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A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Instant Gratification - Time Spiral : Psionic Blast - Learning from Guildpact

Gotta go work.. but do check back for the latest update =)

Timecheck: 6:45 am

Oki I am back, time check: 11:42 pm

hooo boy.

Well this articles will do a little bit of an evaluation. =)

Note that I will not advocate for or against, I will just present some facts and you have to make your own decision =)

Feel free to add your own, gentle reader.


So you want to buy this hot new card from Time Spiral, but you are not sure if it is worth it???

You've heard it.

Even today on the main WOTC site, they have stated it:

"All the uber-powerful stuff had to go, and they were replaced with much tamer cards. What the cards were isn’t particularly important, but suddenly the Timeshifted set felt like a huge let-down. Multiple people in R&D commented that the set felt incredibly lame without all the jaw-dropping cards—Psionic Blast was still there, but little else—so I resolved to find stuff to juice it up again."

the article is here

Conclusion: This baby is one of the hotties in the crowd.

The hottest card at the moment, think about it:

You'd even think it looks good on you.

But are you really just givin' in to ...

Now just think about it, the original white bordered ones are worth like 15 USD ea pre Time Spiral.

But now they are going like 76 ++ USD on ebay.

and purportedly going higher.

So that is like a 10 USD ++ increment.

This was a reason I was prompted to write this article. Everyone is going gaga over this card.

Now the thing is this.

If the card is oh so hot.

Why was'nt it how before?

Now not that Psionic Blast is'nt good.

But is it that good?

People say: But look at Char!!

Well Char is red.

Even then not everyone plays with a full suite of Chars =)

So should psionic blast go higher?

Now the Investor in me says:

Look at it this way. Don't speculate. Invest. Investment is when you KNOW there will be an increase in VALUE. Speculation is when you hope or bet on an increase in PRICE.

There is a slight difference between VALUE and PRICE.

VALUE is the intrinsic value, or "is the card actually good?".

PRICE is the perceived future value, or "this card is gonna be oh so GREAT!!! .. and it is in what deck...??? ... Well I dunno... b but, this card is gonna be oh so GREAT!!! "

You get my drift.

I hope anyways =)

So lets reason.

Is Psionic Blast good?

gonna slp now ... more tomorrow!!!!!

Time check:061005:0601 ... wow 2 days since i started and I am not done yet lol

Anyways i got some cards in, so that is some good, but I'll share those later...

Seriously, back on topic, shouod you buy those Psionic Blasts??

It depends, it really depends.

Seeif there were a "Killa Deck" out there right now. And Psionic Blast is such a desperately needed, unsubstitutable card, then yes. Go out there. Go crazy, get your four purples. But until then you have to ask your self WHY? are you buying it?

Lets face it, the average magic buyer would probably not go on a shopping bonanza and buy tens of boxes of cards, and even if you did you are not guaranteed of getting multiple copies (or even one ;)).

So its rarity, will likely keep it high.

Collectors will make it high.

Tournament Players will make it high.

Do you fit in either category.

Moment of truth people =)

We all like to build competitive decks.

But how many of us join a tournament


Think about that carefully.


Timecheck 1644

well now... where were we?

Oh yes how many of us join a tournament =)

If you are the tournament person, then you gotta ask?

Is the deck I am fielding, going to require this card?

Am I playing some form of blue that requires it?

Or am I just netdecking?

Is there anything else I could play?

And before you simply stuff the blasts into the deck, think if you will require 8 Chars?

Todate the only deck to do that is the "Katayama Sand Burn Deck" or Satanic Sligh.

Flames of the blood hand is currently about 6 USD on high, 2 USD on low =)

So if the Psionic blast are to replace the Char?? I dunno, thats the value of that cardslot.

You might say, "you are missing the point!!!" Flames of the Blood Hand is RED!!!!

Psionic Blast is BLUE!!!!

ITS FOR BLUE DECKS ... or izzet varieties. But hey we were talking about 8 CHAR decks right ? ;)

Oki, so does blue need it?

Honestly I dunno.

1. But are you gonna play blue?

2. Is blue gonna be entertaining?

3. Most importantly is blue going to be a force?

If your answer to 1. is "no", then ermmm... well dude, nuff said for you , stop reading this already .... unless you play X/u decks, in which case... well hang around, we'll get to it.

If your answer to 2. is "no", then... hmmm the value of the Psionic Blasts will be proportional to the popularity of the deck. (regardless of its current price).

If your answer to 2. is "yes", then pucker up and get ready to ass-kiss this card.

If your answer to ... oh this is kinda answered in 2. =)

Well more later, I need to take a piss.



its been so long.. Planar Chaos is here lol


Well Psionic Blast x 4 is still about 40ish now.

Playset of foil psionic blasts go for about 80ish.

Will it go down further?

My guess...


But I think over time.

mabbe over a long time.

It will be about 60 ish.

Worst case scenario: 20ish see Char. =P


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