A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: New Pokemon go gym updates evaluation

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

New Pokemon go gym updates evaluation

First off i guess i should profile myself a  bit so you know where i am coming from.

I am valor in a mystic infested area. Yes infested. It is meant to be negative because thats the feeling the current gyms evoke. Replace with which ever colour you are currently a minority team in.

In the old system i get about 10-20 gold daily, so i am not hard core into coin collection or anything. I take down level 10 blissey infested towers weekly (other days i look for easier targets :p) and even that is preferable to the current system.

The current system favours whomever is resident near the gym. I mean like literally. Since now you do not collect your gold one time and be done but are instead gettiing reward based on the amount of time defended, then means tbere is a 24/7 interest in attacking an opposing gym. As opposed to previously once you collected you are no longer incentivised to attack.

The immediate 6 slots are both empowerig as well as toxic. It enciurages the casuals who previously have tp prestiege to literally fight for a slot. Essentially there is no cost to entering a gym once it is won by someone else. How is this relevant? Again it encourages a winning by numbers system, when you are a minority team you are severely disadvantaged. Its almost bullying really. I look ard me, yellow and red time get a gym and lose it in 10 to 20 mins. Simply due to numbers. Previously whe you had to pretiege and with the time out yku see all teams having a chance to take gyms and get rewarded. Now its really just who has the larger numbers based on who lives there. I have given up, at first i have adjusted my thinking, i could just feed ant pokemon in gyms to get candy. So no gold, but at least theres candy. But today they have disabled that as well. You can no longer feed other teams pokemon. That is sad. That mean a a minority team i have ZERO incentive. I am just a reset button for the majority team. This is a stupid update. Raids are cool tho, i have already got my fast and charge tm so thats cool .


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