A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: The LIVING GARDENS are open!!!!

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

My name is Ed, I am a programmer. Just another dude with another blog. I like MTG, Open Source (more towards FREE software). I like sports, and eventually I hope to do business and do good for the world in general. This blog is gonna be about Magic The Gathering. Decklists and snippets will be posted here. It may lead somewhere or nowhere, as with all things arcane, that was bloody obvious =)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The LIVING GARDENS are open!!!!

plus a lost city!

click here =)

If you check out the living garden receipe book you will see the new stuff

There is a new upgradable trap! The Phantasmic Oasis Trap =)

As usual I will update as I go along. Exam now. So I . can't . talk . much .

Oh and arm your HYDRO trap. Yep the bead prices will go crazy for awhile.
[20121115 0901]

There is a good guide here =)

[20121115 2059]

wow. I haven been too active but if you look at the forums you should already see multiple guides. Nevertheless I will post as I move along. partly to aggregate the info I guess =)

Phantasmic Oasis Trap - Hydro

1x Phantasmic Oasis Trap BPs (Est +Fel +Icuri)
3x Phantasmic Essence (from Living/Twisted Gardens General Store)
1x Oasis Water Node Trap Parts

Power: 5850
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: 20%
Luck: 26
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Clockwork Portal - Shadow

1x Clockwork Portal Trap Blueprints (1 Fel + 1 Icuri)
1x Clock Parts (Smashed Clockapult of Time)
8x Umbral Capacitors (from Sand Dunes/Crypts General Store)

Power: 3900

Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 20
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Grand Arcanum Trap - Arcane

1 x Grand Arcanum Trap Blueprints (1 Gur + 1 Icuri)
1 x ACRO Parts
1 x Arcane Crystal (from Lost/Cursed city general store)
40 x Tiny Platinum Bars

Power: 4800
Power Bonus: 12%
Luck: 22
Attraction Bonus: 5%
No Cheese Effect

Soiled Base:

1x Soiled Base Blueprints (1 Fel + 1 Gur + 1 Hix)
3x Fresh Living Garden Soil
1x Dewthief Petal
1x Duskshade Petal
1x Graveblossom Petal
1x Lunaria Petal


Growth Charm = 1 Divine Orb + 1000 Charm Bits + Dol Essence

UPC = 1 Divine Orb + 1000 Charm Bits + Est Essence

Wild Growth Charm = 1 Epic Orb + 1000 Charm Bits + Fresh Twisted Garden Soil + 1 Est Essence 

ULC = 1 Epic Orb + 1000 Charm Bits + 1 Fel Essence

[20121124 1600]

This is my attempt to surmarise the steps through the garden. After reading around in the forums. I am still at the initial stages by the way =P  I am bulk loading the petals stage by stage. I'm not sure if thats the most efficient way to go, but hey, it fits my hours =)

The Way of The Garden!

1. Hunt in the Living Gardens with any cheese, with a hydro trap the mice will drop Dewthief petals

2. Trade in your Dewthief petals for Dewthief Camembert. There is an option for using SB+ essence but I think its a little over priced. DO NOT use the Dewthief Camembert in the Living Gardens, the Dewthief Camembert is to be used in the Sane Dunes and The Lost City. Aleth and Ber Essences drop here. You may trade in Aleth essence for Sponge Charms but use 20 at a time. Sponge charm are only for the mini game in the Living Gardens. Using Sponge charms, you collect dewdrops. Once you have 20 dewdrops you may pour for 35 hunts to catch Thirsty mice. Thirsty mice drop Cynd essence. (Note that Cynd in dropped in the Lost City as well).

3. Hunt in the Lost City with Dewthief Camembert and a Arcane trap and collect Dreamfluff herbs. You  should buy a few Searcher Charms using the Aleth essence. You need to only catch the cursed mouse once to lift the curse. Unequip the search charm after that and arm your favourite charm. 

4. Hunt in the Sand Dunes with Dewthief Camembert and a Shadow trap and collect Duskshade petals. You  should buy a few Chow Charms using Aleth essence, maybe 15 - 20?. You need to wait till a stampede starts. Chow charms not needed but seems to help, however, once a stampede starts you need Chow Charms to catch Grubling mice. 

Given that Aleth Charm is  relatively harder to accumulate, I suggest using Chow Charms only when there is a stampede. (you will have 15 hunts to catch Grubling mice).

This is my setup =)

The Stampede Alert is actually quite amusing =)

Note that it is not a definite catch, you just have a chance to catch a Grubling mouse :p

and my first grubling:

5. Trade in the DuskShade petals and Dreamfuff herbs for DuskShade Camembert, this can be done in any cheese shoppe in the region.

6. Return to the Living Gardens and hunt with the DuskShade Camembert and a hydro trap, catching "Carmine the Apothecary" will bring you to the Twisted version of the Living Gardens: The Twisted Gardens. From here you can travel to the Sand Crypts and the Cursed City. HOWEVER DO NOT DO THAT. Yet. 

7. Continue to use the DuskShade Camembert to hunt the mice IN THE TWISTED GARDENS. The mice will drop Graveblossom petals. At anytime you hunt with other cheese you will be transported back to the non-twisted versions of the regions (i.e. Living Gardens, Sand Dunes, Lost City) (Need to confirm if this is true only in the region, or if you travel to other locations e.g. Iceberg, etc)

8. Use the Graveblossom petals to trade for Graveblossom Camembert in the cheese shoppe. Use these to hunt in the Sand Crypts and Cursed City.

9. Hunt in the Sand Crypts with Graveblossom Camembert and a shadow trap and collect Lunaria petals

10. Hunt in the Cursed City with GraveblossomCamembert and a arcane trap and collect Plumepearl herbs

11. Combine the Lunaria Petals and Plumeperal herbs to form the final cheese. LUNARIA CAMEMBERT!!!

12. Go back to the Twisted Gardens and hunt for the Twisted Carmine. She will drop the Living Chest. Which contains good stuff =) . I guess. 

13. Rinse and repeat to get all the traps in this region =) You will notice that the traps are all garnered using essences. The cycle is primarily fueled by petals and herbs with essences as the loot.

14. Essences are in A, B, C, D, E, F. Prisms can be procured from the General Store.

3 Aleth + 1 Prism = 1 Ber
3 Ber + 1 Prism = 1 Cynd
3 Cynd  + 1 Prism = 1 Dol
3 Dol  + 1 Prism = 1 Est
3  Est  + 1 Prism = 1 Fel
3  Fel + 1 Prism = 1 Gur
3  Gur + 1 Prism = 1 Hix
3  Hix + 1 Prism = 1 Icuri

1 Est + 1 Plant Pot = 1 Unstable Gourd

15. To see how to catch Big Bads, skip down to 20131117 entries. If bored, please read on! =D

[Edit updates 20131117 1120] - added Big Bads

[20121125 0128]

I am currrently hunting for Dewthief petals, I find that simply with a setup like this:

Oasis/SBB/tarnish charm/Gouda

I get alot of misses.

Using Chrome charm, my catches have improved alot!!!

from 1 catch out of 7 to 3 out of 3 hunts. It is a very small sample of course, but I believe when things are obviously bad they tend to show =) ditto if things are obviously better.

Now what happened?

With the chrome charm
power: 7353
luck: 39
Attraction: 15%

With Tarnish (which is actually equivalent to no charm =))
power: 7128
luck: 34
Attraction: 15%

I will also share that I had previously tried a detonation base (for better attraction), in that little run even with a chrome charm I was missing mice.
The stats were:

Power: 6875
Luck: 36
Attraction: 20%

The reason for even attempting this setup was:

1) I was'nt sure how much power was needed
2) I wanted to see if attraction improved to "near superbrie"

I was'nt really looking at luck but 36 is nothing to sneeze at.

But I was missing mice pretty badly with that setup.

(I notice something interesting tho, and that is active hunting usually have better yields for a power leaning setup)

What this tells me, is that you need substantial power, 7K plus I think (DJB, Magma, SBB), luck is good, but it needs to be high. 36 might be enough. The problem with the detonator setup was that the power was too low (I once said somewhere, "Without Power, Luck is Nothing"), hence the 36 luck was not enough. If the power reached 7K, it might have been different.

Oh my attraction did not quite hit "near superbrie", to see "near superbrie", arm gouda, have attraction up to 20% and hunt in the Tribal Isles, attraction is near perfect =). Attract for anywhere is a tweakable attribute, it just so happens that 20% is the magic number for the Tribal Isles.

Now what does the SBB/Chrome and SBB/tarnish tell me? its interesting, because it is essentially a luck versus power setup. What notice is that for the SBB/tarnish, actively hunting yields okay results, leaving my hunts to chance (i.e. hunting passively, say clicking once per hour) usually has results, but less stellar. With the SBB/Chrome, passive hunting still yields good results (abeit it has only been three hunts =P ) What was the difference? Obviously there was more power but it was only a little more, I believe the luck played a part. The power was substantial enough and the luck high enough to push consistency and reach.

This probably needs a little history.

In the past, the Devs have always said that high power results in more consistency, HOWEVER we have seen the opposite. High luck is often more consistent that High power and low luck. The came tougher areas, to the point that that traps like the Snow Barrage, started to perform less well than higher powered traps.

There is an explanation for that. if you imagine the mice and trap's power as two waves. With power being  the amplitude and luck being a factor of the resultant power at anytime. Then the consistency of luck can be explained.

Even if power is low, but if it is always multiplied, it can be higher. Example:

Variable A = 1 to 100
Variable B = 1 to 40

However Variable B will always have a x2 factor applied to it. I.E. if Variable B = 20, the final value is 40.
This means that most time there will be a certain value that B is more often higher than A. I.E. more often, A will be lower than B, this accounts for the consistency of luck. But what about the observed failure of luck versus mice power beyond a certain level? Notice that B can never be higher than 80, but A can. Thats why high power can catch bigger mice, but catch less consistently in general.

I think I am rambling too much lol.

So.... my advice? Keep power above 7K and luck as high as you can. apparently 39 and 34 luck is a rather big difference. (Actually one way to settle if its power or luck that is active here is to compare with a SBB\Superpower charm and see if the catches and loot improve - oh I also believe loot is dependent on how much you "defeat" the mouse, to understand this you need to have played Mythmonger, an old game by Hitgrab, but that is a story for another time)

I actually believe I have already tried superpower charms, and the stats are:

Power: 7818
Luck: 34
Attraction: 15%

I had catches but less loot.

Now why is this so? I believe the reason is that the luck pushes the power over the top (the how much you "defeat" the mouse theory)

The high power means I will normally have a high enough trap power to catch the mouse, but I might "just" catch it. (like a borderline pass in an exam), but a higher luck has a better chance to push the resultant power EVEN higher, hence your trap will tend to have higher power when  luck is high (hence you defeat the mouse more "soundly" or you score well in the exam, rather than "just passed").

[20121126 2330]

Hmmm two hunts have passed and they were pretty good (with superpower power charms!)

I guess I should run it for more hunts, I guess thats what I will do =)

starting from the time below I will start to track my hunts (and no I will not install the horntracker =P)

[20121126 2345]

well.while we wait for the (very small set of) data to come in, I would advise not playing the mini game in the living gardens, as it eats up the Aleth essences with no guarantee of return. Of course, you use normal cheese and you do get 35 hunts. but I think the Aleth is better used in the Chow charms, but thats just me =)

[20121127 1442]

Well. It just so happen my LGS just ran out. Luckily its only just. I think. What this mean is that for the period from Nov 26 2345 till now, the luck might have dipped a bit.

However since we are trying to see if power is comparable, the drop in luck is an opportunity of sorts. So rather than refreshing the LGS, I will continue with it and get another 100 hunts or so. I will still use the data from Nov 26 1145 onwards, but if anything power should perform better than expected (because of the LGS), but if it is significantly worse, then it only goes to show the importance of luck (compared to a following run with chrome charms + LGS)

Hmmm I might do a 500 hunt run, just to get prettier data, since its not so often I let my LGS expire. We'll see. =)

anyways this is what my current setup is, sans LGS.

[20121128 1108]


This is the current state of affairs.

I am hoping to tough it out to 500 hunts.

Hmmm I just realised the pictures don't make sense, well I bought more Gouda and Super Power charms =)

To hit 500 hunts, I need to get the charm count from 923 down to 550 at least (well to be sure I hit 500 hunts).

After which I will switch to Chrome charms and a LGS as well.

I will also write a script to parse through the data I collected, so them stats will be available =)


Thats the plan anyways :p

Going to snooze, tomorrow is an exam, likely to not pass, but I did'nt prepare enough, so I can't complain *shrug*

[20121130 2253]

So! If you have been following and waiting oh my por por faithful mousehunters, here is where I am today:

I just needed to cross the 550 mark for the Super Power Charm to ensure 500 hunts. (I did'nt take the full setup - with luck et al as I accidentally reactivated the Lucky Golden Shield - thirsty I was =p)

And this is the next setup (likely another 500 hunts) with Chrome Charm and Lucky Golden Shield (LGS):

I will now write a script to give us some stats =)

[20121208 1019]

and VOILA! the first hunt with the lucky set up!!!

10:20 am - Living Garden
I sounded the Hunter's Horn, but my Gouda Cheese failed to attract a mouse.


[20121208 1021]

The great Winter Hunt 2012 is here click here to read my post on it

Also I thought with this disruption, I should put my progress:

So once the hunt is over I will continue from here....

I hope =P

[20121211 0705]

well the living gardens is really taking awhile....

anyways this guide is one of the best I have seen, granted, you must roughly know what is going on already for the visuals to really make sense. But once you do, this visual is one of the best there is =)

This was where I was a few weeks ago =)

I am actually at this stage now:

I have acquired the Grand Arcanum Trap at this point. I have not yet gotten the Clockwork Portal Trap.

The reason being that I have actually got the Reaper's Perch Trap. It has been good enough with the Spellbook trap. In contrast the trusty ACRO is a little too weak. Hence I opted to get that first.

Note the odd looking charm? Its the "Safeguard Charm". It keeps the Corrupted mouse away so the curses don't come.

Its NOT necessary, but using it (after lifting the curses) means you get more A, B, and C essences and the occasional D.  The Bs especially will be good for getting the Salt Charm for salting the trap in the Sand Crypts. Getting enough Bs was a problem the last time I was there, tho the Reaper's Perch was sufficient, i did not always seem to have enough salt charms. I usually salt to 27 (altho the recommended is 20). I figure the C I saved is roughly equivalent.

Happy Hunting!!

[20130617 1704]

Wow. I dunno if you guys are still around but its been a while huh? I hope October has something in store though. Halloween has been the special time all these years so I hope this year is no different =)

any ways this is what I opened from eleven living chests:

3:15 pm - Twisted Garden
3:15 pm - Twisted Garden
I received 1 Fresh Twisted Garden Soil, 1 Gur Essence, 20Dewthief Petals and 11 Dreamfluff Herbs from 1 Living Chest.

I hope I have enough to gun for the big three now lol

[20131005 1519]

Wow. It has been more than a month and I haven'nt gotten or attempted to get te big three (not entirely true since I have a rift crystal =P) anyways after halloween, which is alittle uneventful... I decided to go at it again so here I am ....

[20131116 2204]

The Big Bads of la Twisted Garden

I guess I should update the guide. Its old news, but hey there are always new players =)

So once you have all the big traps from this region, you will probably want the Rift Base. Supposedly it has the best luck.

To get the rift base you need to hunt the big bad in all three twisted areas.

1) The Dark Magic Mouse from the Cursed City - drops Rift Stars
2) The King Scarab from the Sand Crypts - drops the Rift Crystal
3) The Shattered Carmine from the Twisted Garden - drops the Rift Mist

All the big bad drop the loot in a chest, so you need to open it in the special items tab.

To catch the Dark Magi, use your bestest Arcane traps, I used GAT. You need to clear all the curses first and there are three. Use the Shine, Bravery and Clarity charms to clear the Darkness, Fear and Mist!! Oh my!

Its quite annoying since catching a Corrupted mouse will reset all the curses. What this all means is you need to be actively hunting when attempting to get the Dark Magi. Since you do not want to waste your Bravery, Shine and Clarity charms. Your shattered charm is safe since it is only consumed on catching the Dark Magi. You do not need Safe Guard charms. Safe those for tournaments =) Or you are trying to get loot in the shortest possible time (that is rather expensive though).

Use Graveblossom Camembert as bait.

To catch the King Scarab use your best Shadow traps, I used Clockwork Portal Trap. It is the simplest and most passive of the three (not really.. on hindsight Shattered Carmine is equal to that). Just hunt with Grub Salt Charms until a comfortable stage, I like salted 25 times but most advocate 20 is enough. Its your call =) The arm shattered charm and wait =) Again shatter charm is only consumed on catch, so its passive from this point.

Use Graveblossom Camembert as bait.

To catch the Shattered Carmine use your best Hydro trap, I used POT. The first thing to note is to use Lunaria Camembert as bait. Arm Shatter charm and go. =) Again passive, so unless you are saving lunaria, in which case you need to be active and disarm when you want to =P I just slept overnight and awoke to a Shattered Carmine catch =)

[Edit WIP 20131117 1052]
[Edit DONE 20131117 1117]

[20131116 2233]

Caught Dark Magi in the wee hours of the morn

And now I have the shattered Carmine as well! =)

This was done with the Grand Arcanum for the Dark Magi and the Phantasmic Oasis Trap for the   Shattered Carmine. Together with the  Snake Jade Base for both. The luck seemed important.

At this point I think will hunt just a bit more and head of to the Varmint Valley. Finally =)

Though you can actually continue to hunt here. Since alot of time there are tournaments focused on his area. You should start loading up on Shattered Charms though if that is the case =)

[20131117 1050]

loot from the Shattered Chest

[20131117 1127]

Crafting the Rift Base

And the Rift Base itself!!!

Combine all the loots from the big bads (1x Rift Mist, 1x Rift Crystal, 1x Rift Stars and the Rift Base Blueprint!)

Power: 250
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: 0%
Luck: 11
Cheese Effect: Fresh

[20131117 1140]

And this is the last scene and hunt before i leave for varmin valley.

Its a little dramatic but having hunt here for almost a year (I think) its odd. =) But a relief at the same time

bye bye Gardens! I'll probably pop back when  I am done with Varmins!

[20131117 1150]

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