A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: The A-MAZE-ing Aura!!!!!!

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The A-MAZE-ing Aura!!!!!!

For Hunters currently hunting in the Labyrinth, do remember to pick up your A-MAZE-ing Aura!!!!

The "BONUS" giveaway ends on 1st March!

It looks permanent too!    

EDIT: It appears this Aura ends on 1st March.... Oh well.... feels a little pointless heh not only does the event/offer end on first March, the effect also ends on 1st March.... meaning it get more and more pointless to go after it as you get nearer to the offer/event deadline...

You just need to hunt in the district hallways of each of the classes (fealty, tech, scholar), picking up "Lost Puzzle Pieces" and it can be quite easily completed (I used SB+ however, so that might affect the outcome).

In terms of game mechanics, I think it is an interesting evolution. It is like L.E. traps, but now it is an L.E. overlay. Given the fact that the Christmas event ended with a temporary Aura as its end point. This is something the devs have been working on for a while.

I think it is interesting and can be very flavorful! The Christmas Aura was a good example. And now this new A-MAZE-ing Aura is an area-based effect, which is rather cool :) Now if they had a time based effect (for instance based on real life events like Christmas, CNY, Valentines, etc etc) that is only in effect during the event, that would be rather awesome :) Also they could tie the effect's "turn-on" period to achievements or any other useful fun combination of actions/events they deem fit. It could be even temporary to incentivise replay. So there are many ways and combinations to apply this new mechanic ... so ... its all good =D

Now additional overlays are not exactly new, they did that with charms, but they have been, wisely, extremely frugal with adding overlays as it can quickly cascade into a cesspit of extraneous effect and broken legacy connections.

Again, it is limited time and you will not be able to get it after March 1st. So erm hurry? :)

Also do remember that even after picking up the "Lost Puzzle Pieces", you will still need to CLAIM the Aura !

Do remember that the effect is only in Zokor and the Labyrinth :)

Happy Hunting!

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