A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: The Iceberg

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Iceberg

Its weird.

I am now trying to catch the Deep Mouse, and it is only because of a map. I guess I never really liked the Iceberg. Perhaps it was too much like the old Mythmonger game where it was mostly grinding down.

Anyways i probably should do a guide and this will be the placeholder for it.

Meanwhile, I will now post about my very first attempt to catch the darn Deep Mouse!!!

I don't think I am actually at the Icewing lair yet.... but i have armed my Deep Freeze base anywasy :)

[20150819 23:06]

I dunno what happen , But I totally whiffed on catching the Deep mouse!!! Anyways on ward with the map!!! I will update this as a guide later on after I get the L.E. trap in the season 3 chest.... which might take awhile :p

[20150819 23:07]

Wow. Oh wow. Did it really take awhile =)

Anyways, in running a few maps and always going for the more unpopular groups of mice (hint: this area is one of em')

I tried to get the Deep mouse a  few times and always come up short... I mean I don't even have a whiff of the darn thing. So I figured I must be doing something wrong.

All the while I just thought that I had to hunt with the Beep freeze base and thats it.

Apparently the Deep mouse is only available under very specific conditions and that is:

1) You gotta catch the Icewing mouse  before hunt # 250 with the Deep Freeze base, after which the "Deep lair" will be where the Deep mouse is available

Well hmmm thats just one condition :)

interestingly, the Deep Lair lasts for 200 feet. And at the end of 200 feet, the Deep Mouse is the only thing that can be attracted. 

This means a few things.

If you can somehow catch the Icewing before hunt # 250 with a good distance (more than 200), you are actually in a  very good position to catch the Deep mouse!!!

However. How to reach this nirvana?


I dunno.


I will attempt this:

Use the stage based bases. i.e.

1) Magnet Base (Treacherous Tunnels)
2) Spiked Base (Brutal Bulwark)
2) Remote Detonator Base (Bombing Run)
4) Heartstone base (Mad Depths)

For charms, I think I got the impression that it was Wax Charm for the bombing run and Sticky everywhere else.... I think :p

I also got the impression that if you got the SOS, the base for Mad Depths does not really matter?

I guess this is the best way to get an optimum run.

Oh and of course. If you want the absolute best run. SB+ !!!

Still I had the impression that catching the Deep Mouse is doable with gouda, but you might need to do a few times and get lucky. I think. 

I can;t really test because this is'nt my favourite area :p and darn... the Labyrinth is Open!!!!!


Sighs. I was really farming stuff in the Fungal Garden... but I got sucked into a non responsive map... :/

Oh well.

Happy Hunting ppl :)

[20150914 00:16]

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