A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Time Spiral : Ancestral Vision Versus Hatching Plans - the grudge match

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Time Spiral : Ancestral Vision Versus Hatching Plans - the grudge match

Now if you are an MTG fan, by now you must be spinning from all the leaks at Mtgsalvation =)

Well poison is coming back!!!!

But more on that later.

Today I am here to talk about Ancestral Vision.

Yes the the new Ancestral Recall Wannabe.


This is the orignal:

The previously held (or most recently held) position was by Hatching Plans.

Hatching Plans has'nt caught on yet (but if you have been reading this blog, you should know that I am a "Hatching Plans" proponent).

First lets look at how they stack up:

Ancestral Recall
U (1), Instant
Target player draws three cards.

Hatching Plans
1U (2), Enchantment
When Hatching Plans is put into a graveyard from play, draw three cards.

Ancestral Vision
{}, Sorcery
Ancestral Vision is blue
Suspend 4 - U
Target player draws three cards.


Drawing 3 cards, thats what this is all about.

Who does it better?

Without a doubt the real m'coy is the winner here.

But between the two pretenders, a la the battle of the weenies. Who is better?

Ancestral Vision?

or Hatching Plans.

Straight up Ancestral Vision, seeks to be the same.
U - Draw three cards.

Only now at sorcery speed, and you wait 4 turns.

So its earliest at turn 4.

Looking at Hatching Plans.


earliest is turn 2, but feasibly much later, maybe never!

You might then go:

Oh! Its obvious then!! Ancestral Vision it is! Heir apparent!

Wait wait wait.

Ancestral Vision is relatively "guaranteed", brute 3 cards.

or is it?

At 1 cc, you actually place the spell on stack.

Meaning it can still be countered when it is on stack and coming into play/ or resolving.

This has certain ramifications.

It means Ancestral Vision is actually more likely to be countered than Hatching Plans ... why?

2 reasons, 2cc straight play may actually mean the Hatching Plans may get past the blue mages' counterspell radar. Whereas, the blue mage KNOWS for 4 turns that you will be drawing 3 cards and this may allow him/her ample time to respond or topdeck.

The other reason is that Hatching Plans on its own, will NEVER draw you a card. It is a disadvantage yes. But we all know the most dangerous people are those that do not say anything =P

Similarly with Hatching Plans, it is usually not seen as a threat. (at least for now)

So you might actually have an easier time getting it on the board.

But what do we have to break the "hatch" so to speak =)

We have Ronom Unicorn and Perilous Research :

With the Ronom Unicorn, you actually have a virtual moat right there! With Perilous Research you actually get five cards! or rather 3 cards net with the investment of 2. With ronom unicorn it is a nett of 2 with an investment of 1, I do not count the ronom unicorn as it should have fulfiled its purpose if not more!

Even the original (Ancestral Recall) is a nett of 2 with an investment of 1. Ancestral Vision has the same stats, but is sorcery and suspend 4. So does Hatching Plan when you break it. So that is the common denominator.

I guess the point I am trying to drive is, which card gives you the most mileage?

I believe given the right deck, Hatching Plans will actually net you more. You still get your 3 cards, but while waiting for your cards you did something.

Suspend however is more like a favour to your opponent. Basically you tell your opponent: "I am gonna get 3 cards in four turns, get ready!". The element of surprise is gone. With hatchng plans you retain that element of surprise. (Albeit with some setup).

Now I am not saying Ancestral Vision is bad, or that Hatching Plans is better.

What i am saying is, before simply tossing a playset of Ancestral Visions or Hatching Plans, think about how it fits in your deck =D What strategies or bluffs do you intend to play?

Suspend is still new, so i think it would be unfair for me to assume you do nothing while waiting in suspense for the suspend to be over (sorry for the pun lol).

Still, until suspend is proven, this author believes, Ancestral Vision may not necessarily be better than Hatching Plans, and that, in the right deck, Hatching Plans might actually be better.


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