A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Treasure Chest 2015 or Season 3 Treasure Chests

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Treasure Chest 2015 or Season 3 Treasure Chests

Or the Season 3 for treasure chests. Whatever =)

Anyways, I am kinda languishing where MH is concern, I was in the latest Rift for a bit, but it was passive so I kinda just clocked in once a day.

Real life work was a little consuming and GP Singapore for Magic came and went (more on that later!)

And then Treasure Chest season three came along! I guess I should post since I do have people reading and following and I should do my best to at least keep things updated for the readers. And I guess I will over the next few days :) Hopefully. Anywasy.

 And then RONZA! came along. This time its the old style Ronza where she comes in and out commando style. You just buy her goods and if you got the gold, shes got the L.E.

oooo ya, only old school Mouse Hunters know the baggage associated with that term, and these days L.E. is more ceremonial than anything since the best traps are in-game. Still, for those with the L.E. bug: go get em' Tiger!

Anyways, so I did'nt really post a thngie for the Treasure Chest Season 3.

So this is it.

I am officially on the hunt for the L.E. trap for Treasure Chest Season 3!


Anyways, if you are annoyed with my writing stuff, you can go suck it. No wait I did'nt mean that :P
I meant you can blame Jamie. I do miss his tournament reports, which were mostly ramblings about the going ons in his life while playing (I realise this is totally inappropriate since its probably the MH crowd reading this... but hey go get his book or something, here is some shameless plugging for the King of Phatties and his book :) )

Anywasy, I am not even sure what was that rant about. I guess I just found it interesting that Jamie wrote in a style in a usenet newsgroup that is quite similar to most blog posts. I guess its a natural thing :P

Anyways (wow thats a shitload of Anyways, theres that word again!) I will be using this post to update my Treasure Chest Season 3 hunting ermm catches? posts? Journals? Hmmm ya. Like what I normally do =)

Happy Hunting ppl!

[20150705 19:32]

I do realise there is an utter lack of content for the opening post, so to make up for the lost minutes of your life, here is a wonderful link (to waste yet more minutes of your life)

The link leads you to MH timers, it is pretty light weight and has been an indispensable tool for tracking that jumpy Relic Mouse!

(It also happens to time all things mouse hunt, so its a nice little tool to have handy :)  enjoy!)

[20150705 19:36]

Just some pics, I was just randomly collecting scroll cases (hence the relic hunter mouse chasing):

Before this I had several invites to maps.... and I was stuck in one where I was the only one doing work. it sucked bad. I even upgraded the map early. Sighs.

Anyway a friend of mine advised that i should only dust late, so that everyone is at least still motivated to try rather than just wait it out knowing that the duster is more invested and is unlikely to let the map sink. Yeah, some people naturally stink =P

In anycase, to my horror, that map does not even yield the L.E. trap for Season 3!!!!

So boys and girls, take note!

For season 3, only the maps from Relic Hunter mouse scrolls will contain the L.E. season 3 trap!

Area specific maps do not have the map!

And it does not matter that the trap is rare or not, just those that have the categories:


For exaample, I finally got a map invite that is the correct type:

At the very least, you should see it indicated as "(Season 3)" as above.

We'll see how this goes =)

[20150705 22:09]

Now I guess if you are new to this Treasure Chest thing, here are my previous hunts for the L.E. trap!

Season 1

Season 2

Looking back, I did'nt really blog much about season 2, just the start and the end... hmmm

oh well....

Happy Hunting ppl, and may your hunts be more eventful than mine heh!

[edit -- 20150706 00:04]

oh wow... I actually documented the Season 2 hunting here.... I was wondering why I did'nt even get a mugshot of the trap. Even though I have never used it yet, the Zugzwang Tower was one of best memories of the game so I was really excited about the Chesla, i just never got a chance to try it out!

[20150705 22:28]

And, after hangin' in the Sandtail desert for awhile, I made my first contribution to the map!


More about the spoils we are gunning for:

The trap is impressively named:

Warden Slayer Trap
(becos it so obviously slays wardens woo!)

Power: 6,000
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: 15%
Luck: 17
Cheese Effect: No Effect

The Treasure Chest L.E. traps normally have some location specific special effect. For Season 3, the location is at the Fiery Warpath where the trap gains +2,500 power and +2,500% power bonus during Wave Four. This is according to the wiki... which sounds a little crazy but fun!!! I guess that is the reason for its name too, since it is the Theurgy Wardens that it will obviously slay!

I think....

 2500 power bonus sounds nutsy!!!

Its ironic that my first hunt count for the map is in the Warpath coincidentally!

[20150705 22:45]

Well this is really ironic.


The loot is a special trap for wave four in the Warpath.

To catch Theurgy Warden mice.

I so happened to be in the tail end of wave 3....

so in the midst of blabbering about the trap.. I am supposed to hunt this:

Oh the irony. Warden Slayer. I need you now.

but I noe haz you.

Looks like I will have to depend on him.


dammit. He is melting already!

Though he is doing just fine:

And this is key I guess. The Treasure Map L.E. traps are usually not MUST haves. As you will clearly see, I will clean house with the Chrome Monstro, which is in-game. What the Treasure Chest L.E. traps will usually give you is a little boost (or a rather large one is this case hehe).

So you do not need to get too upset if you somehow do not end up with the treasure chest L.E. trap. Of course this is always easier said than done, since i already have the L.E. trap it is easy for me to say it. And I totally agree! I had the Season 2 Chesla prettty easy I think. The first L.E. was pretty tough. But I read of really unlucky hunters who have open many many many chest (how many? I cannot remember.. plus i might be confoozing it with Warpath runs *ahem*). So for Season 3, the devs have taken it upon themselves to alleviate hunters of this pain by making it such that if you open up 29 treasure chests from Relic Hunter mouse dropped maps, the 30th Relic Hunter mouse map treasure chest will contain the L.E. trap. So cool rite!

I had to look up the actual post to make sure my info was correct, so here it is in all its glory!

[20150705 23:10]

Oki doki this is my first Season III chest!

No trap unfortunately... oh well.

On to the next one!

[20150715 00:48]

Unfortunately i am easily distracted I am now actually on a Furoma Run

But i am back on the hunt for my third Treasure Chest!

The map had only one mouse left and it was something I was kinda positioned to catch? So I decided why not?

Will be back on to Furoma after this!

My second chest was uneventful....

I did most of the hunting and oh well....

It was so uneventful.... I did'nt capture any info lol


MyThird treasure chest was however rather uneventful too!

[20150804 16:39]

Oki this is probably my fourth or fifth chest... I kinda lost count. I think it is my fourth.

This one was kinda terrible as I am doing most of the work. But I was feeling generous and wanted to actually play mousehunt, like you' know, catching the mice and being happy with the area, the strategies and the catches... ya...

I do like the ZugZwang Tower very much, heh I tried to do a triple run and was EXTREMELY close... but I made the mistake of keeping SB+ armed when my next catch was the Mystic Queen and I was very close to my trap check hunt. Obviously, I had to miss the moment and catch the Queen then King consecutively... And of course I got dumped out of the tower after catching the King without Checkmate cheese. The correct line of play would be to arm Checkmate cheese while gunning for the last Queen in that situation, IF I was not close to my trapcheck, then yes it is correct/alright to use SB+ But that close to my trapcheeck, it would have been prudent to use Checkmate cheese.... But i did'nt.

Oh well... at least it was fun. =)

I even dusted the map. Go me. 0.o

I then had a quick run through the Iceberg.

Anyways this map was particularly troublesome as it had a Black Widow!!!

I think I spent almost a week waiting (good lord we do waste quite a bit of our lives catching virtual mice :p) for the critter!

Luckily thats done and now I just have to clean up the rest of the map and we are done =) 

Happy Hunting ppl!

[20150819 23:04]

Oki the sixth Chest went by pretty quickly even though it was a tough one as everyone was pretty active!

But it did'nt have a trap either :(

But the seventh did tho!!

Apparently 7th is the lucky number! And here it is:


This one was an elaborate that was dusted.

it too contained a black widow.

I actually only caught 3 mice from this map, the first was a very random train mouse (as that was the last place I was in the 6th map) and I actually had another train mouse, but I decided to get the Black Widow out of the way first.

So that one took a while, I tried to invite everyone from my sixth map as that was a pretty good team.

Most did come back (I hope they got the warden Slayer trap too!) and it actually went pretty fast! By the time I caught the black widow, they finished off most of the rest of the mice, 

I decided to just go for the least popular group of mice(not many like the iceberg I realise), and yah it was pretty tedious even though it was only two, one was in the mad depths :p

But it was'nt too bad, I was only worried about going through the mad depths and STILL not catch the snowblind mouse lol

So that was that =)

And this is the prize:

Happy Hunting Everyone!

Any may you get your Warden Slayer Traps quickly =)

[20150905 15:55]

I think I will go back to the Fungal Cavern.... I seemed to have missed a trap there :p

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