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A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Chrome Drillbot: The AfterMath or How I can't Read

The are a few more days before Ronza leaves Jan 4th I believe and if you are still wondering whether to get the Chrome Drillbot?

Well.. read on! =D

Chrome Drillbot: The AfterMath

I had expected it to do better too... but the stickler was its power and lack of attraction..

lack of attraction... means although statwise better than Partybot... but no mouse sttracted means nothing to catch

Its power not exceeding Rhino means trying to catch top 3 in Derr is also a problem... so it is kinda stuck in the middle... very odd =)

I would like to be able to say it is for the newer players.. but they just released CCT =P

the Devs gave it a high power bonus.... but even with a Tribal...it is below Rhino... so Rhino still has some value =P
*kicks the blur Rhino*

Thats a bright spot... or not =P

The Chrome Drillbot's main draw is te high power n luck.

The lack of attraction means farming in Derr will have to
be done with SB minimally and that is assuming Attraction is
void if SB is used.

Assuming attraction has no part to play when using SB, the CDrill
should out do Partybot and CCT. However current samples do
not reflect this.... however it could be that only people with sucky
runs are coming up =P I saw one with a 71% catch rate...

Also... The Chrome Drillbot does'nt blow Rhinobot away.

Against the big 3. CDrill is about equal to Rhinobot...
possibly more like Partybot/Magma, very swingy and you get loads of pink...

Thing is we do not know how power and luck works.

I think luck gives you more "potential reach"...the idea is with more luck
you "get lucky" more often (this means a doubling or more of your total power)

But with low power, even if you get lucky often it does not help
(like Snob)... so going by this theory, a high luck and power trap is invaluable.

Its just that with its current power (at least that is my explanation for it not outperforming Rhino), CDrill is in no way better than curent


But say a high powered base comes along to take advantage of
the power bonus on the CDrill... only then will it be better than Rhino... its power will be equal.. and its luck will push it over

So I would still recommend to buy it.. but dun expect to make a killing in Derr.... the Devs balanced it very well =P

Which would bring us to the next article (possibly) : POWER CREEP!!!!

I'd probably mix some magic and mythmonger since there is a little bit to talk about there =)

But before that some corrections about what I wrote previously or



In a previous article, I wrote that the 2010 has a 15% attraction.

Turns out I messed! It was a 15% POWER bonus.

Thats sad.

Hence the comparison to partybot was very wrong indeed.

Functionally though what I said still stands. 2010 will farm better, with the luck getting you better loot drops.

But will you get the "Almost Super Brie" effect? Sadly no.

Perhaps its all for the best. Snob is still king of the farm then =)

Will 2010 outperform HVMT? I suspect not. But we'll see I guess =)

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