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A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Greater Power : Nassif


Pro Tour Kyoto is just over and just wow...

I do love it when they do the webcasts...

I am not sure why they do not do it for the whole top 8, but I guess it might be due to costs??

In any case, it was a good thing they did it for this finals!

Two really amazing players.

Sure LSV has a great track record, but to really understand why he is in such a great standing as a player, you really just got to watch him play.

In the 4th game of the finals, he had two head games , one under the windbrisk heights and one in hand. He knew Nassif had a negate, and played like he wanted to play the head games, and you could see Nassif trying real hard to play and keep negate mana open, allowing Ajani Goldmane to resolve and terror and so on, so Nassif knew LSV was holding something big (if he did'nt know it was head games, which I think he knew). So Nassif played around and we were like staring at a board of kithkins Cloudgoat Ranger was there a bitterblossom??? and Ajani getting stronger... and finallyI think Nassif played a Cruel Ultimatum.. and BAM! LSV played a Head Games via WindBrisk Heights!

But there is a greater power. =P

Somehow Nassif clawed back slowly but surely, MullDrifter helped lots and eventually Broodmate dragon closed in and LSV's own bitterblossom did him in.


The game was much faster, and 2 cruel Ultimatum resolved. Cruel indeed. I was rooting for Nassif... mostly cos LSV has won lots already. But whomever won, this was a great match up and both players showed in they play that they were on top of their game.

Cards that may spike in value::

Cloudgoat Ranger???? Yes that adorable warrior giant has seen lots of play this tournament, so very cute and all. Head Games! this card is nasty if one can pull it off, which is also why the move by LSV was such a treat as he displayed his skill in setting up the game such that he could play it. Another card that may see a rise is that of windbrisk heights, its a really nice way to play stuff for free and various players have already incorporate it into their decks! Yet Another card that might see value spiking is Broodmate Dragon. Now if you were around when SOA first came out, many were wondering why the price of Broodmate Dragon was so low, 6 USD could get you a playset. Currently its value has already spiked to 8.99 USD on ebay (do the search).

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I do not actually think the price will spike much higher. It really depends on how dominant 5 Colour Control gets. Should you get your playset? I do not really have sympathy for people who pick things only if the card is good (I am a collector.. so even the suck cards I would get)... but it really depends i haven't been following the market. If Broodmate Dragon has been seen "bad" enuff that everyone ignores it. Then yes you ought to get your playset as if the dragons were'nt bought, the dealer will now hoard it. But if the dragons have been selling on and off. Then no. The supply outside of the those card shark/dealers will be sufficient that the price spike would be there but minimal. Now the real question is how dominant will 5 colour control be? Because if 5 -colour control becomes the deck to beat (like faerie dominant), then yes the price will spike and continue to spike.

I do not know 5-colour enough to make the call, but from my limited experience, it is a good strong deck, but not insurmountable. hence my call based on my little experience? =P I think broodmates will rise to a decent level. 8.99 usd sound right. But will likely stay there or drop. Basically:

5CC --> dominant == Price of Broodmate Dragon --> go uppity up

else if
5CC --> decent == Price of Broodmate Dragon --> stay at current level 8.99 +-

5CC --> goes bust == Price of Broodmate Dragon --> back to previous level 6.99 +-

And thats all I have... go catch the archives if you missed it! Its amazing =)

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