A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Magic the Gathering GP Singapore 2013

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Magic the Gathering GP Singapore 2013

On a happier note, here is some loot from GP Singapore 2013!!!

in no particular order I guess I just dumped all the photos up =)

Avacyn!!!! my poor poor conditioned Avacyn (which I bought from the same vendor than sold me the fake lotus - different seller tho --- i did'nt send it back as ... well I believe it was an honest problem and the seller would have been screwed, besides who could turn away an angel right? =P) 

Jason Chan!!!!!!! I love his work!!! But he is not my favouritest artist but definitely one of my favourites!!! I am actually not sure who is my favourite (in case you are reading this Jason and you feel bad =P) I like Terese Nielsen alot, but I think my first love must have been Scott M. Fisher... his style is very distinctive. Then again I like Quinten Hoover too!! Choices choices!!!

The biggest prize (debatable) of the day. 120 SGD. I think it is comparable to Ebay pricing (that is a very big guess) But I wanted to support Jason Chan too (I already have one), so I bought it. Besides, he made it look all cool with the gold siggy =) I can't bear to take it out of the overloader. it was from him too afterall as well no? lol hmmm ..... But I am not sure what to do if I leave it in the overloader(the plastic casing). It is foil, so it will bend and the overloader is not exactly tight fitting, and i can't play with it like this.... decisions decisions

JACE!!!!! Oh it just so happens Jason Chan's initials are JC lol . He only had black at that time, silver was stiall available but gold was running out. I did'nt want to trouble him too much... So black was fine. It did'nt look too bad really. I do have another set of JTMS if I really want gold or silver... hmmm but there is the problem of no more Jason to sign it of course. details details!!

The Pricelist!! No Alters!!! Sighz... I'm not really and alter person tho... I'm nt very imaginative. Cookie Monster does it for me =P

I forgot to take more pictures, but for what its worth I saw Martin Juza, and two Japanese Pros. i think one went to the toilet... *ahem* Anyways this scene is actually day 3, so the actual even (day 2) was more packed 891 players!

My favourite art from Jason, Wilt-Leaf Liege i chose black ink, i think it looks nice on white, this was today, so He had refilled the silver and gold ink =) So the black was an active choice.

Yep, now you know I went 2 days, I am such a fanboi.

I did'nt even play lol.

Props: Jason Chan!!!

Slops: the organisers, dang I would have been player 892!!!

Slops: sigh.. the same dude who did'nt let me register did'nt let me queue the queue as it was lunch time which is fair, but then they took numbers, told us to come back at 2pm!! This was at 11am. Fine. I went home and then rushed down, I only managed to reach at 3pm and .... dammit, the queue was cut off AGAIN. And I went home with my Vampire Nighthawks and Mayael unsigned. Pity that. What I am pissed off with is they tried to pander us off by taking our handphone number but DID NOT CALL. I would have missed the queue anyway, but the fact that they did not call meant it was a lie from the start. That disgusts me. It was a bald headed guy who took the numbers by the way.

Slops: Bald headed guy.

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