A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Calamity Carl's Cruise

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Monday, February 03, 2014

Calamity Carl's Cruise

So for Chinese Lunar New Year, it will be back to Calamity Carl's Cruise.

How it works:

1) If you have Firecracker charms, use those if not
2) Just hunt with cheese (something you are comfortable with will do), using a setup with more attraction will help if you are not using super brie!
3) When you hunt with Firecracker charms you will get Nitropop potions, use these to convert firecracker charms to nitropop charms.
4) Hunting with Nitropop charms allows you to catch mice which drop Horsepower charms

Now why bother to switch charms. You notice there is a progression in the cost of the charms. the costliest charms allow you to travel further on the cruise. Horse power charms allow you to travel 25km per catch. Nitropop charms allows  9 km per catch and firecracker charms allow 3 km travelling distance per catch.

Note that it is by per catch.

You will need to travel 1350 km to complete the cruise. On completion of at least one time, you will get access to the trapsmith and you can buy the horse jade base.

The horse jade base has 25 more power than the snake jade base but has a stale cheese effect.

Also past "in-year" charms will also travel 25 km (e.g. last years snake bite charm should trave 25 I think)

That is the gist of this CNY/valentines event =)

oh on a side note you can catch olympic mice using runny cheese!

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