A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Timespiral - Box numero 1

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Timespiral - Box numero 1

Now first thoughts.

TS has alot for everyone... but it feels disjointed and after WOTC's actions in the last few weeks, I don't have a good feel of this set at all.

I am only still going through the packs and boxes as I had pre-ordered them (oh yah i do this with or without spoilers... so ermm anti-spolier people's or MARO buttlickers - piss off ;)). The only person to hurt if I do not fulfil is not WOTC but the cardshop owner. (note that the preorder is based on trust, nothing is bound, and if you try to argue from the trust stand point, relationship, basic respect blah blah... gee WOTC just screwed the community, talked down to its customers like they are kids, manipulate words to hide the true marketing agenda, and you are shielding them??? - all I can say is go on, give your monies to them =) you deserve them =P - because you are worth it !!!)

I am going to do this by colour and then give comments as the pics are posted.

First i sorted them by colours and purples

Lets start with the Purples:

Definitely, the Rakdos were here, just look at the bloody void they left !!

Seriously, Void would give the B/R decks a boost. Void's problem is that it is often, too little too late.

But with the focus on two colour decks in the last set, Void might prove good enough, or rather there might be enough support to actually make Void good enough for tournament play!

Also, note the suspend and even the morph mechanic. Chances are the new rule is to burst at turn 4 and above.

1. Cancel is 3cc
2. Morph is 3cc
3. Suspend is often 3 and above

Hence I dunno... much points to RnD trying to make the mid game the focus.

Still this is all speculation =P

I do think that the Lotus Bloom is going to pump the usability of morph!

Oh the grave is becoming more and more prolific, and with the new reanimator card (which I cannot remember at the moment...) + Akroma... Reanimator is definitely on the cards! ermm I just did a pun right hahhahahah

Beloved Mosquito ... most efficient of the poisoners. Here to grace TS... but unfortunately taking a purple slot!!!!! lol

Still .. its not so bad... I mean I REALLY REALLY like poison as a mechanic. I just wished that .. IF they are gonna do poison... don't throw us a bone??? Throw us something meaty, make poison GOOOD for once. Poison has the potential to be so BAHROKEN!!!

Nuff said'

Oooh and something really nice.



Not Psionic Blast =P

WALL OF ROOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Wall of Roots ... its nice =)

Now this set of cards are what i call, the goodstuff I got from the purple section of my box.

You should see Bad Moon, Assault/Battery, Wall of Roots (FOIL), Void, Whispers of the Muse

Why is THAT the goodstuff you say?

Well now, its obvious.

I did'nt get a psionic blast =P

lol seriously though. Bad Moon is one of the better purples. It definitely has a place in mono B =)

Assault/Battery ? You needed an introduction???

Wall of Roots, it is mucho better than people give it credit for =)

oh and its foil.

Void, we talked about.

Whispers of the muse.

This one card is gonna make mono U work =) (the one we were accustomed to anyways =P)

Hey, its instant draw! =)

Swamp Mosquito, well if they were to print only one, this would be the one =)

I do hope that they plan to build on it though =( 1 poisoner alone does not a poison deck make......

Oh and I had 2 Lord of Atlantis .... what are the odds huh lol

U think they are TWINS!!! lol

These are cards that ..... mmmmaaaaaayyyyyy..... see play.

But probably won't =P

On this dubious list are:
Funeral Charm
Spined Sliver
Defiant Vanguard
Undead Warchief
Icatian Javelineers
Shadow Guildmage
Dragon Whelp
Voidmage Prodigy
Mindless Automaton
Joreal, Empress of Beasts

Now on this list probablyonly Funeral Charm and Icatian javelineer will see some play.

Whats that you say? Icatian Javelineer????

yeah, a one shot ping is actually a pretty good 1 cc drop, so I can see this guy in WW. Funeral charm is good, so long as there is nothing else to outclass it. The rest are either sideboard or stuff you gotta build around.

Not bad.

Its just maybe not the tournament level goob.

Other "goodstuff" categories I got....

Wildfire Emmissary, Spike Feeder, Disintegrate

Now... WE is really meta-dependant, Spike Feeder though it is a card that requires building around, it is a really strong card. The question then really is, is the Spike Tiller man *cough* spike enough to be supported. The days of Spike Weaver shenigans is OVER! Will Tiller take up the mantle?????? Time(spiral) will tell....



Nothing much to say here.

Its a burn spell.

You whack em' over the head with it.

See here!! Like this!



There is still Demonfire.. so I dunno. Disintegrate had always been the "other one", the "third party" in an embermage's affair with his/her favourite X burn spell.

Has'nt changed.

More to come.

But for now its bedtime in Sunny Singapore.

Sign off.


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