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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mousehunt Gold Farming - The Eggvantage Edition

Now are you lost about farming gold in mousehunt?

Are you in a panick? Now that Ronza is here?

No worries!

Be well!

You are not alone!

You see. I am as lost as ya.


kidding kidding.

I hope.

Anyways. The reason I decided to write this is that with Eggvent of the Eggscavator and charge eggs, the rules of gold farming have changed quite abit.

Outside of easter, Furoma is still king, challenged occasionally by the Varmint Valley, Derr and Warpath. Then followed catacombs and mousouleum. Probably in that order too. So really dependant on how strong your trap is =)

Come easter though, all this goes out the window. I must confess that this has dawned on me about two years late, since the Eggscavator has been around since 2012 =P

I must be under an Egg all this time or something.


How do you farm gold with eggs. You see the green eggish charm with a translucent battery in it?

Thats the Escavator Charge Charm. Make no mistake, that charm aint no Egg. Yep. It charges your Eggscavator , up to 20 levels.

Then theres that translucent Eggstra Eggs Charm. This doubles the egg drops. Any Egg.

So how this works is this. You charge the Eggscavator with the Eggscavator charge up to 20. Petween level 17 to level 20, there is a high chance of a high charge egg dropping. So once you hit level 20. Change from Eggscavator Charge charm to Eggstra charms. This doubles your High charge egg drops.

Once you hit 17 (or a lower number you are comfortable with - below that you get medium charged eggs) arm Eggscavator charge charms again until you hit 20. rinse and repeat. Until you run out of eggscavator charm.

High Charge Eggs have 10000 gold
Medium Charge Eggs have 5000 gold
Low charge eggs have 1000 gold

Now this charge cycle thingie can be done anywhere.

So the trick now is this where do you do this charge cycle and how does it compare to Furoma?

Remember I gave the caveat that alot of the best places to hunt are dependent on the trap you have available to you? For instance hunting Mojos efficiently requires Sphynx's Wrath.

The beauty of the Egg Charge Cycle is that it is regardless of your hunting ability. The key determinant to the succes of the Egg charge cycle is your catch rate. The reason why Mojo hunting or the Furoma run is now inferior to Egg Charging is the fact that you whiff on hunting Mojo quite often =)

And of course the current egg drops are pretty high and High charge eggs have 10K in them. All this adds to the Egg Charge cycle being a strong source of gold.

Better people than me have looked at this problem in the forums. You read there for the mathematical details.

But in summary there appears to be a few schools of thought:

1) Hunt in Omelette Factory (remember this is circa 2014... the Omelette Factory or OF may not be around every easter) and do the egg cycle. This actually does not produce the most gold but it is recursive and you can hunt infinitely in OF till the event is over. I have not really looked at this so I have to have the disclaimer that I might be wrong about the infinite part. It seems to have something to do with Mashmallow Montergory cheese and egg drops *shrug*

2) Hunt in Catacombs with Ancient and do the egg cycle thing

3) Continue to hunt in Furoma dammit!

4) "lesser" options but hey if its the bait you have: Mousouleum\RB oe Catacombs\Undead Emmamental

Now somewhere in that thread link, Mousouleum\RB is more than Pinacle Chamber\rumble by about 4000 gold  per hunt. So don't underestimate them eggs! =D

Happy Hunting!

[20140515 00:54]

I just want to add that the egg cycle thing only supercedes Furoma runs if you maintain the charge at high. So you should aim to charge it to high and THEN BE AVAILABLE to maintain the charge. At your downtime (i.e. you are not active and your charge level is just going south), you should go hunt in Catacombs/Varmint Valley if you are not able to hunt efficiently against Mojos or to Furoma if your trap is strong enough.

So my strategy now?

I will hunt in Furoma (I have SW) mostly, but when i know I will be free at a certain time, i will charge the eggscavator such that it will be at 20 at THAT time. remember 20 level is about 4 hours. So it will take 4 hours before you can cycle the High Charge eggs, don't waste the first 17 =) , cycle as long as you can, as the moment you need to go inactive: you lose a level with each hunt (i.e. you end up wasting the 17 charm you took to hit the high charge)

[20140517 11:25]

Now after hunting for a day or two with the charge cycle thing. I have come to this conclusion:

If you are going to be inactive for a relatively short time (I am putting this at roughly 12 hours). I think it is better to just leave the eggscavator charge charm (the green one) on. The reason for this is, I think it is more profitable to get High charge eggs when wasting eggscavator charge charms (wasted because you are perpetually at level 20 charge and not using eggstra charms instead) because you are inactive as compared to wasting eggscavator charge charms by letting the charge level drop. In both scenarios (1. Maintaining the charge level and 2. letting the charge level drop) you are wasting charge charms. Except in the former, you are getting high charge eggs while in the latter you get medium to low eggs! Not to mention that in the latter you still have to build up the charge to 20 (in that period you only get low and medium eggs for your troubles!)

So right now unless I am going inactive for a long long time (like I am only going to log in twice a day and then disappear). It is more profitable to just keep the eggscavator charge eggs on. Then when you are active, do the cycle thing (i.e. switch to eggstra on 18 to 20, use eggscavator on 17 and lower). It does not matter where you hunt. BUT apparently catacombs with ancient is better (ONLY IF YOU ARE CYCLING EGGS --> and that means you are going to be very active and are going to keep swapping eggstra and egscavator charge charms. If you are going to be inactive most of the time, just arming eggscavator charms is NOT going to be more profitable than Pinnacle Chambers. You are better off in the Pinnacle Chambers if you are predominantly passive!) 

On another note: Could you arm eggscavator charms in the Pinnacle Chambers? You sure could! Just remember that the trade off is if you are just maintaining a lvl 20 charge its fine, but if you are BUILDING up your charge. The level only goes up with a successful catch, so since the catch rate of Pinacle Chamber is lower than say Catacombs, your charge level will be slower to rise. Also you cannot ignore the fact that by arming eggscavator charm instead of say Chrome charm, you catch rate will be a little lower (by a few percentage points I think). This is as compared to hunting in cats (again I cannot over emphasize, this is only true if you are charging the eggscavator). So choose your own poison =)

My take? if you are active, do the egg cycling thing (swap eggstra and eggscavator charge charms, within the 17 to 20 level charge range). Do it in the Catacombs with Ancient armed and Grand Arcanum Trap. Or your best Arcane trap. Full time! Even when you are inactive for shot periods (like sleep or work), arm eggscavator charge charms when inactive for short periods.

If you are inactive? It then depends on your hunter level. If you are able to hold your ground in Pinnacle and can afford to arm eggscavator charge charms without affecting your catch rate too much. Go for it! Since you won't be doing the egg cycle thing anyways, its a valid way to use up the charge charms. In fact you might want to consider arming the eggstras as well, the reason being that furoma eggs are VERY NICE for extending Furoma runs =) I think you get master shards or the like (which you can use to craft rumble, very nice!). Whether you want to time your eggstra charms while on a high charge, its your call =) Its all profit since you are passive anyways =P

If you are inactive but having a charm to boost your stats is crucial to hunting effectively in the Pinnacle Chambers? Don't bother with the charge, for the Mojos!!!

If you are inactive but are not yet strong enough to hunt Mojos effectively? Arm eggscavator charge charms and hunt in the "catacombs with ancient"/ "mousouleum with radioactive blue" / "ronza's shoppe with rockfella" / "Omelette Factory with Monterey" /  "any other place that has been good to you for gold =) " with the eggscavator charge charm. Switch to eggstra whenever you are active and in 18 to 20 range.

What to do when you run out of charge and charms? Its back to Omelette Factory for you !

Happy Hunting!

[20140517 12:19]

Just to be clear, this is what you are gunning for when "high charge egg cycling"

A high charge:

This is the outcome you are looking for with eggstra charms armed (4 High Charge Eggs!):

This is my set up:

Happy Hunting and have a good Easter =)

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