A Magical Huffalump Resides Here: MTGO Cannot Install ?

A Magical Huffalump Resides Here

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

MTGO Cannot Install ?

Yay me I solved or rather I managed to get the stupid MTGO running... grrr

Could'nt really find any help any where and wizards customer service is'nt too helpful either.

Anyways here is the fix if you cannot install MTGO recently circa 070714 Magic Day =)


Instructions below follow at your own risk.



I solved it.

well at least to the point that I can log into the MTGO account =)

what you need to do after downloading that mtgodl2.exe file is to rename it.

It is a stupid zip file. so just rename the extension to .zip and unzip it.

go to http://mtgodownloads.wizards.com/mtgo/

Do a flashgot all if you have flash got, if not just down load everything there, but you do not need to download everything in the directories.

Actually you are targetting magic1.exe But I downloaded everything, so I dunno if it will work for you if you only download that.

Copy all the folders in the data folder (after unzipping mtgodl2.zip) past them in the folder where you downloaded from http://mtgodownloads.wizards.com/mtgo/ then run magic1.exe

I got that far and managed to log in.

I do not know if will have any bugs, if any one knows please let me knoe quickly I am just messin' with the comp so I dunno if there will be side effects.

Follow at your own risk =P

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