

Anyways that is just to explain how I speedily got the RST. (It was thanks to the gold from the 4000 EAC I had previously hoarded)

I noticed some strategies I used:

I used EAC during

1) Treasure areas

Using EAC for treasure areas, I use gouda as bait, the reason is a FTA will not move the distance covered, but with SB+ you will never FTA and will definitely move :p Using gouda does wastes oxygen (when you FTA), but it does save the distance covered (i.e. keeps you in the treasure area longer) Maybe I am just superstitious....  but I think the bad luck that causes the FTA, even with SB+ you will likely get a FTC.

 In purely logical sense however there should be no difference between SB or gouda once the mouse is attracted  (i.e. the catch rate should not be linked to the attraction rate) and I am just wasting oxygen :p But I am a superstitious mouse hunter I am.

2) Deep Oxygen

I use SB+ for bait here. Because you seriously do not want an FTA. With an FTA you lose oxygen count. With SB+ armed your worse case is parity (i.e. you do not gain or lose oxygen cannisters). I mean the point of using EAC here is to gain more oxygen, and SB+ makes sure you WILL NOT lose oxygen. So its a consistent plan. Expensive of course. If you do not use SB, you may still get a net gain of oxygen, but you may also hit a net loss if you are REALLY REALLY unlucky. But this strategy really depends on how much you value oxygen. EACs and SB+ are pretty expensive right now.

At this stage, I no longer use EACs for balancing. HOWEVER if this is your 2nd or third dive, it may still be profitable to use EAC for balancing, as it gives you more Fromage.

However on your 3rd, 4th or 5th dive you usually have quite a bit:

At this stage you might want to strategically use water jet charms.

I will usually use the sonar periscope to see if there is a Sunken Treasure within reach, if there is and if I am facing mostly Murky Depths or a resource I do not need, I will use the water jet charms.

Beware that Water jet charms will consume 3 Sand Dollars,the sunken treasure area is worth it (with EAC) because, the 3 sand dollar drops are quite frequent =)  ... well for me at least. So it is quite worth it, 2 hunts with 3 sand dollar drops in the Sunken Treasure makes up for the 6 used to purchase the water jet charms.

Also note that water jet charms eat 50 of each resource, however as you can see above I am close to 2000 for each resource, so you need to gauge for yourself if the water jet charms are worth it =) Another thing to consider for water jets is this: Your oxygen levels, as you can see I am at 390, so it is tapering off, at this stage, water jets help me conserve the oxygen.

Now how to use the RST.

Remember I said that the RST does not obsolete the CPOT? i stand by that. Oddly the RST is the "power" setup while the CPOT is the "luck" setup.

So use the Golden Tournament Base (or any power focused base) with the RST and the Rift (or any luck focused base) with the CPOT.

In my case, when I want a luck setup, I do it as such: CPOT/Rift
and for power: RST/GTB

RST/Rift has been..... sucky

CPOT/Rift or CPOT/GTB have both been about the same ... with the Rift being a little better (likely due to the luck kicking in for the weaker breeds)

Thats all I have for now.

Happy Hunting!

[20140831 22:27]

I am currently docked. So its boring stuff =)

I ended the dive after tackling a 500m sunken treasure:

I used mostly what i considered, the "luck" setup which was the CPOT with rift! And EACs

By the end this was the dive report =)

And the Drudgery begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I left the dive with 128 oxygen because I did not see anything good in the next 1000m, running through that would only get me barnacles and scales.. not even the corals I needed. And water jets were a waste (I think I already used one to jet past 500 and the next 1000 was'nt too interesting) So I bailed since 128 at its max will only get me 3000m more.... and I already had gollups of resource..... I only need another 600 sand dollars, so I figured I will definitely not hit that in the remiainder of this dive, but I will definitely hit it in the next dive.... so it is probably the same whether I bail now or finish the dive, I decided to bail and start working on the current fromage =P

I started off with CPOT, but the loss with the RST was only 1 luck, so I decided to go for a power setup (sorta) with RST/Rift

I get better attraction. And I suspect that loot might be better. Now if you have followed my rambling on how I think power and luck work. You would know that I believe that the loot is dependent on how much you "beat" the mouse power. A luck setup will allow you to catch more often, but not necessarily in the loot range. Of course the luck mitigates when the power is on a high range (to not think I am a mad man, you need to understand that I think the mouse power will vary from 0 to some max power, and similarly for your trap ) I am hoping that the power setup will get better loot (or hit more often in the loot range)... Usually I would think a luck setup is better, however since the oxygen drop rate ranges from 1 to 4, I am hoping to hit 4 more often!

I suspect however that whether you use CPOT or RST it will be about the same.... at least so far thats what I am observing....

What I learnt from this dive: don't be aafraid to jet, but make sure you earn your sand dollars back.

In future I will likely jet past the early stages and try to get into stage 3 (i.e. past 26000m) asap.... right now I will be more conservative and only jet past 2000 hehe.

Happy Hunting!

[20140911 00:10]

So I just read this where it says the drop rate of the Predator processors were dropped sometime in July....Hmm

Well don't be too affected, thing is you do need that 1600 sand dollars.... so this is gonna be a long drawn out hunt....

[20140915 00:39]

Just trudging along =D

[20140928 00:40]

For anyone actively following this, I do apologise for not updating more often, but it is mostly drudgery for the docks...

Still I did want to update a few days ago, but work kept me..... but anyways now I'm here!!!

I really wanted to post because I am almost done, a few days more and I will be in dive mode again, which is really more interesting than the docks =P

Here's my current state:

Happy Hunting ppl!!

[20141001 01:14]

So this is about two hours ago....

I am actually on 4 pieces of cheese right now... so its about 45 minutes more before I dive....

Howeever in 72 hours, the pollution thing starts!! I am a little torn here. I have already missed one. However it is not the most condusive goldwise to go after the the Spill. However... it will usually only be a few days (before it is no longer profitable point or gold wise...) so... I dunno... i might go for the spill before inbetween the dive... :/

Now at 3!

[20141001 01:46]

The cheese stands alone.....  !

[20141001 01:50]

Unfortunately the last mouse wasn't too interesting....

The reason I waited for all the cheese to finish was that i wanted to do an average....

I got 5063 oxygen from 2334 Fromage using the RST with Rift base and tarnish charm. Shield was active.

And thus ended the very boring weeks of docking. :p

On to the dive!!!

[20141001 01:57]

The dive:

My favored setup =)

The initial stretch looks rather friendly I guess... all 3 types of resource!!! =D

[20141005 11:34]

So .....

As you can see I am water jetting ALOT :p

And I am skipping even over resource areas!!

And this why I guess:

But I am beginning to think its not too good an idea to just water jet to Treasure areas....

At least not now. The reason being I am still on the RST. How does that thought work? Well, originally I planned to waterjet as much as possible until I hit 26km. I am currently at 12km plus.

Then it hit me that even if I hit 26km, I would not have the SOS yet (I think) so I am not using the optimal trap and will not be able to fully benefit from the area.

Hence I will not change my strategy to just waterjettting over long Murky Depths. But not skip resource areas :p

Thing is I am sure that by 26km (or maybe 30 plus) I WILL hit the 800 sand dollar requirement. So I will be nice and ready when I hit the higher loot areas.

Going forward though (after SOS), I think the optimal plan is to water jet past the areas before 26 km if the resources permit it.. The reasoning being that your oxygen canisters will be used in the highest loot areas sooner and longer.

Happy Hunting people!

(Oh and why did I not go for the Toxic Spill? I did! and I realised I was painfully inadequate for my rank level lol, being Ronza time and all I needed the gold to be optimised)

.... actually now that I think about it , there is a ANOTHER factor to consider.

HALLOWEEN!  Hmmm the thing is zipping from treasure zone to treasure zone gets me the highest gold! 

I suspect it actually gets me the highest sandollar as well (but in my case/reasoning, it would get me to the "high loot, difficult hunts" area too soon)

The optimised gold factor, in conjunction with the impending Halloween event makes me want to reconsider my strategy now. I think I will run for a day or two in the non-treasure zone areas and see how badly I want the gold... hmmm 

Wow. Thats a long PS. lol


Now I need to qualify that I am rushing the sand dollars because I have the processors already. So sand dollars are the last barrier for me. If you have not gotten the Predator Processors yet, water jetting is not optimal... or it is optimal but rather expensive and on hitting past 26km, I am not sure the catch rate can sustain it. (It may well might, but I am not sure of that point as i am not sure how much better the SOS is :p  --- HOWEVER if the CPOT or RST is strong enough past 26km, then water jetting may still be worth it.... I know I actually took the RST past 26km already, and I remembered the loot was good, but I cannot remember the catch rate.... it was definitely decent at least -- docking takes out much of my memory lol)

[20141012 02:37]

So its been about a week and I past 26km now =)  Its pretty long haul, but the deeper areas are more profitable and interesting.

However what I am really happy with is my first caught Ancient of the Deep with a predator processor!!

And this is my setup:


My logic for this setup is simple. I have found anecdotally that I get more catches with higher power. So its RST with GTB. RST with Rift base is pretty sad... even against the "normal" mice, so I would advice that you stick with the CPOT or POT if you have those (if you do not? RST is the closest bet, so you are good with it).

I use ancient charm because... well it is better than chrome charm and I am too cheap to use champion charms lol. I use SB+ to attract the better mice. This is oki, expense wise because I am using Ancient and not EAC. I am conserving my EAC and more importantly I already have the processors I need, hence I usually just pass through the monster trenches. My priority now is to get Sand Dollars as quickly as possible, so that justifies my running through the trenches. Maybe if the SOS can make light work of the mice in the trenches will I use EACs here, else its just too painful :p

But who knows maybe I will change my mind when i get there. Right now its all just theory :P

[20141108 11:22]


wow its be almost amonth since i updated huh. Spooky.

Well anyways in a nutshell, I was really looking forward to Halloween, but it was really a bad time as I was almost about to get the SOS trap!

Eventually I got it just on the day the Halloween event started, but then I was reluctant to go through the event as dang! I wanted to try out the brand new trap! So I kinda plodded through the event, fortunately it did'nt require too much mental dexterity and I kinda passed through it without missing anything :p (To be totally fair to the devs, they did a great job with Halloween, the Spooky Shuffle was loads of fun!!!)

And I have this strange disposition to sit in the event area until it becomes a vacant lot.... and given my desire to return to the Sunken City... yeah you can guess how boring it was for me. A little unfortunate and unappreciative of me I guess and I do apologise to the devs for that :p

Still the odd thing is, by the time I was done with the event, I felt pretty drained from waiting in the event.... so much so that when I got to the Sunken City I had the same bored feeling!!!

I took screenshots, thought about what to write... but was so slack that I could'nt bring myself to post! Well that and a bad cold that has lasted for weeks....

Anyways , when I ventured into the Sunken City again it was 30+ K, now I am past 40K, and something appeared to get me excited again!

My first Ancient Lair!!!!

OOOwee , some excitement at last =)

Stay tuned folks and keep trekkin'


this is my current progress:

I used SB+ for the Monster Trench, else its normally Gouda.

Trap setup is currently:


I have 6000+ chrome charms.... no better time to use it I guess... :p

My current goal is the tidal base at least, then maybe the Leviathan Skin... I dunno.

[20150215 1458]

So as it turns out, during the Valentines Day event, i find myself back at the SC!! lol

Happy Hunting ppl!

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At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man this is an awesome guide! Really appreciate the updates on your progress through the city. Hope you continue to do stuff like this!

At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Ted said...

Hey Edmund! Appreciate the effort in the long and detailed post of your progress in the Sunken City! Just started out on the Sunken City myself and I find your blog really interesting and helpful regarding the challenges and stuff I'll probably encounter in the future :) Hope you get your SOS soon!

At 11:45 PM, Blogger god_is_good478 said...

Thanks everyone! I will likely keep posting as i progress =) (I find this mode of blogging easier to track for myself, though I can see why a chronological effort is not as succinct or efficient as a properly formatted guide ;P ) at the moment though I am shifting my attention to the Rift Plane at Burroughs. I still have 14XX Fishy Fromage to go through which is about 2 weeks more, so I figured I would go check out the new area abit =P... Be back in the sunken city in a week I hope


Glad you like the post Ted!! may your dives be full of sunken treasures! =D Feel free to ask about the Sunken City

At 8:21 PM, Blogger jeremiah said...

Hi, i'm really impress with your posts... your writing is very interesting and engaging. I would like to ask for advice... I have not dive yet and am camping at the dock with only gouda with 1700 oxygen. Should i continue till i hit 5000+ oxygen like u then dive or should i dive now and use fishy fromage, doing cycles?

At 12:59 AM, Blogger god_is_good478 said...

Thank you for your kind words Jeremiah =)

My advise is that you dive as soon as possible!

1700 is alot of oxygen to accumulate with only gouda! Your patience alone is impressive. However once you use Fromage, I doubt you will want to use Gouda for farming oxygen again! (And you probably won't ever need to since the cycle is relatively virtous).

With your current stash of oxygen you should be able to get pretty far =) And likely get a very healthy stash of supplies for Fromage. All said go for your dive ASAP and use up all the oxygen =) You might want to conserve the last 100 or so if you feel there is no treasure area ahead or if there is treasure, the last 100 is insufficient to complete, other than those scenarios, always use up the oxygen =)

Happy Hunting!

At 1:02 AM, Blogger god_is_good478 said...


I should think that from the Fromage after your impeding dive, your next batch has a good chance of hitting 5000 oxygen pretty quickly! Its not worth it to stay till 5000 oxygen currently using gouda alone (trust me, Fromage is way faster)

At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man, this is by far the most in-depth (no pun intended :P) guide I have seen on the Sunken City; thanks for all your hard work! I'm not sure if you're still continuing this guide, but seeing as you've been off for this amount of time before, I do hope that you will continue. However, I would like to ask for a piece of advice.

At the moment, I am at 20% of Count. You may find this slow, but I have yet to craft my Oasis Water Node Trap. Now, my strongest Hydro trap is the Steam Laser Mk II (didn't bother getting 3 cuz I didn't think it was worth it), and I'm wondering: should I craft my Oasis Water Node Trap, which I can do right now, then go in with it or use my Steam Laser Mk II? Alternatively, I could also visit the Living Garden first and get the POT, though I am starting to question whether the time taken to get it will be worth it.

To summarise,

1. Go with Steam Laser Mk II

2. Craft OWNT (I would probably sell the bead otherwise)

3. Go for the POT first

Thanks for all your help

At 8:57 PM, Blogger god_is_good478 said...

Hi there,

glad you enjoyed the post, I'm in the Rift at the moment so there is'nt much updates on the Sunken City front =).

I think you should go for the OWNT first in anycase, I have tried the Steam Laser MkIII just to see how doable it is. And my conclusion is that for the first 10 km, you are still alright if a little painful (read lots of red boxes). But you get by slowly. However if you have the opportunity to craft the OWNT, I think you should go for it!

If you do decide to not craft the OWNT, and slug it out with the MK II, (I have not tried that so I cannot tell you if it is doable :/) But lets just say if it is doable, you should note that it will likely be doable for only the first 10 km. The mice get nastier after that. The Steam laser is likely yo be horrible in the gardens as well... so I would'nt recommend it there... However! I have a friend gunning it out in the living gardens with a MK laser... but it is a MK III and I must warn you that this friend of mine is totally unconcern with progress and visits the trap about once a day.... so...

Now you are essentially asking two questions, 1) should you craft the OWNT and 2) Should you go though the Garden or the Sunken City first.

On whether to craft the OWNT, my answer would be yes! But I am allegic to red boxes so there is that. Also you are using a MK II. My advice would be, to not sell the bead yet. Just try whichever path you decide with the MK II first. If it feels alright and you are happy with the state of affairs. You got your answer. If the terribad catch rate gets to you.. well again you got your answer. So the only useful part of my advice is, don't sell the bead yet, but try the MK II and see if its bearable.

On whether to go through the Garden or the Sunken City? It depends, what are your other shadow and arcane traps? If they are strong enough, then going through the garden is a "possible" option.

Assuming your other traps are good enough. You will likely get your POT in about 2 months with active hunting compared to 4 months in the Sunken City (I post the dates in my posts so that rough timeline gauge is totally anecdoctal to me, also my best traps at the time are Acronym, COT and OWNT).

So which to go? Totally your call, but if you go for Gardens, your other traps need to be good as well.

Going to gardens gives you the current in-game best Shadow and Arcane traps. But to get those including the Rift base? I know the really hard core hunters took about half a year, I know I took about a year thereabouts.

The Sunken City took me about 4 months to get the SOS. But it is the best Hydro.

So to answer your question, it is really up to you, since it is supposed to be fun =)

But the most efficient way I suspect is to OWNT through the Sunken City =)

I could have just written the line above I guess =) lol

At 3:43 PM, Blogger jeremiah said...

Hi. DO you think it would be more efficient to spend my 1500+ Barnacles Coral and scales purely on waterjet charm rather than on fishy fromage for the next run? i hope to gain sand dollars at the fastest possible way.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger jeremiah said...

Hi, so which is more efficient? Should i spent all my barnacles, corals and scales solely on waterjets or only on fishy fromage?

At 7:20 PM, Blogger god_is_good478 said...

Hi, I think it is more conservative to put your resources in the Fishy Fromage. The thing about Fishy Fromage is you will tend to get more of it and can go even deeper. So you are DEFINITELY progressing. If you commit your resources to jetting. If you hit the sweet spots like the pearl patch AND you have the EACs to ensure you are maxing out the value, then its a gain. But if you jet and find nothing, then you have just gambled and lost. Unless you are at the stage where you do not need anymore Sand dollars and are going for the points and gold or just something cosmetic like the Leviathan skin, I would stay on the conservative side and use water jet charms sparingly. For example there is a pearl patch in 1000 meters and I have the oxygen and EACs to take advantage of it, then by all means go for it. But if unsure and you are running out of oxygen, its really best to just conserve. Remember. jets eat valuable Sand dollars too! Still, if you have ALOT of oxygen, there no harm jetting through 1000 m of empty depths.

Another option is to take advantage of the current events! The recent calamity carl had oxygen canisters for cruise bux. I am not sure but one of the orders in the current MH Birthday event should have oxygen canisters as loot too. Such freebies help you stay under water longer....


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