A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Mouse Hunt - The Tribal Isles

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mouse Hunt - The Tribal Isles

This is just to note my strategies in teh Mouse Hunt game

I really cannot remember my setup in the earlier portions of the game....

But since I am at the Isles now, that is as good a place as any to start.

The Isles are separated into

Cape Clawed

Elub Shore

Nerg Plains

Derr Dunes

Cape Clawed? You don't really need to hunt here. But this is the area of lowest risk.... as only the low level mice are here. However.. only use high luck setups as the mice from the Isles are align to their types: Hydro Tactical Physical.

Going to Elub, I used Harpoon with Aqua for gathering shells

Harpoon/Polar to get the Elder

For the chief - I used ASG (Ancient Spear Gun) and Polar together with Shell
- I used Tribal base and it was horrible (I actually like the name tiki.. but the name does not resonate with me... becos... well I don't know what a tiki is =P and even if I do ..[which I now do].. it still does'nt resonate as it did not have an impression on me... soI'll stick with Tribal or Tbase or tribase for now). I kept missing. I suspect it is because the Elub bosses actually have very high power. A little too high for Aqua (when luck kicks in) and polar can do a better job.

Seeing that a ASG/Polar setup

Going to Nerg I used Ambush with polar to catch Grandfather and Ambush/Aq to gather veggies

for the chief - currently using HVMT (Horrific Venus Mouse Trap)
still not caught after about 100 gumbo

Going to Derr, I used Pbot/Aqua to gather stones and Pbot/polar to catch the Aged.

for the chief - caught with Rhinobot/polar


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