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A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Labyrinth

Oh wow.

I have never been so early to post about and area.

And I kinda just randomly stumbled on it.

If you are like me kinda not so active on MH (compared to before), you might have missed this!

Well. That or you are not a frequenter of the forums. :p

Any ways if you haven't been there in a while, check out the thread on the Feedback Friday (how long it has been since i watched one of those lol) where Dave did some sort of announcement/update on an upcoming area!

I did a screenshot, but there are more details and I don't really want to steal his thunder :p

I'll update my huntings as usual once the area is out, in the meantime I am waiting for a very elusive black widow.....

[20150910 01:07]


Unfortunately I have not really done my dues with the Fungal Cavern so I dun think I will be progressing there too soon :(

Anyways the news has been posted and this is a snippet!

First, I believe you need to purchase the key from the Carthographer

Which you can only do if you first have the crystal crucible!!!!

Which I do not have :(

Looks like i will have to grind through the Fungal Cavern first lol

For those that have the Crucible, have fun! I will do my catching up now! =D

Happy Hunting ppl!

[20151115 02:04]

Oki Doki here goes....

So what happened between September and Nowember?

I dunno. Seriously.

Well I vaguely remember I was at the Fungal Cavern. Got caught in a bad map where NOBODY was completing the map but I already started on a few.

It was a sad 1 or 2 weeks. Worse, the owner did not need the map at all, and only started it as she thought all scrolls must be opened!! I believe it was the treasure scrolls, where if you already got the L.E. trap for the year, you should actually keep it for the following year. I.E. it is not tied to the L.E. trap. It is the treasure Chest reward that is tied to the trap. I.e. if you got your chest this year, you have a chance of getting the L.E. trap from this year. Not last year, and if you open it next year, you still only got the chance of getting this years loot. Capish? Good.

Anyways, I thought she has'nt gotten the L.E. trap for this year and thought I was returning her a favor (she helped a bunch in an earlier map). And horrors. She did'nt need it, and the other leeches in the map were more interested in Fungal Cavern. So it was purely a leech map. It was sad.

I was sad.

Well... as sad as i can be about virtual mice. but yah it set me back a good bit in terms of time,


In MH, you are your own competitor.

So it was'nt all bad.

But there was nothing good :/

Anyways gripes aside. After that I was trying to get the Crystal Crucible as quickly as possible. As well as Shards. Then Halloween came along.

I was a little worried about the cost in gold. I have fallen so far behind in MH that the gold inflation has overtaken my ability to keep up. So I barely have a safe buffer of gold. (the whole running around in a useless map does not help) So I did'nt dare to get the Crystal Crucible.

In the end I figured I could use it in the event and by mid way through the event i felt safe enough to commit my resources to the CC.

One of the biggest mistakes I made in the Fungal Cavern was to convert all my minerals into Mineral cheese. I HAZ ONE THOUSAND PLUS mineral cheese!!! Oh well.

So ya. I had to redo alot of the work previously done in Fungal Cavern.

Anyways after i got the Crucible I started farming for Glowing Gruyere in Fungal Cavern. I think I was at it for about a week. Then I read in the forum that it is a bit slow. And that I was better off farming for GG (glowing gruyere) in the Labyrinth or Zokor. Sighs.

Anyways I was at about 75 GG. So off I went to the Labyrinth.

I will be posting more pics and tips. Later....

But I guess I should say something useful :P now.

Ermmm. I also read somewhere, that one should only use the GG in Zokor. The reason being that the Stalker attraction difference (between using GG and "whatever" cheese) is quite small (the usual FTA differences still apply tho!). And its better to save the GG for Zokor, where the prizes are better and a stalker FTC is more painful. Given that I had only 75 GG, this was good advice!

Other useful tips:
- Also try to go as naturally as possible.
- Go for any treasury corridors
- Farming corridors are also good

My resource usage in terms of priority:

In farming or treasure corrridors, use better charms. (I used SB+ and ancient, in other corridors my go to charm is chrome).

In corrrdors I am uninterested in, I use Gouda and tarnish charm,

In corrdors I am interested in I use gouda and Chrome charm

Oil only in corridors you are interested in. Just to give a headstart in accumulating clues of the desired type.

For my first run I was lucky enought to get quite a bit of treasure corridors and i oiled those.

Anyways more details tomorrow. It is 2 am here!!!

Happy Hunting!!!!

[20151115 02:29]

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