A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: The Great Winter Hunt (GWH) 2013 is here!!!!

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Great Winter Hunt (GWH) 2013 is here!!!!

Unfortunately I am still on a train so I am about 12 hours away from actually getting to the area =(

But I will update as I progress =) in the meantime this actually has ALL the information =)

So it began: 20131210 which was tues for Singaporeans =)

[20131211 08:47]

Anyways this is what I have so far.

1. Remember to set your profile page (click on the big shield)
2. set the table if you do not it would look like this (I think if you click on it you MAY get an ice coin)

3. People visiting will see this (except with "take cheese" instead of "table set")

4. If you set the table, visitors get cheeses from years past (yes ye olde cheese as it were). There is a limit per day!

5. Hunting with the old cheese (or the new bocinni cheese!) will attract FESTIVE mice

6. You can hunt with normal cheese to get the new bocinni cheese. You could also arm any of the previous years cheese which would be equivalent =)

The is a whole lot more. This year we need to build snow forts cannons and what nots. Also the new L.E. trap will supersede the OAT! .... hmmm not sure if it will supersede the the POT tho... that miiight piss some hunters off. I look forward to ever better traps tho =)

Happy Hunting!
(I am still on the train btw .....)

[20131211 12:47]

So apparently among the festive cheeses there is a difference too!

SB+ > FF > SeaGou > Ginge.
Source: Franco.

You need the Bocconcini cheese to get snow blocks to build your fort!

[20131211 13:40]

So I finally got off the train. And the wanted poster is still not done. But since my deputy is off frolicking in the snow I guess I should'nt be too hard on myself =P

This is wha it looks like.

As far as I can gather it appears that each mouse you catch that is festive should fill a small dot. Then there are bosses for each big dot. The bosses drop the snowblocks I think.

And you use 80 snow blocks to build your fort.

The big bad at the end unlocks the L.E. upgradable trap: The Ice Blaster trap!

Power: 3800
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 12
Cheese Effect: Fresh

It can be upgraded to the Glacial Gatler!


Power: 4800 (Hydro)
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 20
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh

to craft it:

1 trap part (from the Ice Blaster)
7 frosty metal
600 living shards 
Oasis bead !

Its no POT, but it is L.E. =D

The one thing unique about it is its ability to create snow charms! =D What use of that I am not too sure tho. But hey! its SNOW!! =D

[20131211 21:20]

Normal cheese hunts to not count to the hole filling of the HUD

[20131211 21:23]

ONLY Snowball Bocconcini hunts advance the bar

[20131211 22:18]

Arrrrrrgh! I just got invited to a few maps! and .... I am stuck on the wanted poster. I had a bad feeling and now its true. You must not already be on a map or poster.

And my errant deputy is still frolicking. I hope he gets his butt in action soon.

Sadly i am now back in the train.... *sob*
[20131212 01:49]

So...... I did manage to get back into the whole GWH 2013, but it took awhile as I had to finish the wanted poster by myself.

In the end I managed to get 22 fool's gold by being 2nd out of three on the train. lol. And I manage to get engineer status for the team score. actually there were 5 players, but 3 were from the same team and they tycooned. =/ So I kinda made the wrong bet and expanded all my CRN (crates, repellents and nuggets). Luckily I managed 64/80 and this was a 12 hr train, so I somehow got 22 FG.

Then I donated.

Later I realised it was a bit of a waste as the skins were quite readily available. But it did'nt feel to bad as I meant it as a "thank you" anyways =P

Inside were these:

Note: I think you get 4 mths golden shield I think. Which brings us to the next point.

You should not open this. But I could'nt wait. =P

The reason why you should not open it is that it gives you 1 or 2 mths worth of golden shield.

Anyways . I did and this was what it contains:

I like the snowy sphynx best tho =)

this is another view of it:

In an unrelated news this was what i got in a passing parcel I think:

Anyways that was about two days ago. Now I have upgraded by fort to the max for armoury.

I guess a quick summary is due:

When you get 75 blocks, you get to choose to upgrade your fort in 4 ways:

1. Snow Cannon
2. Ice Armoury
3. Winter Walls
4. Festive Tavern

Now Which you choose really depends on which stage of the game you are in. If you need stronger specs for your traps, Snow Cannon is the best.

If you are able to consistently get results in tournaments, Ice armoury is the best since you get extra tournament tokens!! (I picked this even though I hardly get results in tournaments as I am quite desperate to get tournament tokens)

If you are not donating and need to build your Bocconcini stock, then Winter walls are the best!

Festive Tavern is more to be friendly and give to others =)

Mine currently looks like this:

And it does give you more!

I recently received 5 while a team member got 3! Thats a huge difference when every token counts!

[20131215 01:43]

This is the current state of my snowfort!

[20131215 23:13]

There are also treasure maps! Except the theme is the naughty and nice lists =)

It works like the usual treasure maps =)

All the mice are the xmas event  mice, so its quite convenient!

[20131216 00:05]

And this is the completed Fort!!

[20131220 00:14]

So I have been running tournaments non-stop and from 133 tokens (since the golden base was released up to this event), I now have this:

Yes I am 12 tokens from the GTB.

I have mixed feelings.

Without the GTB, I have had to hunt against people with better traps for the longest time. It is most ostensible during the big tribal tournaments when the game is the crunchy cheese consumers. My best strategy was spellbook base with spellbook charm. It was barely feasible. But largely outclassed. Plus the fact that with my team I often had to solo, it was very tough. 

Thing is my team are my friends. I do not consider them as a means to getting an end. Hence I will not kick them nor require them to stay online. Our rule is always, MH is just a game, and when real life beckons that takes precedence. Its worse now though as I think my team members are really becoming disinterested in tournaments, its hard to hold their attention. 

Luckily, I can add newer members and recently one of the newer members is very active! And happily, there are 2 man tournaments, so we can run head to head against other teams! That together with the current event bonus of tournament tokens has made the dream of the the golden base possible! It is ironic as this new member almost quit because the game was becoming too active and its is tiring to expect everyone to want to play in tournaments... and get punished for it. Which is what every active but stuck in an inactive team hunter is going through. The remedy is to tough it out and add new members like I do or to quit the team. Neither is particularly easy.  Hence it is bitterweet that after almost two years, I am at the cusp of getting the base. Its kinda surreal. And stupid too since its digital and all. =D Ah the joys, trials and tribulations of  of mouse hunting.

[20131224 23:28]

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