A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: I still suck at limited

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I still suck at limited

Oops I did it again?

No that was'nt Britney.


That was me.


I bombed dammit, I bombed.

I am beginning to think that for drafts you need to find bombs, or at least built your deck so that it is tight and can survive bombs.

This time my drafted mondstrosity was a g/b/u

48 cards.

It does'nt really have a mana problem. (18 lands is magic)

It just does'nt do useful things.

Bernard was kind enough to change it for me.

Whittling it down to 40, taking out the 4 ensnares and a sprout, and some other random do dahs.

I died in almost every match up.

First games was againts david I think.

some red deck running 2 conflagarates (could have been 1 it flashed and it flashed and it flashed)

Oh an it bashed and it bashed and it bashed.

No wait that was the previous draft...


Ah now I remember. =)

It was erm can't rem the name but he came with charles.

I had an okay chance.

First game, I cam out fast, like a constructed weenie.

But of cos my deck was no constructed weenie. Brought him below 10 and he proceeded to bash me. Did I mention that I play Thelon, and he played better thalidss? shoot.

2nd match My cards decided not to show and the nly relevant card was a eternity snare.

It stopped a rampaging Baloth (not that 3/1 dude), but my deck was really sputtering.

I died soon after.

My 2nd Round

1st match.
I believe I played againts a b/r

There were echo stuff and so on.

I can't remember much =) I think its just bad memories hahaah

But he was friendly and provided some pointers.

Charles came and messed with the deck and played him later, proclaiming that he can play any deck.

And he could =P

He identified the deck as an aggro deck, and it really came out fast.

First turn baloth, followed my stab, then more critters, thalids thelon. And he swarmed him.

But that hand was rather vicious =) ... how come I dun get hands like those lol.

But the weakness of the deck was exposed as charles played more rounds.

It tends to hold out well then eventually just run out of steam.

And charles pulled many tricks out of the deck, Herd Gnarr with a flashed in Ashcoat bear.

But it just ran out of steam even the bombs came out.

Verdant Embrace.
(that was mainly why I went green)

I can't remember much of the third round.

Ah yes now I remember =)

Can't remember his name but I think he is a judge, anyways he was playing a sliver deck.

One of the ways to win is my milling via the screeching sliver I think.

Unfortunately he chose to try to win by that path =P

And I had a relatively hot hand.

And it aggroed him out.

Next two rounds he played aggro slivers and yah that was that haha



I think that one match win kept me from bottom.

At least i did;nt have to pick moonlace again =P

For my troubles I got.

1 Foil Fortune Thief (Mike Flores used it in his sideboard =P)

1 Verdant Embrace (oki this guy did not come out for ANY of my matches... ah well)

1 Candles of Leng ... no body likes this.. 4 mana to dump something in the grave... I dunno I think a deck could be built around this =D

I also bought 4 Sacred Mesa, 1 Verdant Embrace, 1 Uthden Troll, 2 Evangelize, 1 Avoid Fate, 1 Walk the Aeons from Melvin.

Some cool.

Things I learn, better to stick to 40 cards, damn stochastic neutrality lol thing is 1% of a billion is much more dramatic than 1% of a million.

I got to read the signals better.

Bernard says my deck is full of removals and my critters are too small.

Charles also commented that the main problem with the deck is that none of my critters have evasion.

Someone also mention that a Deathspore thallid will never come back. All too true.

My bomb is a friggin aura... sighz

On Sunday i played my first extended tournament.

Following the hurried and largely messed up start i had to prepared for the standard, you'd think I would prepared earlier.

Which I did.

All of one hour earlier haha

So I played Cal without the cabal.

Not a good Idea huh.

Even the sideboard was a little screwed.

I could'nt find the 1 Duress, 2 Cabal THerapy, 1 Hull Breach, 2 putrefy.

Do you noticed all these were sorceries?

I did'nt lol.

Yes this was a toolkit sideboard, and it allows burning wish to fetch them.

Once I realised though.

I changed the SB to include Moldervine Cloaks and Avoid Fates.

In retrospect this changes are really funny. More on those later.

I then called the deck Calabash.


Well cos I can convert it into a deck that just bashes.

Any self respecting CAL player will probably know that my actions does far is sacreligious and has largely emasticated the CAL deck to a neutered dodo. Yep the burning wishes just became duds.

Of course there is some good in this entire fiasco.

I learnt how CAL works and why it is built that way. (with the changes I made, I had ZERO disruption).

I also realise that extended is alot tighter.

Last week's standard tourney my deck literally had its teeth pulled out.

This time the change was subtle, but yet without the therapies, the games were over fast and furious. lol

Extended is much tighter than Standard. You can afford to make less mistakes.

I'll continue to revel in my pathetic performance later. With pics of my missing cabal therapies! (oh yah I found them... it was in a friggorid deck =P)


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