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A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Just a quick movie review.

Hmmm I am not sure if I normally do this on this blog or the other but anyways...

The show was alright. It had too many things going on and you needed alot of background information to understand what was going on.

My mom was pretty lost. My dad enjoyed it I think , my sis was oki with it but thought it was not as good as the second one. When asked further on why was it less good, her answer was rather odd but insightful.

"it is less dark than the second" "the second was better but darker"

My expectations when entering the theater was that the show would be a dark but well made show.

I still think it was a pretty well made show. But I think the producers pulled a few punches.

This installation of Batman had a "feel good" element to it. It had the arise from the dirt and do well, and not quite enough grit. The dirt was'nt rubbed in enough. The hopeless was almost there but not quite palpable. You kinda knew he WILL make it on the third try.

The violence was highly controlled and only hinted at. I think if you are going to hide the violence you need to be pretty good at hinting. And if you are going to introduce violence you gotta do it no matter how unpleasant it is.

For example. I felt that Immortals was a rather disturbing show. Yes there was a certain amount of gratitious violence, but it was'nt that which got me. The brutality is actually the part where some one was castrated. i don't believe that scene was shown but the built up and the sound? was heavily hinted. (The show Immortal did quite a bit of homework on torture methods btw ;))

In pure prose terms, think of Edgar Allan Poe versus Stephen Kings' rendition of violence and horror. Poe's horror is largely hinted at whereas King's is gratitious and graphic.

So my point is if you are not going to show violence (as I think was the decision of the producers) you need to be good at hinting. Which I think was a little lacking, but to be fair I think the art of hinted horror is an art and not a science, so its hard to be too critical of failure (but an instance done well should be lauded).

STILL. I think it was a pretty good movie. Was'nt bad, just the lack of darkness is just not quite batman =P (a bit like how I felt that they made a mockery of the Avengers a little when Hulk went all goofy - still if it wins fans, I'm all for it).


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