A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Halloween 2012 Mousehunt !!! is here.

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween 2012 Mousehunt !!! is here.

well yeah I entered it late =P

Obviously, by now you know everything. I get that. =)

But a blog being a blog I might as well write down my thoughts and any tips I might have..... that you don't already know =P

Anyways. This year its pretty straight forward. Run through the 3 sections,

1) The Corn Maze 10 catches each of treating and treating (total 20 catches)
2) The Haunted Manor 20 catches each of treating and treating (total 40 catches)
3) The Pumpkin Patch 50 catches each of treating and treating (total 100 catches)

The big pumpkin face at the end? Thats the big bad.

The UNO numero.

The one.

*and only*

Whatever mouse that is the big bad.




Where was I?

Oh yeah its the Swamp Thang this year =P I do actually suspect this year's Halloween is a little more run of mill (slightly less thought out but by no means shabby mind you). And I suspect the devs have been busy and the even is more a run up to the actual meat.

*the living garden*

*shush now*

Anyways thats my guess. What with the Swamp Thing, and the minor hoo ha by the vocal minority in the forums caused by the devs pushing back the release(of the gardens) a little =P which I thought was the right thing to do as one or the other will overshadow the other and render the effort ineffectual.

So thats it, nothing terribly rocket sciency.

Finish the runs get the trap and if it tickles your fancy, go finish the scraps for the Halloween theme (it appears that  the Halloween theme will be a permanent fixture - according to most recent FF)

Oh I did forget to mention, the last two slightly bigger squares are the trick and treat mice =)


Cheese Usage and Collecting Cheese

Ghoulgonzola to trick
Candy Corn to treat

The important thing is to NOT leave your cheese lying and not paying attention.

For example:

1) You are in the Corn Maze. You arm Ghoulgonzola. After ten hunts, you will still catch mice but you will no longer progress, you will need to arm candy corn, only when you have BOTH treat and tricked ten times, would you progress to the Haunted Manor, ditto for the progress from Manor to Pumpkin Patch and from Pumpkin patch to ze Biged Baded

*ahem, that 1) looks really redundant but whatever*

so heres  2)

2) Another important thing is to visit friends, luckily visiting is just clicking the link, you can visit and get tricked or treated up to 10 times =)  REMEMBER to lick *ahem* sorry click any and all CANDYs you see. You actually do get to claim a candy. A virtual one of course. *what were you thinking???* You may also see cobwebs? Click those. Cobwebs can be exchanged for more stuff too.

To buy/exchange stuff, go to the shop while you are in the haunted terrortories =)

Hunting (Setup)
Any trap will do, but I hear, the Soul harvester is still KING untill you get the new trap =)

What to buy?

Well most of the stuff is not really useful and economical, but free is free =)

So if you do not need:

Crates or T3 potions

then anything else is really up to your fancy =) Not particularly useful but is a free boost in any case.

The Spooky Mask and the Candy Apple, if you hunt long enough you probably will get those =)

Bronzing the Swamp Thang!!!!
Do note that the Swamp Thang will only be around for the events, so if you are into bronzing mice, this is YOUR TIME! YOUR MOMENT!!!!!!!! *falls off pedestal*

The Trap!

Nada I haven't gotz it yet, mabbe later today. But apparently it is the soul harvester + 200 power and + 1 luck. Not exactly superb, but considering you do not need to jump through hoops this year, young padawan, you got a steal starin' at you ma man. If you are a vet. AND you think the trap is oh so useless. Well to be honest you will be unhappy most of the time with most events and actually even releases. Chill out dude/dudette, why so serious? ;) Its Halloween, enjoy the holidays =)

As usual I will just update as I plod along.

Oh by the way I was late because I join a map and I was hunting down the Iceburg mice, the last one was a Zealot. When the event started, I was sub 1000 hunts. I thought it will be bad form to keep strangers waiting though so I sloughed on(if one could define clicking as sloughing *cough*). In the end I was only a day plus off. Not too bad I guess =)

Happy Hunting ppl!

[121022 23:46]

So this is my current setup and oh yeah, I gotz the trap =)

I bought the spooky charm in case you are wondering. So piece of advice? Save your spookies for when you get a map. =/ I learnt it the hard way, used up most of mine rather randomly.

Why do you need spookies for the map? Well for some of the "tougher" mice, they only show with the spookies armed.

Now I think it is perfectly possible to catch the map mice in the normal areas.... but its halloween =P besides, hunting in the normal areas do not add to the progress. I might have to eat my words and hunt in the normal areas though if the spookies are too little.

The Map! What map you say? I dropped with the Swamp Thang. I'm not sure if its a hundred percent drop, but mine came with dust for dusting. =)

Thats all for now I guess. =)

Note that the Trap is L.E. =D

[121022 23:46]


I did not get the skins....  but I did get the scrap for the Halloween theme you need to craft it I believe

The dialogue

And the theme itself =)

[121023 22:27]

Well now. After completing my second run with a second 'Thang, I can confirm the map drop is not 100 percent =P

Ah well.

Other things to note:

1) Springer Skin - currently you can get it off the market, but its perma-content from chests even after event

2) Witches' Brew Skin?- I have nothing on that, apparently the market feels the same lol

Other than the two skins, the other skins can be bought off the market or exchanged for using cob webs.

3) The event ends on 5th November !!! So get Spookied!!!

4) How to get Scraps?
      - Scrap 1 is from the Swamp Thang,
      - Scrap 2 is from the halloween chest
         (the halloween chest is in turn from a scroll drop from the Swamp Thang),
      - Scrap 3 is from the general store for cob webs (I think 5)

[121025 06:56]


I just got a Witch's Brew Skin =D

The moment:

And the trap with the skin on.

[121027 22:12]

Halloween has been EXTENDED to 9th November!!!

And a new base is coming!!!!!click here

Also I have recently decided what I will be getting with the candies!!

Being that my team is going for the Tribal Tourneys, the Dreaded Charms will be a good buy! Currently the only way to get the charms are through the Champions Tokens 12 Tokens for 7 charms. Hence 3 candies for 1 charm is a pretty good deal I feel (especially for me where tokens are really tough to get)

[121103 20:44]

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