A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Time Spiral : Prerelease and Lotus Bloom

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Time Spiral : Prerelease and Lotus Bloom


So you are hoping for a blow by blow report of the prerelease in Singapore?


I did'nt go....

But here are some pics:

From far... look half filled but this was pretty late, almost eight me thinks, so it was the last flight.

Another pic:

So I did'nt go, but I went there to go collect the prerelease cards =D

so here they are:

and a nicer.. I think pic...

and now the dissing begins.....

Why does the Lotus Bloom suck?

More about this.. I gotta go for lunch - timecheck: 2:18 pm in the afternoon.

Log 060923

Timecheck: 5:51

Well I went to the prerelease AGAIN!


lol =)

Nah I went down to collect another 3 foil loti. 12 e.a. I hope they are worth it.

It is about ebay prices right now.

But I always lose money on the prerelease cards lol.

Anyways be fore we diss the Lotus bloom, here are more shots of the prerelease in Singapore.

These shots are a little better. Also I took it from the crowded end, but the situation is the same as last night.

They were still doing deck checks so I suppose they were doing the 2nd flight.

The guy closest to me got an Akroma purplie!!! I want to take a shot of it .. but paiseh lah.

But heres a pic:


Anyways... in retrospection, I pity the guy, cos it is most likely going to be passed to the guy beside him!!! =(

Tough luck there.... good thing i did'nt ask to shoot his (temporarily anyways) Akroma...

Note to self:I will put more pics of the prelease here

but my handphone refuses to cooperate with me.

Anyways i got some stuff from K.

3 Cruel Edict
3 Lotus bloom
1 Clone
4 Small Pox

now the prize has gotta be the small pox.. so in this post I will talk about why Lotus Bloom sucks and Small Pox RUleZ!

But before that the obligatory pics.....

New stuff I bought:

The three Loti:

The Edicts: all cruel!!!

The clone: Onslaught Version!!

This one is actually funny... K was in the toilet (dun ask me why he answers calls in the toilet). Anyways so being the philandering buyer I went shopping with the row of sellers. Mostly meh or too ex for me. But I spotted a Clone for three doollars and i was like grabbin' for my wallet.... (I had wanted a clone for my hatching plans deck... I am sure I had one but for the life of me I could'nt find it)

Then i thought about K and said.. ah shucks i should ask if he has em' first =P

And he did... so here it is:

And the prize.... I think...

The scary version:

Oki.... my parents wanna take me out to eat.... like dinner lol

so Timecheck: 6:16pm

bbl to update the photo narration as well as talk about why Lotus Bloom sucks and Small Pox RuLeZ!

Oki I am back .. Timecheck: 10:08pm

Some details about the place....

BEWARE the crazy swingin' doors of the concourse!!!!

Concourse.... Land of Timespiral Prerelease in Singapore ...

You can eat here too !!!

Oh .. the real reason you are here....

Why small pox owns Lotus Bloom....

Seriously i dun know what they have got to do with each other =P

I guess, i am really talking about playability/value here.

Lotus Bloom....

Now why is Lotus Bloom good...

Aside from its similarities expensive cousin:

Which is tap sac get three mana...

They added suspend to it.

Now unless there is some way to put the Lotus Bloom into play, the suspend will make the Black Lotus look like heaven and itself like the pits of hell.

Thats why they dared to print it.

Have suspend in the current environment means you will NOT have the power of the original black lotus. But seriously you still get a pretty nice boost 4th turn onwards... so all is not bad =P

But in extended, there are probably ways to put the Bloom directly into play. It is in these situations that the bloom will well... erm blossom =D

Still better to check how suspend affects put into play. Isuspect suspend does not affect it at all as suspend is only considered when you play the card. So it probably still has value in the extended environment. (Still, check the rules before you put your dowry in there alright ;)). If the rules say it cannot even do that...then the Lotus Bloom becomes a very light paper weight... at least long term wise.

The smaller pox... well.. thats another story.

It is really....


This is probably the closest we will ever get to the real thing.

Sinkhole can go up to 20 USD ea for a white bordered.

But now we have it as an uncommon!!

But duh, it affects yourself as WELL!!!


Welcome to the real world.

This card is NOWHERE near the strength of the old card.

2 cc critter buster?

Well a whole slew of cards did that.

2 cc LD was stifling.

Permanently neutering your opponents ability to develope is MORE powerful than busting a critter.

This one does it at 2 cc, but affecting you as well.

This essentially means you cannot power ahead of your opponent.

It makes it fairer of course, but making the card weaker than its predecessor.

Lest you think that 2 cc LD is oh so powerful. LD was done at 1 cc for red as Raze.

Still, small pox is a rather good card.

But you need to try to build a deck that can take advantage of the symmetric effects.


sac a critter


-- for Discard

go reanimator (or Haakon ;))

-- LD

well you just gotta be able to survive it well or better.

-- sac a critter

either not play creatures, or play creatures that have an effect.

Its a tricky card definitely, but it can be tamed!!

Lotus Bloom's use though is a little obvious... though its combo potential saves it somewhat.

ah well...

The full power of the Black Lotus would have damned the environment anyway.. so I guess it was for good.

All said, tune in as I update this post or write more stuff =)

Oh and I can definitely see more LD varients of Rakdos..

this card just screams Rakdos...

in fact I think thats just what he is doing....


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