A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Ronza Christmas and the Great Winter hunt 2009!! Part III (The Wrap Up Edition)

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ronza Christmas and the Great Winter hunt 2009!! Part III (The Wrap Up Edition)

Not sure what your strategy should be this Christmass????

Well this guide is to help you! (kinda)

Originally I wanted to do a rank to trap analysis. But its too tedious to do it by eyeball and I don't maintain
a spreadsheet of the values.

So I'll just list a prioritisation kinda list of the traps.

And YOU can decide which trap is for you based on what traps you ready have.

Lets do the easy ones first the candy cane base and firecracker.

Candy cane : if you have money to spare.

This is a MUST buy. BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE MONEY TO SPARE. i.e. not high priority.


Aqua is almost equal and is in game, so you do not lose alot. However it is a definite upgrade that may not come again
so definitely a good to have.

If you are saving cash for the 2010 or Chrome Drillbot, you can skip this without fear or regret!


Nice to have i.e. low priority.

If you have magma, you CAN skip this with no loss to your hunting abilities


its just explosive with 4 luck. It is tuned to newer players. really new players, you know.... Magma just passed for God's sake.

If you are saving cash for the 2010 or Chrome Drillbot, drop this

Now on to the TRAPS!

There is a slight tension now for those yet to receive their CCT.

Should you stay in the Festive Comet or Should you FARM gold?

There is no clear cut answer to that.

Alot depends on your current situation and what is important to you.

Staying in the FC, i.e. throwing your lot with the CCT


it will be more powerful than the Partybot when it triggers (due to the higher power) BUT it will trgger less often than the Partybot
due to its reduced luck 24 versus 25

Against the Partybot, it also loses 15% attraction, i.e. it WILL NOT have the "Almost Super Brie" effect when farming in Derr with Gouda

However. if you are not able to get the Chrome Drill bot. Definitely get the CCT.

If you can get the Chrome DRillbot, GO FOR THE CHROME DRILLBOT!!

In short:

The CCT is only important if you cannot get the Chrome Drillbot.


Now the 2010 or the CCT ???

It depends alot on whether you have the GS.

IF you have the GS, the 2010 gives you more flexibility and the ABILITY to farm better in Nerg.

Not crippling but nice to have. In a sense 2010 is the TRUE tactical Partybot and GS is the tactical CCT.

Which is better? They are very close and I do not think they outright out perform each other. So since they are so similar.

IF you have the GS, you then have to ask (if you cannot afford both CCT and 2010 ... in terms of farming or staying in FC) if you need the CCT.

See the above section on the CCT for something to chew on.

Now IF you do not have the GS, then you MUST get the 2010.

Of course if you cannot get the 2010 (no gold.. impossible to farm in time etc etc i.e. you give up)

Then its the CCT.


Now if your dilemma is between the 2010 and the Chrome Drillbot

Then it really boils down to what you need.

Do you have the GS? If you have the GS, go for the Chrome Drillbot.

If you do not have the GS? now thats tough. But consider this. Chrome Drillbot is likely the closest you will EVER
get to the other CDB (the Chrome Deathbot).

It is the Chrome Death bot with 4 less luck and 1K more power and no attraction.

The only place it loses out? Attraction. But face it, the original Chrome Death Bot was a tad broken (or more nicely put, really really good) because the devs really wanted to reward the higher level players at the time and gave them a bit of EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING!

Power, Luck and Attraction. The original CDB has it all. The closest the devs EVER came to rewarding this richly was during Magma release.

it will be hard to beat Magma without going into a tailspin with power creep (this will likely be another article =D)

So far every trap has been built to AVOID power creep. The Chrome Drill Bot is a perfect example of this. It stays within the boundaries
set by Chrome Deathbot.


It is vey very close to the Chrome Deathbot. Remember my theory about how luck works? Well you gotta agree with me to understand this. With a higher power, when your luck effect triggers, your power is greater!. Think of the the luck as a linear factor for simplicity.
Say multiple of 2. A trap 'A' with power 1000 and a trap 'B' with power 2000 both with some value of luck. So when the luck triggers
Trap A gets 2000, but Trap B gets 4000. A higher luck value just means the "lucky effect" triggers more often! But notice between trap A and Trap B , Trap B is more likely to catch then Trap A.

To surmise.

Althought the Chrome Drillbot has a luck of 26 and the Chrome Deathbot has a luck of 30. This means Chrome Deathbot will trigger more often. But Chrome Drillbot is more likely to catch when it triggers.

THIS will matter when we catch higher powered mice.

(Incidentally this was how the Snob was contained : by having a really low power)

So the Chrome Drillbot is not strictly worse than the Chrome Deathbot, it is actually very very close, with the potential to get better.

Its really hard to get a trap at Chrome Death bot's level.

The Rhino was all power. The Partybot was an attempt to leverage on power and lower the luck. But we learnt from Derr that power must be quite a bit higher. Which is what they did now. Give it much more power and 1 more luck. And in case it is too strong, drop the attraction.

Chrome Drillbot is the true gift from the devs this Christmas. The 2010 is an alternate to the GS (like Partybot is to CCT). The CCT is to give those without a Partybot, something like a Partybot (but without the ability to farm, at least not without SB).

Oh the Snow Globe. The Snow Globe is to make everyone happy. it is a Snow GLobe afterall and the Snow Globe has many rabid fans =)

Strictly it is a NVMRC +4 luck. Nice to have for the newer level player... if you are shot on cash, only get if you absolutely can't get the others. Seriously, even getting the candy cane might be better, since the NVMRC WILL be superseded by othe rin game traps, but as a base, the Candt Cane Base is rather evergreen at the moment.

So in a nutshell (IMHO):

A) If you have a choice of any one trap

Chrome Drillbot > 2010 > CCT > Candy Cane Base > Fire Cracker Base > Snow Globe

B) If you cannot get Chrome Drillbot

B1) If you do not have Partybot and have GS

CCT > 2010 > Candy Cane Base > Fire Cracker Base > Snow Globe

B2) If you do not have GS and have Partybot

2010 > CCT > Candy Cane Base > Fire Cracker Base > Snow Globe

B3) If you have neither, then its really do you value tactical or physical =P

C) If you cannot get the 2010 or CCT (you got no cash and you did'nt get or missed the loot)

Candy Cane Base > Fire Cracker Base > Snow Globe

In that order.

Oh yah Gingerbread Base and Ginger bread Surprise

Lets get the weapon out of the way first:

GBS is just a nice Swiss. If you miss it, no biggie =) unless you are a collector. i feel your pain.

Ginger bread base:

If you have polar: This is inferior to polar so if you do not have it no worries

If you do not have polar: This is very very close. Definitely nice to have.

Many have survived without the polar though so no worries. If you have to give this up for the Chrome Drillbot or 2010 its well worth the sacrifice.

If you are gunning for the CCT then... whats your problem =P you will have a chance at it while hunting for your CCT loot!!

Thats all for now folks!

In the pipe line:

perhaps a discourse on power creep!!

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