A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Mogis in Love ... or Rage of the Minotaurs!!!

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mogis in Love ... or Rage of the Minotaurs!!!

Cognitive dissonance.

Thats what happens when you think of how someone wild and woolly like Mogis can be in love.

What has that got to do with anything? Nothing. As always =)

Well that and I like the song Shakespeare in Love. Again that has nothing to do with anything, so dead end again huh.

hur hur



So I wanted to build a deck around Mogis, since I like the card Abyss alot! However Mogis is NOT Abyss. And its not just the spelling. 

Mogis gives you an ultimatum: sac a critter or take two to the face. 

Every turn. 

Only problem is the opponent gets to choose the lesser evil to implement. Meaning you will always get the sub optimal option. I believe the common term is punisher cards. Few do well, and the ones that see some action are often maligned in someway. But thats magic right?

So back to Mogis. Given this situation, I tried to build a deck that either causes damage fast enough that my opponent does not want to take damage or destroys creatures fast enough that my opponent has no choice but to take damage. I think I failed and there are several reasons why.

1) I probably suck at this.

2) Now that we have that out of the way. I always felt that god cards are singletons in a deck. A singleton does not a theme make. Now. So far that assessment has borned out to be true. The only exception being Thassa, and only because she is 3cc and is highly relevant (in a fast deck) and can scrye herself away. Few if not none of the other gods do that.

Mogis had the same problem. So I ended up with a minotaur deck instead. Hey they are his faves no? I'll probably try to give Mogis another shot later, I kinda got caught up with the minotaur theme and left mogis for dead. He just does'nt fit too well in multiples, but is nice to have as a singleton.

Oh and another observation on the way gods function. Yes, they seem to be only good as a one or two of. However, you can mix and match the gods. In this case, I mix Purphoros with Mogis. I haven't actively considered what other gods may be useful in this deck, but I just want to point out that synergistic gods make up for the fact that you can only have one god of a kind out at any point in time.

So i did'nt really fail in making a deck around Mogis, not really, I just made a deck that can use Mogis =P

So on to the deck.

i wanted some burn. So there are eight of em' burn.

Chandra, Pyromaster. Much maligned planswalker is here for card advantage. (As always you need to build a deck that Chandra can thrive in)

Purphoros to have another relevant god. He burns whenever critter comes in. Critter comes in often in this deck? Check.

Hammer of Purphoros is interesting. It gives haste, so it makes your critters hit faster. But too many will reduce the density of critters (as well as clog your hand, remember they hit on the board not in your hand --- I am so sorry for that one haha) And importantly, as with all aggro decks, late lands become a liability, but Hammer solves that in a pinch, and those golems are hasty to a fault!

Butcher just is. I'm trying him out. He was very mean in limited. Lets see if he is as badass in standard.

Boros Reckoner! Defender of ... your side i guess =P

Fanatic of Mogis, is nice burn. Too bad he can't hit creatures... but I think its too much then. face is good.

Ragemonger is quite nice actually. You like free Reckoners? I reckon you do.

Fellhide Spiritbinder? meh, he seems good, so I am trying out. Obviously (I think) not a four off, as his cc is high and he does'nt rip a new one like Fanatic can. However, he allows you to hit with a copy of say.... Rageblood Shaman?

Oh Rageblood shaman! Cows love beef not. Mabbe thats why the minotaurs are so mad.

Deathbellow. is so cheap! But attacking every turn might prove a huge liability. But I am trying to see if tactical usage of combat damage can assuage the drawback somewhat. Well that and generous usage of Jedi mind trick bluffs too!


4 x Lightning Strike
4 x Searing Blood

2 x Chandra, Pyromaster

1 x Purphoros, God of the Forge
1 x Hammer of Purphoros
1 x Mogis, God of Slaughter

10 x Mountain
4 x Blood Crypt
4 x Temple of Malice
4 x Swamp

4 x Kragma Butcher
4 x Boros Reckoner
3 x Fanatic of Mogis
4 x Ragemonger
2 x Felhide Spiritbinder
4 x Rageblood Shaman
4 x Deathbellow Raider

Have fun!

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