A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: Mousehunt 8th Birthday Event 2016 is on!!!

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Mousehunt 8th Birthday Event 2016 is on!!!


Somhow I thought it was the easter event :p

Thats still about a month off. My apologies :p

Tha main new thing seems to be:

Rare Cupcake Sprinkles

When shipping an order of cupcakes, you can add Rare Cupcake Sprinkles to increase the reward you'll receive for shipping the order!

Shipping an order with sprinkles will always add either: 10 pieces of SUPER|brie+, 10 pieces of Magical String, OR 10 pieces of Glowing Gruyere Cheese (depending on the type of order shipped). Additionally, you'll also receive a handful of other loot items based on the order you shipped, with more difficult orders rewarding a greater variety of items!

You'll occasionally receive Rare Cupcake Sprinkles as a reward for shipping an order or inside a 2016 Birthday Treasure Chest earned by completing a Birthday Treasure Map. You'll always find Rare Cupcake Sprinkles inside of a Rare 2016 Birthday Treasure Chest!

I will do a more detailed guide soon, but this is last years :P

[20160307 07:36]

So I am gonna put up the lootz for filling the various years orders (up to year 8):

Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:

So thats all I got for now I will update once I have the cupcakes to fulfill the higher years :)

But off hand allready this is one of my favourite events where you get to choose how you want to progress!! :)

If you are rather inactive in terms of  tournaments (like myself), the year 2 cupcake orders are a Godsend!!!

I have'nt tried the sprinkling thing yet, but I think it just gives additional loot, there is also a guaranteed 10 SB+ or GGC or Magical String so it is quick way to get extra cheese for your hunts depending on your level. I haven reached Year 8 fulfilment yet, but I suspect that is where the sprinkling will give GGC (Glowing Gruyere Cheese). So its a way to avoid farming :)

The sprinkling is at 1 usd for 1 or you can get it by joining Birthday Treasure Maps! (Unfortunately I am caught in a map so I won't be able to get the sprinkling through the "free" avenue :/  oh well)

[20160309 01:12]

I guess this is the important bit:

There is a new Base! the Extra Sweet Cupcake Birthday Base

This base is the reward for shipping your first order of cupcakes!

Note that it has a special ability during the event! (it sometimes drops an additional cupcake)

So I have gotten the base!

There is a new L.E. trap!!!! 
Bubbles: The Party Crasher Trap

This trap is the reward for shipping one of each type of cupcake order. (i.e. up to year 8!!!)

Its a nice Hydro trap. If you haven gone through the gardens or sunken city yet this is a good trap to take to those areas!

Fulfilling 100 cupcakes gets you the birthday theme for your journal!

Inside the 2016 Birthday Treasure Chests using scrolls which are earned from Year 5 orders. A rare Birthday chest guarantees 1 skin from the available 8. Note that these are not L.E. but they only come around during the event. You could buy them off the market if you really want them :)

[20160309 01:47]

Alert!! Do note that the type of mice you encounter at the event is dependent on the orders you have open!

[20160310 01:16]

Alrighty! Massive update today... well... massive for me :p

Year 5:

Note that Year 5 drops are the way to get the Birthday Event Maps!!! =D

Year 6:

Year 7:

Year 8:


Note that Bubbles is the only way to get the new L.E. Collectable. 

A sunken wreckage something... Dave assured that you can get this drop anytime after the event as long as you COMPLETE the event :)

Year 8 (with sprinkles):

So once you hit 100 cupcakes you get the theme!

Don't forget to claim the free points and gold for the "Achievement" :) *cought* Adventure book I mean :)


 SO. After getting the theme and trap, whats a mousehunter to do? I think it is pretty worthwhile to just farm for whatever you currently need in game. =D Besides Bubbles is kool!!!

Note that earlier I mentioned that sprinkles are only found in Birthday chest? Apparently thats not true as you can get the rare sprinkles in the cupcake order fulfilment as well!

It is true that the Birthday chests contain the new skin though (as well as the previous eight years :p) So it might still be of value to go after the Birthday Chests if you haven't got the skins yet. Note that the Skins are not L.E. in the sense that next Birthday event they will come round again :)

Myself, I will fulfil year 2 (tokens) and year 8 (Glowing Gryere with sprinkles and lantern oil!!) and maybe year 7 (oxygen?).

Happy Hunting ppl!!

[20160311 01:39]

Do note that the Birthday event will end on the 21st of March!!! Dev time.

So you have about a week more Hunter.

Happy Hunting :)

[20160313 21:31]

The Birthday Event is Officially OVER!!!

Do ship all the cupcakes you can, as by Wednesday you will no longer be able to ship the cupcakes :)

Hope this Birthday Event has been a good harvest for ya :)

Back to the grind ppl! Happy Hunting :)

For myself I am returning to the Labyrinth!

[20160322 01:27]

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