A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: 2014 is Ronza Coming?

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

2014 is Ronza Coming?

Ronza is coming?????????

..... Clear skies ahead???

[20140513 01:05]

Yet more evidence/rumours that Ronza is coming!!!!!

[20140514 01:38]


You need to actually travel to ROnza:

For once this is quite apt =P

[20140514 0203]

There are so many things!!!!

I bought most of the stuff:

And crafted this piece of badassery =)

Details here!

[20140515 00:09]

Now what should you get from Ronza?

This is a question whose answer is dependent on your current gold stash, where you are in the game and why in the world you are playing =)

Gold stash. This is most important. Unless you just started playing or have been pretty inactive, you should have a substantial stash. Varmint Valley opened up the gold front quite a bit. No longer is Furoma the default answer (it was never really, it was only the best with Sphynx Wrath). If you are below Lord, there is Catacombs if you are Legendary and below, Mousouleum. Point being, you should have some! Still, given a limit gold resource what should you get?

Where you are in the game. If you do not have enough points, then no, you can't buy the trap. Thats all there is. Thats depressing. But no it should'nt be depressing, you should'nt worry about those snazzy traps that you can;t get at the moment, because they WILL be superseded by the time you get the points for it. Trust me =)

Why are you playing again? Now you need to answer this. Are you some obnoxious ferret that must grab every L.E. in sight (i.e. like me) ? Are you really playing MouseTrap not Mousehunt (i.e. like me)? Or are you the kind that likes to be tight with resources and you just get what you NEED?

If your answers are yes to all three questions, go away! You are confused! But if you are yes yes no or nonoyes then please continue reading. (I am not too sure what to do if your answers are in other combinations, no worries, I accept you as you are, you may read on. or not. or do. or. ya.)

Anyways. if you are yes yes no. Then its really your budget and point constraint. Buy whatever you can get your grubby hands on man. Oh wait wait thats bad advice.

Shucks. I guess I will just assume you want to get everything if possible, but you have budget or point constraints. That would make it simple for me.

My advice:

1) Get the Phantasmal Oasis upgrade to Chrome Phantasmal Oasis if you are able to get only one thing and can afford it

2) If the Chrome upgrade is beyond your budget? Get the new base instead. It is rather powerful. Those are the two big things to me.

3) If you have gold to burn! The new Draconic trap is only slightly better but its pretty. HOWEVER. if you do not have the Ice Maiden? The Dragon Lance is gud stuff.

4) If you are still relatively new. The new tactical trap is good, if you do not have the Horrifc Venus trap or Zugzwang's first move. If you have not yet gotten S.L.A.C. II, the new law trap is a VERY nice reprieve. S.L.A.C I is pretty painful.

5) Others. If, after you are have bought all you wanted you still have some spare? There is unstable. And there is tarnished. Personally I would get a bit of everything. But Tarnish is a pretty safe bet at the moment. Unstable is shaky, but fun! If you have not yet done the M400 then the EMP400 charms are a good buy too! Safeguard Charms will save you much frustration =) Other than that just get what ever helps you get through your current challenges.

6) Do the theme first if you are into that. Use SB+ or Rockfella its pretty quick! Part I is bought, II and III are drops.

Happy Hunting!

[20140523 00:11]

Ronza is leaving on the 22nd May!!! Now this seems weird, well its a time zone thing it wil probably go alittle into 23rd for Singaporeans =)

Anyway you probably have a few good hours left, so go get what you want/need soon! =)

And if you can't get what you wanted this round? Don't fret, she comes around every year! And over time, you do not really lose out. Too much. =) Nah really, the best traps are all in game right now =)

Happy Hunting!

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